BREAKING NEWS: Mastermind behind DEN OF LIONS found DEAD

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BREAKING NEWS: Mastermind behind DEN OF LIONS found DEAD

Post  Atumisk on 9/18/2011, 5:03 pm

Cloudersen Liam Lex(Also known as Cloud Strife), the infamous man responsible for the previous Summer War, and former leader of the organization that the KINGDOM calls "terrorists" officially known as, "The Den of Lions" was found dead this morning in a river at 6:30am, September 18th.

It is still unclear as to how he had died, however, investigators firmly believe that a recent and tragic genocide is connected to his death.

"There's a strong possibility that we're looking at a murder here." Says Head Investigator Amy Fletcher.

Cloud had left behind his only son, Daring, who's full name will not be detailed due to political reasons.

This photo of Cloud's body was leaked online shortly after 1pm.


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