Elana(Lane) Rue Anomaly-Firedrake

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Elana(Lane) Rue Anomaly-Firedrake

Post  Maddy on 6/24/2011, 5:05 am

Name: Elana, Lane for short, Rue Anomaly-Firedrake

Age: 20-21... she doesnt know her real age.

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Is calm most of the time. Can get very... pissy/bitchy easily. She can be deadly when needed, but very sweet on the other hand.

Guardian Angel

Its to long to write.

Daggers and my body, specializing in quick jabs to presser points to disarm opponents. Some archery and swordsmanship

Specializes in darkness, but also can use light, air, and water.

Damon Firedrake, father(?)
Ray Rad Griffin Firedrake-Anomaly, cousin
Aub Anomaly, cousin/sister
Adrastea Sky Anomaly, sister


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