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Name: Anemoi Eos Lynnetia Thantos. (Dawn)
Age: 23
Species: Saige/Human
Details on Saige: A saige is the soul of an angel and a soul of a demon who collided in the heavenly war. Instead of one conquering the other, the intermingled in a twisted source of fate during Lucifer's demise, causing two sides to stay. Only 6 of these were made, and often an angel overrides the other. Dawn's father became Saige > Demonic > Shapeshifter

Dawn's father was one of these 6, and when he did not breed with one of the 2 females and instead had an affair with a human, this was instantly chaos. The child lived, the mother "disappeared" and the father was killed in the only way a fullblooded saige can be. This child whose name was chosen by her parent's killers, would live to be THE saige mutt.
Dawnista Thantos. This is the translation to english of her name. The fighter of a new day. "Ballista" A war machine, and "Dawn" a new day is upon us. Dawn was destined from birth to be unique.
Her body takes the fragility of a human from her mother, which is very weak to the beings she is surrounded with. Yet her fighting skills, strength, and difficulty to kill comes from her father, a wreckin machine. Though there are more ways to kill her than the one of her father, she is still one of the harder species to kill. She makes an excellent punching bag though, breaks easy.

Instead of a typical sword or gun or anything of the type, dawn's weapon is a baton. A golden baton. It often is being twirled in her hand, with the twirling sometimes spurts of color comes out, much like the way when the sun reflects on a piece of glass at a certain angle. This Light, formed in ribbons of unmatched color, is the Laight Nessae. It is the one magic the saige come into the world with having a natural ability to, much like whistling or snapping. Some use it for entertainment, some have unlocked it's deadly potiental, some use it for healing. It depends on the person.

Dawn, with her unique power by her side, conquered many. She had possibly the largest vmk kingdom of her time - needing generals and around 40 rooms with the biggest army. With this army she was conquered relentlessly. Though, what she soon discovered was that even if she had inherited the demon-shapeshifter part of her father, she couldn't avoid the sweet heart of her mother. She slowed down her bloody ways and in a way, retired, only keeping the peace if needed. Overall, she was about 80% demonic saige, and 20% angelic. The angelic was weaker, but needed to be used and could be used in battle if needed for escape. Dawn, after years of conquering, saving, and help, became the fighter of a new day. Her mercenary life, on the other hand, can be saved for later.
In her fights, she was almost always throughout stage 1.
1 - Basically, not angry.
~Gold eyes
~ controlling light and fire
~ not trying to kill
If a person made her angry enough, she'd move onto 2.
2 - Raged.
~ Black eyes
~Her red wings turned black with her saige lava dripping
~ out to kill
~ saige power used for upper hand
Only twice has she been moved to stage three.. lets not go there.
Tada. My little bio. Sorry it's short Razz

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And this is her baton, in demoness form.. not normality.
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