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The Story Mason and I started Empty The Story Mason and I started

Post  Pigs on 8/20/2011, 2:02 am

Me: As Melanie sat in the compartment in the train alone, she was gazing out the window. Wishing she was and wasn't here, she quietly hummed a song to herself. Sighing, she wished someone would come in by her but everyone knew who her father was and didn't approve.

Mason: Nathan walked down the walkway of the train and found a girl seated alone.he knocked and entered."may i join you?"he asked quietly.

Me: Melanie nearly jumped out of her seat and looked at the boy. "Yes, you may, sir. Care to introduce yourself to me first?" she said sternly. She hated people who didn't do that.

Mason: He smiled."i apologize.I'm Nathan your service" he did a fancy bow then sat down beside her.he held a bag of bertie botts every flavored beans to her."would you like one?"

Me: She tilted her head. "Mmm... Sure." she said reaching for the box, she dumped a handfull into her hand and handed the box back to him. "I'm Melanie. Melanie Snape." she said, mumbling her last name so it was barely audible.

Mason:He stared at her wide eyed."your not Severus Snape's daughter are you?"he asked suddenly.

Me: "I am indeed." she said watching him curiously. She slipped a cheese flavored bean into her mouth. "Why?" she asked

Mason: he laughed."you don't remember?our fathers are in the order of the phoenix together!when we were little we used to play upsatirs!remember,how i broke the door and nearly zapped Kreature?"he laughed at the memory.

Me: Once again, she tilted her head curiously. Her father had obviously not told her about this. "The... Order of the Pheonix?" she asked. "Please tell me more."

Mason: "he never told you?It's an organizaion for witches and wizards.other than that I dont know.My father is Sirius Black."he reached into his bag and brought out an enchanted pictureof the order."there is my dad and my mom ..."he trailed off. his mom.everybody knew his mom.Bellatrix Lastrange Black was notorious for her attitude."my mother is Bellatrix Lastrange Black."he managed to say.

Me: As he told her of the Order, she sat staring at his face listening intently. "Huh." she said when he finished. "Sounds interesting. And your mother is Bellatrix Lestrange, you say? I've known her since I was born. A good friend of my father's, she was."

Mason: " now do you remember me?" he smiled.he then took out a chocolate covered frog and ate it.

Me: "Yes, you were that little boy. You and I used to go on play dates when we were little." she said. Somewhere in the hall, she heard "Anything from the trolley?" and got up digging in her pocket for some money. She pulled out a handfull of galleons, twenty knuts, and five sickles. She stepped into the hall way and got her own box of Bertie's Every Flavor Beans, some cauldron cakes, a licorice wand, and some chocolate frogs. Paying, she walked back into the compartment and sat down opposite of Nathan, opening a chocolate frog.

Mason: He laughed."I remember,so are you looking forward to hogwarts?i saw something online,a muggle contraption about a pigfarts....but i dont think it exists"

Me: Melanie choked on her chocolate frog falling off the seat in a giggle fit. "PIGFARTS?! That's the most idiotic thing i've ever heard of! You really are a git, aren't you." she said laughing.

Mason: I stood up and said in a monotone,hurt voice."enjoy your time at Hogwarts Miss Snape...alone."and witht hat he left the compartment and sat with some other kids,also kids from phoenix members.

Me: Melanie stared at the door. "I-..." she started but led off. She curled up in the corner near the window and looked out of it. Her jet black eyes gleaming back at her.


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