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This Kid -_- Empty This Kid -_-

Post  Maretothebear on 6/2/2011, 4:59 pm

I sit here listening to your voice.
screaming seems pointless.
You're not listening and I can't form the words.
You piss me off more than anyone else
and yet I can't fathom retaliating.
Don't you realize what you do?
How your actions ruin everything.
You try to act older
yet all you can manage is being a toddler.
You act like a victim when your the abuser.
Don't even try me cause I can't let loose here.
I sit here listening to your voice
and all I hear is painful noise.

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This Kid -_- Empty Re: This Kid -_-

Post  Damon on 6/3/2011, 11:38 pm

Simply outstanding.


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