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Struggles. Empty Struggles.

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This will only make sense to a few people but I got bored and it was kinda simplified so anybody that reads it can get the idea of whats going on.. sort off. Might have a bunch of mistakes but dont laugh. I havent been in school ... its a short story, dont expect anything magical. Just something maybe a few people would like to see.


My eyes were focused… my breathing calm. How dare anybody take my son from me. I tried to speak to him telepathically, only some messages got through but this was all just a game. I have been a fool, misguided… weak. If only I had not allowed that boy inside our walls. I watched him grow to become one of the best of us and only to watch as he turned against us, revealing his identity. Aizen, son of perhaps my greatest enemy… The new Lord of Hell…the one simply known as the Dread Lord.

My wife and the Gotei 13 have come with me to help reclaim my son. They weren’t needed, the way I felt now… I would have preferred to slaughter the pathetic defenses that were considered enough to stop us. You insult me Aizen… for someone of his knowledge I thought he was better.

I made my way first into the mountain fortress, the rest of the enemy defenses would have been dealt with quickly. As I walked, I didn’t care as my frustration built as the very area around me weakened and fell apart around me. I wanted Aizen to know I was coming for him. I wanted him to prepare… let him think he could stop me.

As I walked through the empty walls, following my son’s energy signature I could hear my father speaking to me…

Death is natural my son” Archon said. But then I could hear a different voice… the Dread Lord himself. Perhaps my very own anger was speaking to me, only using his voice. The voice I hated so much.

You foolishly hope to cling on what you once had” Lies…

Don’t burden yourself by doing everything yourself. You wont succeed” No, this is the only way. I will succeed

“Your redemption is pointless… no matter what good you do. You will always be remembered as the man who slaughtered his entire clan in one night with no mercy” Shut up..

Don’t dwell in the past.. it may you eat you alive”
“You are but a former shell of your former self”

You’re better then that… see through the confusion, be calm”
“Weak and misguided. Corrupted by the throne”

Protect your own my son… remember that”
“Accept it Revan… all is lost”


I love you
And yet just like that…her voice spoke to me. I gazed ahead, Draco lay there in shackles as the one man I thought I would never see again stood before me. Clad in his armor… his face unseen except for the glowing yellow eyes that shined through the darkness of his helmet. I clutched my own weapon, he did the same.

No doubts.. I walked forward…I killed him before and I’ll do it again. Don’t worry my love.. I will get our son back.

6 months later

“Well Revan… congrats. You have single handily brought Olympus and Heaven to its knees. How does it feel oh great, King of Olympus. For too long we have bowed and respected you and for what? You bring us a century of peace that crumbles in days?. For someone who claimed a golden age… I can only scoff at your words, look at you. You look pathetic” The words stung… they were not only true but they were coming from someone considered a friend. Revan watched as a host of Heaven’s top Angels stood before him in their grand palace…eyes full of rage upon the injury filled warrior. He knew what was coming... this was just the beginning.

Revan’s armored was damaged, his hair a mess and he was being treated for several injuries. Not only was he forced into this meeting as he and his wife re-emerged from Hell, he had to go into his meeting also aware that his eldest son was dead. Revan could only watch, fatigued, injured and emotionally and physically weak. He wanted to turn away, avoid eye contract but he could not… it was if he was forced to look into their eyes as they continued on with their words.

“Hell’s forces grows in size… they continue to send forces on to Earth and even rumors of deceased warriors from the past are being seen once again. Well Revan… where is your plan? What will you do?” The questions went on...

“I…I” Revan stuttered. He was in a lost for words… it was hard to communicate back when they continued to slander his name. Revan could feel the anger growing from the group of Olympians with them. They hated watching their leader, their king take the blunt of their verbal attacks.

“We’re fighting a losing war. And want to know why this war exists? Its because he hates you Revan. You and your kind”

Suddenly felt an urge of energy rush through them. That statement… were the Angels actually agreeing with the Dread Lord?

“What are you saying…you’re talking like them. You have been talking to Aizen haven’t you? Are you actually thinking of joining them…?” Revan questioned, rapidly looking through the crowd. There was silence… the quiet truth. “Where’s my sister…” Revan stated. This could not be happening… Heaven actually cant be considering joining with Hell.

“None of your concern. She does not need to deal with someone who slaughters their own family” Another angel stated. Another insult. Revan despite coming with a suitable group they were told to be quiet. Revan assured them he would handle it. He knew they were all burning to defend their leader.
“How… why.. after all this time… why are you doing this. This war is not over. Why are you giving up so easily! Give me time. You think I return to my throne in success? My oldest son is dead. My kingdom remains constantly under the same threat. We are equ-” Revan watched as he was cut off again.
“No Revan… this was all your fault. For too long we have aided you but it seems we were wrong. We watched as you rallied strength under your banner. Going around and convincing legends to join you, setting up schools to hone your forces. We watched as you harbored the boy that would turn against you and even kidnap your own son. We watched as you searched frantically for the boy. And you know what Revan.. it’s because of your son that we lost Daring and Skye”

Revan’s eyes widend in surprised. “Not… not those to as well. That must be a mistake…”
“Is it? You know where they are Revan? They are in Hell, prisoners to the Dread Lord. They are there because they wanted to help look for your son! It’s your fault!”

Revan watched as the tense angel shout his words. His face boiled with anger and his voice armed to break down the Olympian King. Revan had no time to think of a response as a sharp yell blasted through the room. “DIE!!”

Revan grabbed his fabled weapon with one hand. He sensed it, the figure was coming in from behind. In one swift motion Revan spun around and swung his sword, the weapon moved through the air, slicing the throat of the armored warrior as his body crashed into the ground at the feet at the group of Angels, some of which gasped in surprise. It would have been a sure decapitation had the the assassin come from a different angle.

Revan’s eyes burned with rage, his Sharingan Eyes glaring into the crowd as he clutched his blade in two hands, ready to fight. The Spartan Guards that accompanied Revan drew their weapons, their shields brought before them as they clutched their weapons. “Assassins now? I thought Heaven was beyond deceit!” Revan shouted ready to continue... ready to fight these traitors.

“You fool!” A voice cried from one of the angels. Revan’s gaze watched as the angels focused their eyes on the downed warrior. One turned him over and pulled his helmet off and upon seeing it the revealed face Revan’s heart sank.

There lay Rain Jr.. only son of Daring and Skye. One Angel bent over in a hurry raising her hands over the massive wound on the boy’s throat. Her hands glowed as she struggled to heal the slowly dying boy who’s eyes filled with tears as he coughed, trying to breath. He lay there in agony, blood oozing out his throat.

“It’s.. its not working!” she cried.
“Forget it… with a wound like that, especially from the likes of Revan’s weapon… he’s done” One Spartan stated. No emotion. Just plain, cold truth. The Angels eyes looked at the boy as if they were all suffering. The room was silent, the only noise being the struggled coughs. Revan watched as he realized the failure he had just made. Revan swallowed and tried to turn away but he could not his eyes remained glued to the dying child.

Having no choice, Revan walked over and kneeled besides the boy who returned a look. There was look of sadness and regret over his actions. Tears flooded his eyes but Revan saw through the sadness… a burning rage for the man that lay besides him. Revan clutched his weapon and raised it above the child. As the Angels watched they only realized what he was doing and before anyone could say anything, Revan lowered his weapon and ended the boy’s suffering. The coughs ceased as the blood poured…

“You… you killed him! Why did you kill him!” Revan kept his eyes fixed on the boy unable to answer as felt a kick slammed into the side of the head. He barely moved but he felt the crying angel pounding her hands into his back, trying to hurt him but they both knew it was pointless. Revan at last stood as he looked at Heavens leaders glare at him.

“You done enough Revan… leave… leave us” Revan saw all the sadness in their eyes. They all were ready to cry but they refused to cry in front of him. They did not want his sympathy. “Leave!”

Revan glanced at the body and walked, his solders following. The King of Olympus lowered his head as he walked. He could hear the outbursts of tears going off as he left. As the Lord of Olympus left Heaven’s palace he watched as two armored figures, wearing different sets of armor, different from typical Heaven attire, laughing silently..


One drink for the pain.

Another for his sorrow.

Revan finished yet another glass of alcohol, slumped in his throne. “More” He slowly stated. The once proud king sat there, depressed and quiet. He was losing a war that threatened his realm, his eldest son is dead, former friends were turning against him and he was responsible for the death of Rain Jr… no amount of alcohol could hide the obvious stress the once proud man was going through.

“We’re out… let me get more” Sam said lowly as she got up to get more but the sound of glass shattered caused her to flinch, Revan having thrown his empty glass into one of the walls of the throne room, glass sprayed everywhere.

“He’s dead…what have I done…” Revan stated lowly as he took his hand and rubbed his forehead, his eyes focused on the floor, he could not bare to look at his wife.

“It was an accident…I…I know things are rough but they will get better” Sam calmly said trying to re-assure him. She too held back tears of her own. Two dead and another two missing, watching her husband like this was heart breaking but she knew if she broke down, then only further would Revan slip into depression.

The grand doors of the Olympian Throne room opened as Odysseus, one of Revan closest advisors arrived. “What is it..” Revan stated lowly.
“My Lord…we’ve identified several figures in Olympian territory, heading towards the abandoned Augean ruins. They aren’t from Heaven...we’ve confirmed the symbols on their armor match the ones of the Dread Lord’s banner… what will we do?” Odysseus replied. He noticed the shattered glass and the depressed king on his throne but this was something worth informing the King over. Sam looked over to her husband who slowly stood up..

“Is Hephaestus done with my armor?” Revan questioned.
“Yes, I was also about to inform you of that” Odysseus responded.
“Have him bring it to me at once and rally what Gotei 13 members remain at Olympus and have them ready to leave at once” Revan ordered.

The orders proceeded quickly as Revan was aided by his wife to help him with the once broken armor. While the armor of the King was restored, good as new, the man wearing it was broken himself…fixing him would be an entire different story.

Revan clutched his helmet and took a glance at his armor as he turned to his wife. “I’m going to stop them. And then I’m going after Dread Lord, Aizen and whoever is waiting for that group and I’m going to kill them all. I’m ending the war today” Revan stated. He looked her in the eyes, he tell could she was nervous..recent events gave her reason to. “Come here” he stated slowly as she walked forward and hugged him tight. He closed his eyes and held her close and kissed her as soon as she made eye contact. He broke the kiss after what seemed to be an eternity and took one last look at her, almost as if it was a possible good bye. “I love you” and just like that he turned away, he didnt have the strength to turn around and look back.

Revan walked out of the throne room as the 6 members of the Gotei 13 stood outside waiting. He nodded towards them, they all knew the mission. The other members were out else but the way he was feeling, Revan did not need them. All the emotions he had inside, he was ready to unleash. The group of elite warriors stopped at the edge of the palace and leaped off, all of them down towards the base of the mountain and then out of the Olympian walls and out to Olympian territory.

The war continues.

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