The defeat of Dark Revan

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The defeat of Dark Revan Empty The defeat of Dark Revan

Post  Samantha on 9/2/2011, 1:13 pm

@ Kaliea ;] : Hello darlings miss me?
Fyre : o.o
Fyre : well...
@ Fallyn : *is being pulled by Fyre* Strong little brother o.o
Fyre : i aged a few years o.o
@ Revan : oh you got to be kidding...
Fyre : i wanted to be able to walk and talk
@ Angel : No, you age day by day. You're not even 1 until tomorrow -.-
Fyre : fine...>>
Fyre : but yes i did..
@ Kaliea ;] : *walks over to SOphia* HI darling
@ Kaliea ;] : *picks her up and smiles at her with my wicked grin*
@ Fallyn : Yea age like I did .o
Fyre : alright alright
@ Angel : * clips a diamond reenforced child leash onto Fyre, putting him into his crib, putting a field of protection around him * Stay.
Fyre : ...
Fyre : really>..
@ Revan : Kaliea.. stop...
@ Revan : dont harm her
@ Angel : Yes. Really.
@ Fallyn : *stands in front of the crib pointing and silently laughing*
@ Angel : Kalilea, what are you doing out -.-
Fyre : -breaks the diamond chains and tries to get out of the crib-
@ Kaliea ;] : *Turns around holding her* What i can't hold my own child?
@ Angel : You're a baby, you ain't that strong yet -.-
Fyre : >.>
@ Revan : put her down... stay away... get sam back out now.. you dont know what your doing * I start to sweat heavily as I struggle to move *
Fyre : im going to still control diamonds like ran...he passed his poowers down like sam did o.o
@ Kaliea ;] : *looks at rev as I still hold Sophia* Whats your issue?
@ Angel : Yeah, you don't get powers until age 5
@ Angel : you're an infant
@ Revan : * I try to move but I fall off the couch as I try to stand * Put... her down...
@ Kaliea ;] : *Sophia wakes up and starts to cry not realizing whats going on*
@ Kaliea ;] : *Looks at her and puts a finger to my mouth* Shh little one
@ Revan : No... stop.. im begging you...
@ Kaliea ;] : Oh fine *throws Sophia to angel* Catch
@ Angel : * catches Sophia gently, wrapping my wings around her, glaring at Kalilea *
@ Kaliea ;] : Never did like children anyway
@ Revan : * I punch the ground as suddenly a massive aura of hellish flames surround me instantly, setting everything near me ablaze instantly *
@ Kaliea ;] : *kaliea turns around towards rev and claps* Oh yay
@ Angel : Rev.. Theres not need for that, Sophia's safe..
@ Kaliea ;] : I wonder where Ikari is..
Fyre : er...i dont think thats going to be Rev much longer o.o
@ Revan : * The flames suddenly start to fade away as I just kneeling in the ashes *
@ Fallyn : Kili you're back lol
@ Kilian : Cant sleeeeep
Fyre : lol you tried to sleep for 2.5 seconds i see
@ Kaliea ;] : *Looks at the body in the ashes intently*
Fyre : -puts on the adorable face-...Googoogaga...happy>.>
@ Kilian : I actually tried sleeping and couldnt O.o
@ Fallyn : *stands next to the crib*
@ Revan : * simply stands up as I place a hand over my face, not saying a word *
Fyre : o.o
Ikari : * a shadowed portal appears from the ground, rising out of it, opening my red eyes * Sorry I'm late darlings, I had a few.. errands to run.
@ Kaliea ;] : Ikari! My dear sister where have you been you're missing the fun
Fyre : -looks at fallyn- get me outta here...this isnt going to be good>.>
@ Angel : And what do you mean by errands.. * locks my eyes on Ikari, crossing my arms *
@ Kilian : -Looks over at Ikara, arching an eyebrow- More of them
Ikari : Oh Kairi dear, you know just what I do in the neitherrealm. Silly girl.
Fyre : -lets little puffs of wings that i have cover me up wrapping me in a ball-
@ Kaliea ;] : *giggles* What else would she do
@ Revan : * I glance over towards Kaliea and Ikari, my eyes having now changed to crimson in color with black pattern of symbols in each eye *
@ Fallyn : *pulls Fyre from the crib running with him to the basement*
@ Angel : Fyre, Fallyn, get out of here as fast as you can.. Please..
Ikari : Is that my niece and nephew I just saw? Oh what a pity. Not a dark bone in either of them..
@ Kilian : -Hums, walking over to stand next to Angel- So whats going on?
Fyre : -lets my wings unfold and flies out of her hands and out the front door heading towards the woods watching from a tree-
@ Kaliea ;] : I know sister Look at my own daughter...white wings.. *points to Sophia*
@ Fallyn : *holds Fyre in my arms taking off for the skies flying high up and away from the house*
@ Angel : Let's just say Kalilea started something thats gonna be a hell to handle.. * wraps my arms tightly around Sophia *
@ Kaliea ;] : Oh and Look who decided to join us
Fyre : <.<
Fyre : -looks at fallyn- we have to get sophia
@ Revan : Where's the speed demon.
Ikari : I was hopign at least one of our children would turn out.. well differently, but it appears neither of us has been gifted.
@ Kilian : -Moves slightly in front of Sophia and Angel, looking at Kaliea and Ikara- Is there a problem though Angel?
Fyre : i can fly on my own... but, its going to be rough...
@ Kaliea ;] : it would appear so Ikari
Ikari : Oh Revan dear, I see you've finally awakened, how.. Long its been since I've seen those eyes.
@ Kaliea ;] : *walks over to Revan* Hello dearest 'husband'
Fyre : -flies back down into the room walking up to angel, and takes sophia down from her and takes her hands- Fly - and we fly back to Fallyn-
@ Angel : Nothing I can't handle * Hands Sophia to Kilian * Get her to the basement with Fallyn and Fyre, I need to stay here..
@ Fallyn : Sophia? ..o.o what am I the babysitter lady *puts Fyre in a tree rushing thru the house past my dad taking sophia into my arms and bolting back into the sky then meeting up with Fyre-
@ Revan : You did not answer my question.
@ Kaliea ;] : Well I don't know where Atumisk is...unfortunitly
@ Kilian : -Lets Fallyn take Sophia, shrugging- I guess I'm staying too
@ Revan : * glanes at towards Kilian * And who is he
Ikari : I'm sure he'll turn up eventually, he always does with these sort of things or did.. Kairi seal him again? * turns my eyes toward Kairi, walknig over to her * My my.. How long its been.
@ Kaliea ;] : *shrugs* how should I know
@ Kilian : -Grins over, giving a bow, my arm folded across my stomach- Etherlam is my name
@ Angel : He's sealed away for good this time, I'll make sure of it. * narrows my eyes, locking my eyes on Ikari as she gets closer * Its never a pleasure Ikari. Not after what you've done..
@ Revan : I'm rather very disappointed right now. I sensed yours, I sensed Ikaris now where is're energies we're practically calling for me
@ Yes, I'm Cloud : Where is Atumisk?
@ Kaliea ;] : Oh look its Cloud, Been awhile Darling
@ Yes, I'm Cloud : A question that deems no answer.
Ikari : Oh dear, how could you seal away such a power house, you know that he's needed. * smirks walking over to Kalilea, leaning my back against hers *
@ Kaliea ;] : Well how Rude Revan, not happy to see your own 'wife'
Ikari : You nkow he's never been one for conversation sister.
@ Revan : * I then glance towards Kaliea * I will deal with my wife later... now stand aside, I have business to take care off
@ Kaliea ;] : I know always so mysterious. *glances at revan* You can around me.
@ Kilian : -Looks around at all the demons gathered, unstrpping the hoks that cover my daggers and knives so they an be drawn faster and easier, but leaving them in their sheaths-
Fyre : >.>
@ Yes, I'm Cloud : The question you should be asking is...* Suddenly I draw my blade and drive it straight through my heart *
Ikari : * glances over at Etherlam * Oh my, this must be Kairi's play toy.. Just as cautious as the guardian I see..
@ Kaliea ;] : *lifts an eye towards cloud* here he comes *giggles*
@ Yes, I'm Cloud : What's going to happen to you...
@ Yes, I'm Cloud : Once-
@ Atumisk : I'M DONE WITH YOU
@ Kaliea ;] : Oh Atumisk how good to see you dear
@ Kilian : -Looks at Ikari, an ammused expression on my face- Play toy? Never been called that
@ Angel : * takes a deep breath, locking my hand on my claymore *
@ Revan : * shuts my eyes and smirks slightly * There you are..
@ Atumisk : *The sky then is the tainted with an emerald tint as a bright flash of emerald bursts through the hole in my chest*
Fyre : -looks at fallyn- my eyes changing colors from blue to purple, red, and finally black-
Ikari : Well, its the first time Kairi's ever found someone who hasn't died by being with her, Its a.. trend I suppose. * giggles turning to look at Atsumisk * Long time no see my dear.. Anger fileld as usual I see.
@ Kaliea ;] : *giggles* He's always angry, Revans always serious, some things never get old
Ikari : We've always been the playful ones sister dear..
@ Atumisk : *My head cocks back as a devilish yet nostalgic grin spreads across my face*
[ @ Fallyn : *looks back at Fye*Fyre what evers goin on in that little head of yours you stop it >.> We have to stay here.
@ Kilian : -Raises an eyebrow, confused, not knowing people had died before by being with Angel, slowly taking the hilts off my wrists, flicking them and blades slide from them-
@ Kaliea ;] : Why yes we have.
@ Atumisk : *My bones begin to alter their shapes as my shoulders grow large horns sprouting breaking through the skin *
Fyre : -looks down at the house and points- She, says i cant do anything....
@ Fallyn : You can't do anything. @ Angel : * locks my eyes around the room * I'm gonan be busy tonight... * shuts my eyes, slipping off my gloves * Good thing I've got things planned out in my head..
Fyre : no...maybe I cant.....
@ Atumisk : *Two more curved horns then burst from my forehead as my skin begins to peel off my very body, an emerald like cloak over my body beneath, the cloak of Atumisk, extremely durable skin*
@ Revan : Such a gathering..perfect
@ Kilian : -Looks back at Angel, but still keeping my eyes on the demons as well- I'm confused on who are enemies..
Ikari : * glaces over at kairi * Now now dear, don't tell me you're thinking of sealing these two away..
@ Atumisk : My turn, Cloud...
@ Kaliea ;] : It'd be such a pity to lose them
@ Atumisk : * my swords then appear being pulled from out of their very sheaths from whips of green energy that sprouts from my back *
] @ Angel : You know it has to be done. I only let you two stay free because you've done little to bother me.. These two, are more than even you two can handle.
@ Atumisk : * the blades being sucked into my very body, fusing with my body, Atumisk and The Ripper and Fenrir fusing together as one Ultimate Body *
@ Kaliea ;] : She doubts our ability sister
@ Atumisk : You freaks...!!
@ Atumisk : You still talk too fucking much.
]\ @ Kaliea ;] : Oh shut up Atumisk don't act like your not happy to see us
@ Kilian : -Rests the blade parts of my swords on each shoulder, watching closely-
Ikari : * laughes softly, covering my lips with my hand, lying onto a blask mix of shadows, moving in swirls beneath me * Now now atsumisk, We know your rage, being couped away in that body for so long.. It must be exausting..
@ Atumisk : *laughs aloud demonically, Cloud and Atumisk's voices blending in together *
@ Atumisk : Kaliea...
@ Atumisk : Your mother is a fuckin whore!
@ Revan : * I then draw my sword as suddenly its consumed in black energies with a red outline, the sword itself taking a larger more dark looking appearance as I simply scan the room with my eyes silently *
@ Atumisk : * The earth around my feet explode as I charge straight foeward towards Revan *
@ Kaliea ;] : *appears in front of him and punches him* You were always so rude!
@ Kaliea ;] : *turns to Ikari* Shall we ?
[21:39:25 01/09/11] Ikari : He has never been anything but sister, don't let him get to you. * giggles softly, * For now I vote view, and plan for ourselves. Last thing we need is to be caught into one of my other halfs seals..
@ Atumisk : * I then leap straight over Kaliea using her fist for leverage as I kick off of it flipping in the air rapidly laughing as my arm shapeshifts into a battle axe starting from the elbow down...
@ Revan : * I then glare towards his direction * A mere practice swing will do * I swing casually and suddenly the entire area in Atumisk direction explodes instantly, the earth below ripping apart as a massive blast of air sends anything weak enough flying *
@ Fallyn : *holds Fyre walking into the room just blending into the wall watching*
@ Kilian : -Watches, amazed at the power Revan's demon has, giving a low whistle-
@ Kaliea ;] : *nods * That is true, It would be most unfortunate to be sealed away..
Fyre : -shimmies out of her arms and stands next to her-
@ Atumisk : * I then dive straight into the explosion from his sword swing as a giant path is opened straight through the explosion with a swing of my arm *
@ Fallyn : *keeps an eye on Fyre whispering to him.* Don't do a damn thing.
Fyre : -looks up at her my eyes still black- we'll see>.>
@ Atumisk : *The swing of my arm sends tremendous sound waves crashing into Revan, as I disappear in a quick flash *
@ Angel : You haven't even seen anything yet dear, I suppose unless you plan on helping Ikari and Kalilea to distract him, I'd stay back .
@ Kilian : And miss out on all the fun?
Fyre : Join the party then Kili>.>
@ Kilian : It has been far to long since a real battle took place, I wont miss this chance
@ Revan : * I plant my sword in the ground as I lower my head as the sound waves hit me as I glare around, attempting to track his movements *
@ Kaliea ;] : Looks like we're on distracting duty. Shall we use our sex appeal or go for a more original approach?
Ikari : Oh you know that Atsumisk only drives on power, and I believe Revan is looking for control of the mind, so I suggest more original.
@ Atumisk : *Suddenly I appear in the air above him as my fist appears having black electricity and emerald energy spewing out and forming together as the constantly spiral around my right arm...
@ Kilian : -Closes my eyes, my swords catching aflame before opening my eyes again, having called on my rage and walking out to the elft side of Revan, not waiting for Ikari or Kaliea-
@ Kaliea ;] : Well we should probably put most of our focus on Revan sense he is the enemy. *watches the battle intently* What do you suggest sister?
@ Atumisk : a giant blast of energy explodes from my right shoulder like a rocket as it blasts me straight towards Revan like a speeding bullet *
@ Kaliea ;] : *looks to angel* Your play toy is going to get himself killed
@ Angel : You'd be surpsied what he can do..
@ Angel : * shuts my eyes, whispering softly, letting my wings arch fully, opening my eyes slowly as they glow a bright white*
Fyre : -Hears what Kaliea says and looks at Fallyn- Daddys gonna die o.o
Ikari : * glances over to the children, appearing before them leaping out from a shadowed portal * Oh trust me dears, Kairi wont let him die. Not on her watch, She's lost one to many to those two..
@ Revan : * I turn towards Atumisk, keeping my sword hand down as I raise my free arm as a red bad of energy appers in my palm growing rapidly before it suddenly explodes outward, the sheer release send air waves in all direction as the massive blast closes in on him *
@ Atumisk : *suddenly the moment my fist crashes down into Revan, a giant crack appears forming in the atmosphere damaging the very layer of air on earth from the very strength and power of Atumisk's mighty fist *
Ikari : Kalilea, Shall we join the battle, and see what we can do to seperate them?
@ Fallyn : *smiles slightly to Ikari* Always good to know.
@ Kaliea ;] : *nods* you take autmisk i'll take revan?
@ Kilian : -Puts my flaming swords up, absorbing the blast, the force pushing me back slightly and cuts my swords across the air, charging toward Revan from his left, my eyes intent, spinning a circle as I close, attempting to slice at his arm with flaming blades-
[ @ Atumisk : *The crack in the atmosphere giving birth to a gigantic earthquake, a giant crack forming in the earth below our very feet, lava and fire spewing out all around us *
[21:47:34 01/09/11] Ikari : Sounds a fair trade sister dear.. * smirks, letting a massive chakram form from the shadows, letting steel gloves form over my delicate hands * Lets see what this body can do for me..
@ Kaliea ;] : *smirks* Lets us dance then
@ Revan : * I narrow my eyes as what appears to be massive bones around me snapping upon contact with Atumisk seemingly halting the blow as I notice Killian coming as suddenly lava that appears from the ground is sent flying in his direction as we as acting in my defense *
@ Kaliea ;] : *spins in a circle my purple aurora appearing around me like a dense fog as i immerse myself in it, letting the fog encircle the entire arena...
@ Kaliea ;] : appearing in front of Revan from the fog kicking him in the chest sending him flying backwards* Hello love
Ikari : * disappears into a portal, appearing behind Atsumisk, spinning the Chakram around me, slashing it forward toward his back * Hello demon.
@ Kilian : -Spins to the side as I complete the spin oto avoid the lava, charging around it, slashing my sword in the air that sends a wave of orange burning flames toward Revan-
@ Atumisk : *Leaps back away from Revan's defense as I recognize the form like summon taking shape around him *
@ Atumisk : *Laughs as my back is slashed and suddenly whips of emerald energy explode off my back gripping themselves around her arms as they throw her straight into the air above me *
@ Revan : * the kick forces me back and thus way from the previous orange flames as I glare towards Kaliea * Stay out of this this. I told you I will deal with you later.
@ Kilian : -Slightly annoyed Kaliea made him avoid my attack, but pushes the thought aside, slashing my swords continously, sending more waves of the flames in Revans direction-
@ Atumisk : * the moment she's thrown I open my mouth as a ball of emerald energy frosted with black electricity grows from the inside of my mouth as I fire the demon cannon straight into her the blast devastating as it acts as a magnet manipulating gravity to pull everything towards it only to explode *
@ Kaliea ;] : You don't wanna play with me? *giggles and brings up the fog thrusting my hands forwards the fog flying at him blocking his sight making it harder for his eyes to stay focused on me* Too bad love.
Ikari : * smirks giggling before spinning the chakram around my waist like a hula hoop, freeing myself before speeding down toward atstumisk, slamming my feet into his back, putting the inside of the chakram to his neck, flipping him over me *
@ Atumisk : *As she speeds down towards me I throw myself straight at her, the sheer clash forming another crack in the atmosphere, a giant cliff near by being completely sliced into thousands of pieces from us *
@ Revan : * I turn away slightly as I swing my sword across the middle as suddenly a massive blast of black energy with red outlines appears shoots out, wiping out the fog and only to connect with the orange flames as well, my blast exploding massively upon contact *
@ Kilian : -Jumps up, using the smoke of the explosion as cover as I come through, pulling my arm back and punching my hand in the air in Rev's direction, a large fireball exploding through the air toward him as I land on the ground, charging him on the ground-
Ikari : * giggles spinning the chakram around my hands, letting it grind creating sparks as a blast of pure energy knocks into Atsumisk's chest, cartwheeling in the air before landing on the ground below * Let us play a game.. Shall we?
Fyre : -curls up with my wings around me peaking out a bit with my eyes a hard black watching every move from everyone-
@ Kaliea ;] : *Fog appears to disappear only to come back thicker* Sorry love, the more you attack it the thicker it gets * jumps up into the sky appearing above him taking out my double edged Katana stabbing it into his back*
@ Atumisk : *I howl straight into the pure energy countering it as I flip back onto the ground below, the earth around my feet quickly dying *
@ Angel : * opens m eyes, letting a massive hex template for beneath me, letting the strand of lightwrite the symbols into each place * Servatis a periculum..
@ Revan : Hmph.. * I then glare through the fog and while difficult to read movements, I still see the incoming figures due to be able to see energy in color. I then towards the fire ball and slicing it down the middle before stomping my foot into the ground, the ground by Kilian exploding with lava as I raise my sword in defense for kaliea *
Ikari : * giggles, carwheeling forward, moving it into flips before a spark of lightning connects around me feet drop kicking down to Atsumisk *
@ Kilian : -Jumps back as the ground explodes with lava pillars, rolling to the side as it goes by me, cursing under my breath, using my blades to slice my palms before putting them away, staring at Rev and blood disks form in my hands, hardening and sharpening throwing them at high speeds toward him-
@ Angel : * uses the light as paint, writing out each symbol, making sure to place everything perfectly * Ignis spiritus .. Spiritus telluris ..
@ Kaliea ;] : *lets my purple energy encircle me so i blend in with the purple fog, when his sword hits mine I backflip over him appearing next to him whispering* Time play a game * As i then disppear back into the fog*
@ Atumisk : *As she drop kicks me my head slams into the earth, as I do I shove my arm into the earth and suddenly the earth below your feet bursts open as thousands of my clones erupt out creating a giant ladder holding onto one another's ankles as the top one grabs your ankles and they begin to spin you around rapidly acting as a twister allowing you to be dragged across near by cliff sides and mountains before releasing you straight into the air, leaping straight after you again as the clones grab onto me forming a giant slingshot of clones, releasing me launching me into Ikari like a bullet*
@ Atumisk : * As I'm launched towards you my arms and feet glow with steaming emerald energy, green like steam bellowing from my eyes as my voice echoes * ANNIHILATING BULLET!!
Ikari : * slowly catches me balance as Atsumisk is launched before flicking my hand forward, a massive burst of twilight energy forming before me, breaking through the light, lauching toward Atsumisk before wrapping around his back as I raise my hand lifting him up quickly, slamming him against the ground before throwing him into the air, leaping after him, spinning the chakram around me * Let us Dance
@ Atumisk : X10000!! *Suddenly 10,000 of me appear leaping at Ikari, all at once, each of them throwing a shocking bullet punch or kick from every angle *
@ Revan : * I narrow my eyes scanning for Kaliea only to notice the incoming blood disks as I extend my free hand towards them as massive red ball of energy forms in hand before rapidly growing as its unleashed, once again the air exploding as they are released as it closes in towards the blood disks taking the form of a massive pillar like shape *
@ Atumisk : *The moment we clash again the 10,000 of my clones then catch me as you throw me into the air, before half of them launch themselves at you, acting as suicide bombs, the 5,000 shocking bullet blasts activating as each of them explode all around Ikari *
@ Atumisk : * The other 5,000 appear forming a giant circle around Ikari and the massive explosion as I hide myself within them waiting for her next move *
Ikari : * a second after the few few bullets hit, I disappear into a shadow, disappearing like a mist before appearing high above him, concentrating a ball of energy into my hand, laughing softly, letting the energy make a massive blast from my hand, engulfing around him * Twlight moon..
@ Kilian : -Charges in, using the fog as my cover, trained to fight with out sight I keep moving, poiting up into the air my hand unleashes flames randomly that hover high up in the air, when there are scores of them I close my fist, bring my arm down and they all begin to decend rapidly on Rev's position-
@ Kaliea ;] : * I appear in front of you again stabbing my sword into your chest* Boo.. *then takes off into the fog again only to appear to your side my eyes now completely purple as well as I spin my blade making a tornado of purple engery that flies towards you*
@ Atumisk : *My eyes snap up to Ikari laughing with excitement before I disappear within her massive blast * THAT'S MORE LIKE IT-
@ Angel : my eyes flicker, moving at the speed of sound, watchign each symbol, each symbol connecting to the next, making a massive symbol, slowly reaching toard the center * Spiritus venti spiritus aquae .. Historia Nobis ..
@ Atumisk : *suddenly 5,000 of my clones appear all around me as they appear to have dog-piled themselves on me to protect the REAL me, the 5,000 clones steaming as their body's literally boil from her incredible power*
Ikari : You always have been quick on your feet darling.. * smirks blasting off toward him, letting my body dash back and forth in an uneven pattern before slashing my chakram down, letting a large wave of energy follow the blades toward AStsumisk *
@ Revan : * I then look around taking note of the incoming strikes letting the attacks all come, leaving a massive explosion in my area. The smoke clears and it appears to be still standing there, unphased but a massive skeleton like fiigue made out of dark energy appears surrounding me completely as I stand in its center as suddenly a massive of shuriken appear flying in from multiple directions towards kilian as my eyes glare around for kaliea *
Fyre : -sighs watching them all through my wings-
[22:10:51 01/09/11] @ Kaliea ;] : *giggles* Kili you may want to stand back
@ Angel : * interlocks my fingers together, shutting my eyes slowly, letting the strands of light continue to contect, three rows from the center * Nullam corde, duabus partibus paulo ..
@ Atumisk : *I leap back onto my feet before zooming off in a flash of green leaving a trail of destruction behind as I make unpredictable turns and dashes before a my left arm takes the shape of a blade grinding against the large wave of energy as I dash past it, leaving a massive slice through the blast behind, nearby trees splitting in half from the very powers clashing *
@ Kilian : -Eyes wide open, drawing out my swords, my tail even grabbing a dagger from a hidden sheath on my back as the shuriken come at me, working my blades furiously to block as many as I can, still taking cuts on my arms and shoulders, some a little deep but most shallow as I move my body too-
@ Kaliea ;] : *analyzes the skelton like figure as my tornado of energy slams into it. The moment it hits the fog becomes sticky like glue and attaches itself to the bones of the skeleton , as i appear in the center with you* Hello love
Ikari : * Giggles flipping backwards, moving my body back as fast as he moves before throwing my chakram into the air, landing on my feet before clapping, my chakram acting as a missle, following after Atsumisk, building up massive amounts of energy along the blades *
@ Kaliea ;] : *the purple glue sticks to the ground, grounding the skeleton like cement so it can no longer move from its spot*
@ Angel : Et ligabis quasi in signum fatum .. * opens my eyes again as each row begins to glow, the black marks slowly turning white, moving toward the center *
@ Revan : * I glare towards Kaliea as the ground under me begins to shake widely and my sword begins to glow * Kaliea.. stay back * I then walk out of the skeleton as facing Kilian * No more practice swings... Gestuga Tenshou * I suddenly then swing my sword down the middle in his direction and suddenly a massive black blast with the same red energy outline appears shooting out of the sword, flying towards him, destroying the ground under it as it closes in, a massive demonic roar like sound being heard for miles upon its release.. *
@ Angel : * slowly expands my arms out, letting the strands of light form my fingertips slowly connect the the symbols in the hex, standing in the center * Sigillum simul, unus spiritus. Custodes lux est Angelis tempestates ..
@ Kilian : -Eyes widen, sensing how massive the engery is inside the blast of his attack, knowing I'll need to pull more power, digging into my mind I harness and take control of the power of my fire demon, the black flames around me forming up and wrapping around my blades as I cross them, putting them up, my blades taking in the force of his attack but still be slid back as I can barely hold it, cursing under my breath and muscles tensing as my arms twitch to hold it back-
Fyre : -continues to curl up in a ball-
@ Fallyn : *smacks the back of Fyre's head* stand up and pay attention.
Fyre : -wakes up and stands up leaning on the wall eyes still black watching the inside action from the souls- im paying attention...While snoozing.
@ Kaliea ;] : *stands behind revan as the fog starts to collect around me waiting for the signal from angel as my entire body begins to glow purple*
@ Angel : * lets my arms bust out, the entire symbol glowing before stepping out of it as it opens glowing brightly * Postremo ligabis ea quasi miscere. Alii!
@ Kaliea ;] : *jumps onto Revans back the purple energy surrounding me protecting me from angels seal as the sticky fog from the skeleton grabs on Revan holding him in place as I too hold my ground wrapped around him*
@ Revan : * I narrow my eyes as the Gestuga Tenshou in Kilians rips at him, decimating at the ground only to suddenly explode on its own violently, the explosion much larger and destructive then anything used previously. I glare as blast explodes only to realize Kaliea on me * What are you doing!
@ Angel : * lets the strand of light reach up like vines wrapping around Revan, pulling him down towards the hex* Ego te signo in quo est, in spiritu frater, unum fiat.
@ Kaliea ;] : Sorry love...*continues to hold my ground so he cannot move*
@ Atumisk : *Suddenly I appear spinning around and I open my arms up as I catch the chakram, the impact of it crashing into the grip of my arms forming a crater beneath my feet *
@ Kilian : -Unable to block the explosion, goes flying back, hitting the ground hard and rolling across, my blades landing on both sides of me as I push up on my hands, coughing up blood- Damn..
@ Angel : * quickly pulls my arms down, pulling Revan into the hex, the strand connecting to his heart and to his soul * Seal away, together.. as one.
@ Revan : * I then swing violently with my sword attempting to cut through the vines as along with every swing the ground before me explodes violently * Get off me!
@ Kaliea ;] : *continues holding on closing my eyes as I hear Sam inside my head...Sam:Thank you Kaliea....*
Fyre : Ding dong the witch dead....yet.
@ Angel : * lets the hex wrap around Revan, sinking into him, sealing his dark side away into his soul, freeing the real Revan * Give me back my brother you son of a bitch..
Ikari : * smirks, snapping, letting the fake chakram burst into Atsumisk's chest, letting the blast send him flying *
@ Kaliea ;] : *Turns back into sam as all the fog disppears and the sticky fog leaving Sam on Revans back* @ Kilian : -Slowly forces myself up on shaking legs, my swords against the ground as I grip the hilts tightly, watching as the hex is drawing Rev in one of my arms holding my pained stomach, spitting blood from my mouth as I continue to watch, my body smoking slightly from the explosion-
@ Kaliea ;] : Goodbye Sister hope to see you soon...
@ Revan : * I struggle glaring towards you * I'll be back and when I am... I'll kill you first. *I then shut my eyes as I collapse into the ground... *
Ikari : Always a pleasure sister * smirks, nodding to her before turning my attention back to Atsumisk *
@ Sammy:) : *falls off of Revans back*
@ Angel : We'll see. * crosses my arms, letting my eyes turn back to normal *
Fyre : o.o
@ Atumisk : *my chest absorbs the blast as I disappear within a flash of green, suddenly two clones appear skidding to a stop at Ikari's sides tackling each arm of hers holding her open as a line of me and my clones charge straight towards the opening made...
Fyre : *sophia sees sam and runs out of Fallyns arms and too Sam*
@ Revan : * I lay down slumped on the ground, dropping my weapon as is consumed in dark energy and reverts back to its original form *
Ikari : * struggles in the arms before opening my eyes, letitng a massive burst of energy burst from my body knocking the clones off of me *
@ Atumisk : *The clones begin to rapidly punch and kick every angle of Ikari's body beyond the speed of sound, as they move unpredictably and extremely quick, each punch and kick absorbing energy into the real me as I appear in the back drawing energy from the clones as a spear of green energy and green flames forms in my hand *
Fyre : (she was with me and mare o.o)
@ Fallyn : *smiles watching Sophia find her mom, andlooks around to see if everyone is alright*
@ Sammy:) : *looks at revan and then to Sophia as I sit up slowly * Angel...kili...*points to him* Rev are you alright?
@ Kilian : -Forces myself to stand up straight, my blades sinking back into the hilts as I out them back on my wrist, refusing to show any pain-
@ Angel : We still have Atsumisk to deal with..
@ Fallyn : *runs and tries to help dad stand up *
[22:35:25 01/09/11] @ Sammy:) : I know...if Revans alright i'm sure he'd love to help
@ Kilian : Heheh dont worry about me, I can go another round
@ Revan : * my eyes appear shut as I weakly struggle to move as I attempt to my open eyes, tears of blood suddenly appear dripping down * I.... I cant see...what happened.. what's going I cant see!
@ Atumisk : *My clones are then blown back from Ikari as the real me stands grinning devilishly wielding a legendary intangible spear of emerald flames *
Fyre : -looks at Atumisk and my eyes turn back to purple, my head falls back down and i wrap myself back into my wings, feeling like im paralyzed-
@ Angel : How do you feel Rev? * runs over to Rev, putting my arm on his shoulder * Seals usually take alot out of people.
@ Sammy:) : *looks to angel worried*
@ Angel : The demon was his eyes.. the demon took them with him..
@ Revan : * I force myself to move, trashing widely * What the hell is going on! why cant i see!
@ Angel : Because He took your eyes. You lost control and there was no chance of getting you back.. I had to seal him away..
@ Sammy:) : *puts my hands on revs shoulders* Rev calm down!
@ Kilian : -Cracks my neck, turning toward Atumisk, breathing slowly, feeling I might have a rib or two broken but ignores it, letting myself regain a bit of energy frst-
@ Atumisk : *Suddenly my eyes snap towards Revan's direction, my body literally shaking with excitement and hunger and thirst for power&blood*
Ikari : If you can't tell dear.. Your work is done here, now unless you wanna be sealed away again, I suggest you let Cloud back in control darling.
@ Atumisk : *My eyes then glance at Ikari before my eyes snap back to Revan *
@ Atumisk : This time...
@ Revan : Sam. is that you.. Angel!? why cant i see!
@ Sammy:) : Angel is there any way to fix this??
@ Atumisk : It will be I who devours the blinded Legend!
@ Angel : Because your demon took the sharingan with him when he was sealed..
@ Revan : * I struggle, panicking as I feel incredibly weak after alreaddy exhausted any strength by just moving now *
@ Fallyn : *walks over to Revan placing my hands on his shoulders sending a wave of calm over him that can be resisted if nessasary-
@ Angel : * quickly glares toward atsumisk drawing my claymore * Don't you dare go near my brother..
@ Sammy:) : *stand up between Revan and Atumisk* Angel help Rev i'll help Ikari
@ Angel : * nods, helping Rev up * I'll see what I can do about your eyes.. * moves him away from the battle slowly toward the wall *
Fyre : -slowly unfolds my wings from forming around me and walks over to Fallyn, turning around looking at the Demon, Atumisk and watching sam and him fight carefully-
@ Sammy:) : *takes out my sword spinning it looking towards kili* You ready Kili?
Ikari : * crosses my arms, walking over toward Sam, before snapping, letting my claymore appear back into my hand, locking my eyes on Atsumisk *
@ Atumisk : *as the spear finishes charging up and taking its full form I reach back readying to thrust it, and the moment I do, you all hear the sound of a thousand souls crying and screaming out in agony, the spear leaving a trail of green flames behind as it nears in on Revan at the speed of a bullet, exploding upon contact, the explosion engulfing everyone else along with myself inside of it, my laughter being the last thing heard before the explosion occurs absorbing all sound on earth for 6 seconds * @ Revan : * I struggle to move but incredibly weak as I shut my eyes * I... i... why!?
@ Atumisk : *Bent on obliterating Revan while he is vulnerable*
@ Fallyn : *walks away from Rev standing by the walls crossing my arms watching*
@ Angel : * widens my eyes putting Revan behind me before flickings my hands open, letitng a thick shield of light protect Revan *
@ Angel : Sam, get Revan out of here before he tries to engulf him, I have to seal Atsumisk away..
@ Kilian : -While Atumisk is distracted I flash in, my swords moving in to slice and cut at him, working them in harmony as one comes up high, the other low, glaring at him-
@ Sammy:) : *nods*
Fyre : -shakes my head looking at them and the souls follow me as i walk out of the house on my own and off into the woods-
@ Sammy:) : *runs over to Revan picking him up and runs to the kids* All of you follow me. *takes off running into the woods towards the clearing*
@ Fallyn : *runs with Sam following her closely*
@ Angel : * expands my wings, lifitng myself into the air, lifting my hands slowly * You know I don't want to do this..
@ Revan : S-amm..Sam? that is you right? please tell me thats you? Sam.. I'm scared.. I cant see.. I dont know whats going on!
@ Sammy:) : *appears a good 50ish miles away in a clearing knowning it will take time for Atumisk to get away as I set Revan down against a tree* Yes Revan its me just calm down....we'll get your eyes..
Ikari : * Ikari nods, dsiappearing into a shadow before appearing behind a large tree, observing *
Fyre : -notices Sam, fallyn, rev and sophia coming up behind me, i open my wings and begin to fly to the clearing faster-
@ Atumisk : *my arm then appears being cut clean off my body from a swing of Kili's sword, catching the other swing of his other sword with my own teeth, my arm that was cut off then shapeshifts into a clone of myself as a giant oversized war hammer takes shape on one of his arms and he swings it directly into Kili's back while he's occupied with me *
@ Kilian : -Feels the pain of the hammer crash into my back, yelling out in pain, I pull both my swords back, gritting my teeth to ignore the pain, I upper cut my left sword at his clone, my right sword poised for defense of the real Atumisk-
@ Fallyn : *slows down and sits next to Revan looking concerned* You'll be ok.
@ Revan : I'm blind Sam!.. I'm blind!.. what are those noises... why does it feel so hot! I'm so weak... what's wrong with me!? * I struggle to move as I barely move my arms and legs *
@ Angel : * my eyes burst open, the strands of light from my fingertips connecting to Atsumisk's body, sinking in like strongs, turning black slowly * You know how much I hate doing this..
Fyre : -i walk over to Rev and look at him- Well, your seperated from that...Thing atleast. Angel will find a way to get you your eyes...j
@ Sammy:) : *puts my hand on Revan's shoulder as sophia hugs him* Shh Revan... we sealed away dark rev and he took your eyes with him... we will get your eyes back somehow
@ Sammy:) : Kaliea helped angel and Ikari is fighting Atumisk at the moment *glances back towards the arena*
Fyre : -looks at Sam- did it take his hearing too? you said that before
@ Sammy:) : No fyre, he's never been with out his eyes, he's in shock.
@ Revan : No... No its just that...I dont feel anything..its like all my energy is gone, like completely gone...I am nothing!... just a blind mortal!..why!?
@ Fallyn : I can bring him out of shock but he has to let me.
@ Sammy:) : Revan you need to calm down! *shakes him a tiny bit* Just save what energy you have left, angel will be back soon...
@ Sammy:) : *shakes my head to fallyn* Just let your mother take care of it
@ Revan : No! no! no! Bring him back! I need him back!
@ Atumisk : *My horns glow as my body reacts to Kili's unique soul, the aura teasing me as I grow hungrier for souls throwing myself back as I roar in rage, the sound traveling all across the lands for miles, giant whips ripping out of my back as they intertwine themselves together forming giant demon like arms out of my back, as they begin latch onto the earth around me forcefully pulling out the rest of its body as a giant demon like beast comes out of my back up to its waist, opening its mouth as a giant ball of black lightning and emerald energy begins to form, gaining power by absorbing all objects and the earth around it like a magnet, the ball growing larger and larger in size *
@ Fallyn : *nods* alright.
@ Revan : where is she!? I beg of you bring him back! i'll control this time, I promise! I'll do whatever it takes! just please give it back! I need my sight, I want it back!, I need it!
Fyre : -looks at rev- you want that thing back to put everyone in danger just so you can see again?
[22:52:28 01/09/11] @ Sammy:) : *puts my hand over Revans mouth* Rev stop it. You know we cannot do that
@ Revan : No! no! no! he's taken everything! everything!? Dont you understand! everything! I'm am nothing!? why couldn't you just kill me!?
@ Angel : * quickly, wraps my strands of light around Atsumisk, quickly binding his body, letitng my eyes glow birghtly, the strands cutting into his skin, making him immoble * Hold still,
@ Sammy:) : *smacks him knocking him out* Sorry Love, but you need to calm down
@ Atumisk : This isn't your first time wrestling with a demon, is it, Elf boy? *a dark chuckle is heard as steam drools out of my mouth desiring his very soul*
@ Kilian : -Watches the giant beast growing from Atumisk's back, seeing the strands Angel made cutting into his skin as well and I take a few steps back, breathing heavily with my swords raised up in defense, growling at him- No its not...
@ Angel : * appears infront of Atsumisk, locking my eyes to his* Back off my husband.. * slams my hand into Atumik's forehead, burning the seal into his skin *
@ Atumisk : You bitch, you think you can just get rid of me!? YOU THINK YOU CAN USE ME CLOUD!?!?
@ Angel : I've done it before, I can defiantly do it again * letting the seal burn glowing brightly, sucking Atsumisk into the seal *
@ Revan : * I lay there knocked as the bleed dries under my eyes giving me a bloody appearance as I appear lost in my hallucinations of the family massacre in my sleep.. *
[ @ Atumisk : *The Beast attached to my back then fires the ball in its mouth off into the sky, the ball quickly disappearing within the dark clouds above *
@ Atumisk : YOU'LL NEED ME AGAIN...
] @ Angel : And I'll be here to seal your ass back in him again.
@ Sammy:) : *puts my hands on him healing any cuts he'd gotten in battle*
@ Kilian : -The blades slide back into their hilts, connecting back to my wrists as I watch Angel sealing away the demon-
@ Atumisk : I CAN PROMISE YOU THA-*My words are then cut off as I'm absorbed completely into a hole within my own chest, the hole acting as a vortex as it sucks me in completely, Cloud appearing beneath as the hole closes and I collapse as Atumisk and I switch pilot souls within my body*
@ Sammy:) : *yells out knowning Angel will be able to hear me.* ANGEL
@ Angel : * quickly releases Cloud's body, catching him* How ya feeling.
@ Yes, I'm Cloud : You guys really did a number on me this time, goddammit.
@ Angel : When don't we? * smiles soaring over to Sam and the others, lying Cloud down beside Revan *
@ Yes, I'm Cloud : I suppose this is the price to pay for letting HIM take over..Doesn't take long for him to cause damage.
Fyre : -looks at Rev, sam, sophia and Fallyn, and starts walking off back into the woods to sit in a tree-
@ Fallyn : *sits under a tree in thought watching them* Well that was a handful.
@ Kilian : -Watches her fly off and sighs, whistling as I walk to them, followng Angel's trail-
@ Yes, I'm Cloud : *winces in pain as I'm lied down on the ground, my muscles torn to shreds from Atumisk *
@ Angel : He released a ball of energy into the atmosphere, from how high it went I say we have about ten minutes before it falls back down to do some real damage
@ Sammy:) : Angel he took everything not just his sight....he took his strength and powers to..*glances to Cloud* Well you've looked better
@ Yes, I'm Cloud : *Looks away embarrassed scoffing at Sam* Shuddup!
@ Angel : I know. I have to put the seal over his hear, once I put the seal on his skin, he'll get slow doses of the demon until he has full control again, once he has full control, thr seal will disappear.
@ Angel : It was the only way I could seal him away.
@ Sammy:) : *nods* so he'll get everything back
@ Kilian : -Arrives at their location, sitting myself down on a nearby rock and watching-
[23:01:57 01/09/11] @ Angel : Cloud dear I'll heal you in a mintue, as well as you Ether, don't think I can't see you when you're in pain.
@ Angel : Yes, but slowly. First will be his eyes. That will take a while.
@ Sammy:) : Well we better get to Olympus before that ball comes back
@ Yes, I'm Cloud : *Holds a conversation with Atumisk within my mind as we communicate with each other *
Fyre : -looks up at the red sky, my eyes changing back to the emerald color,and starts swinging my legs-
@ Angel : * moves Revan's armor from his arm, placing my hand over his arm, letting my seal sink into his arm * Hey at least its only one, Cloud's got these all over him.
@ Kilian : -Glances at her- I dont know what you're talking about -Pulls some bandages from my pack, wrapping my my left arm where the deep cuts are to stem the bleeding, touching each rib, counting three broken-
@ Sammy:) : True *walks over to Cloud looking him* Damn you got messed up *kneels down starting to do some healing until angel can finish it off*
@ Angel : Alright, lets get to Olympus to heal before that ball comes back, cause I dont think at this pint theres much any of us can do,
@ Fallyn : *walks over to Dad attempting to help him wrap his arm* Hmm
@ Sammy:) : *nods* Fallyn get Sophia
@ Fallyn : Okay
@ Yes, I'm Cloud : *Casually gazes at the clouds sighing allowing my body to heal* Atumisk over does it.
@ Revan : * I breath slowly as if I were asleep*
@ Sammy:) : *picks up cloud* Sorry if I drop you... Angel i'll get a room ready for you
@ Angel : Fallyn, in your spell books, try the burning heal that was in there. It'll impress your father * smiles looking over at her* He always does, plus I think he hates me more than Revan * laughs softly, moving over to Cloud, letting the strings of light from my hands, stich his muscles back together *
@ Kilian : Don't think I've been to Olympus before
@ Kilian : (Sorry gotta go now, gotta get up early)
@ Angel : ( Its okay hun! )
@ Sammy:) : (okay o.O uh wanna trade ppl angel rotfl)
@ Kilian : (night)
@ Angel : ( sure xD )
@ Kilian : (Txt Angel? o.o)
@ Fallyn : Well sure. *makes my spell book appear placing my hands on his arm first and then his ribs muttering the burning heal spell*
@ Fallyn : Night Kili
@ Sammy:) : *hands cloud to angel and walks over picking up Rev jumping up into the sky flying towards Olympus*
Fyre : -the sky continues to grow, brighter, and Fyre slowly walks back to the clearing- Why's the Sky getting...bloody?
@ Angel : * moves over to Cloud picking him up gently, trying not to strain anything on his body * I'm sure you of all people know who he hates more.
@ Angel : ( of course! )
@ Sammy:) : *Lands in the middle of the castle lying Revan down on one couch making everyone leave the room*
@ Fallyn : *picks up Sophia and takes Fyre by the hand as I extend my wings and follows after Sam*
@ Yes, I'm Cloud : *grins amused at Atumisk's reaction within his mind* No surprise there. Never-ending feud between you two.
@ Angel : We better move * lets my wigns bloom, taking off into the sky following behind Sam *
@ Angel : I believe since the first time you asked me to seal him away, he's hated me. and I'm not surprised.
Fyre : -opens my wings, and takes off, letting go of her hand and flies lower than everyone and a bit behind them mumbling-
@ Sammy:) : *puts a pillow under Revan's head sitting by him* You just cannot stay out of trouble...
@ Yes, I'm Cloud : Cause you're his main threat. His first priority is power, then YOU.
@ Angel : * flies into the room, lying Cloud down on the opposite couch * There really is no taking it easy for you is there?
@ Sammy:) : *laughes at angels comment* CLoud taking it easy?
@ Fallyn : *lands in the room holding Sophia close with a blanket as I sit in a chair in the center of the room* These poor men *laughs*
@ Angel : Its a happy dream isn't it? * laughs softly, letitng strings of light from my fingertips connect to Cloud's body beginning to heal him *
@ Sammy:) : Fallyn I can't tell you how many times we've brought their injured butts to safety
@ Yes, I'm Cloud : It's a wonderful headache hearing Atumisk ranting and cursing you, Angel.
@ Revan : * I slowly wake up...opening my eyes to see nothing as I lay there as I talk weakly * Is everybody alright..?
@ Yes, I'm Cloud : *Says it sarcastically before reaching one of my arms up flexing it after its healed *
@ Sammy:) : *turns my attention back to Revan* Yes everyones fine love
Fyre : -walks into a huge room with a BED and i write on the door leash free area and walk over to the bed jumping up into it and my eyes glisten as i watch the terror of earth, as the red energy ball hits the land, causing an explosion taking out a good bit of the earth-
@ Fallyn : Oh I can only imagine *laughs careful not to wake Sophia*
@ Angel : Yes yes, and if he ever was given his body body he'd never be able to touch me. That's got to be annoying. All because of that wish * smirks continuing to heal him, making sure every muscle connects back in line *
@ Sammy:) : Looks like Fyre has found his room for the night
@ Revan : hold me Sam...please dont leave me...
@ Sammy:) : *puts my hand on Revan* I'm not going anywhere....Angel says you'll get everything back just give it time
@ Revan : * I take her hand, holding it tight * right..everything..everything is gonna be alright..
@ Fallyn : *stands bringing the chair closer to Rev slowly moving his hand toward Sophia's hand* You're daughters right here too.
@ Sammy:) : *sophia climbs on top of rev* Yes, you'll get everything back even your eyes.
@ Revan : * I run my free hand through Sophia's hair * Right.. right..
@ Angel : * smirks slipping my gloves back over my hands * That should do it. Try to stand see if I missed naything.
@ Sammy:) : *leans over and kisses him* you'll be fine.
@ Revan : * smiles weakly * Bandages...I'm going to need them.
@ Sammy:) : *looks to angel* Can you finish healing the deeper wounds?
@ Fallyn : *locks Fyre in his room closing the doors and going to watch mom heal*
@ Angel : Of course * moves over to Rev, letting my hands move over him, letitng strands of light connect to his body, healing him slowly * You'll have everything back soon.
@ Revan : Hey Sam.. there any bandages around.. my eyes may continue to bleed on their own.. might as well cover them till my sight fully returns
@ Sammy:) : Of course *takes the bandages and wraps it around his head covering his eyes*
@ Revan: * I then reach up, feeling the bandages * Thank you
@ Sammy:) : np *rubs your arm*

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