BATTLEDOME: Posting, or Chat?

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Should the battledome take place on chat, or within posting?

BATTLEDOME: Posting, or Chat? I_vote_lcap60%BATTLEDOME: Posting, or Chat? I_vote_rcap 60% 
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BATTLEDOME: Posting, or Chat? I_vote_lcap40%BATTLEDOME: Posting, or Chat? I_vote_rcap 40% 
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Total Votes : 10

BATTLEDOME: Posting, or Chat? Empty BATTLEDOME: Posting, or Chat?

Post  Atumisk on 9/7/2011, 10:37 pm

So this poll will decide whether the Battledome takes places within the roleplaying section (posting), or live-action (chat)

There's pros and cons for both.
Chat is MUCH faster, allows us to interact with the other people on our team, and everyone is doing the same thing at the same time. Which gives it more of that WAR feeling.
Although it COULD get a little chaotic, and it's less convenient for people who can't be on all at once.

Posting takes time. It allows detail, and is more convenient for some others who can't be on at once. It's also more organized.
The problem with Posting is that it takes time. It could go on for hours, days, or even weeks. Knowing us, it could go on all day and nobody would even get nicked.



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