reVenge is the bitter taste;

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reVenge is the bitter taste; Empty reVenge is the bitter taste;

Post  Atumisk on 9/24/2011, 3:26 pm

Biting my tongue the smell of your blood is making me numb.
I feel suffocated, eradicated, I’m slipping through the cracks.

Can you feel my breath going down your neck? I’m burning alive and I can feel you breathe my insides like a cigarette. Throw me aside when you’re done with me, I’m nothing but ashes. But I swear to god that when the day comes I’ll surpass the masses. You may run fast, you may try hard, but I swear to god that I’ll find your asses.
Don’t you haunt me you’ve got nothing on me but endless envy. You call me stupid, I’m all but useless, watch your backs cause I’m slipping through the cracks.

I won’t stand for another day to watch you eat everyone that you deem unworthy. How dare you curse me, how dare you erase me from every wasted memory.
I have gone beyond my limit’s extremity, it’s all more than I can see. I can paint you a picture of how lucid my dream is to me; I’ll destroy your world to show you that you’re drowning yourself in deep denial. Believe what you want about me but I’ll walk away from murder with a smile.-RGP


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