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Full name: Nero Axis Bladeheart

Nickname: Nero

History:Nero was born in the cave of Albion. Raised with his younger sister, Claire, and his father and mother the lived on the outskirts of the mountain towns. His father was the original source of the spirit of the phoenix. The phoenix named Kryos was carried with his father by a deal. His father created the deal in order to protect his family, but at the price of the inner fire of the demon chipping him away each time he was used. This slowly would kill his father and burn his body apart. Once his father would pass, Kryos would seek a new suitor. This also slowly fills him with rage, building up to make him a ticking time bomb.
When his father finally lost control, he watched as his home, sister and mother were burned apart by his fathers rage in inner flames. Standing in the ashes of their home, he watched his father turned to ash, leaving nothing behind but a phoenix feather. As a memory, knowing the phoenix had chosen him next, Nero keeps the feather on him at all times.
Nero's mission unknown to him, to find out what the feather meant, unknowing it was the demon itself.

Cutting to thirteen years in the future, Nero had discovered what the feather was and how he could never be seperated from Kryos as long as his fathers blood runs through his veins.

Age: 23

Race: Human/Phoenix

Appearence: [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Spectialties: Weapon's master.

Powers: Fire, based on Phoenix.

Love Interest: Sylavel 'Angel' Kairi Ardelia Aerith Cure-Hollowell

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