I'm just your problem.

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I'm just your problem.  Empty I'm just your problem.

Post  Angel on 9/30/2011, 1:10 am

Sorry I'm not always helpful, but even I get upset at times.
Sorry things don't always go to plan, but thats how life works.
Sorry I'm not perfect, and I'm sorry I'm not another puppet on your strings.
I cut from those a long time ago.
I'm up dancing on my own.

Sorry I don't always please you, cause thats just something I can't do.
Sorry I don't treat you like a goddess, like all your little subjects do.
I'm just a problem to you, since I snipped myself free.
A puppet freed.
From an evil queen.

I'm just your problem.

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I'm just your problem.  Empty Re: I'm just your problem.

Post  Atumisk on 9/30/2011, 12:24 pm

This is REALLY good, I like it a lot.


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