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Deteriorate; Empty Deteriorate;

Post  Atumisk on 10/3/2011, 5:09 pm

Vigilante; trapped behind a broken mask, with hands and daggers he lives. Beyond the mask he breathes panther piss. Kick against the thorns, and rebel against their scorns. He pushes beyond the bay, and he doesn’t stray far before he loses himself to the day. It’s not his fault he’s an angry child, his father abused him and tore up his insides.

Enigma; cornered by the judges’ laughter. The walls restrain her mind, but the windows mock her. She seeks for dreams but they hide from her. Deteriorate young girl, deteriorate in your spoiled world.

Murderer; he murdered faith and wounded her. He’s deceived the world into believing him. He stole her face and wears her skin. With teeth he tore up her insides. Victimize, I’ve seen him fantasize about feeding the maggots.-RGP


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