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Post  Samantha on 10/6/2011, 1:39 am

How To Love
I had a lot moments
that didn't last forever,
had a lot men who tried
and failed to keep my heart.
Till I met you, i never
found a reason to stay faithful.
I never really knew what it
was like to love someone.
But now my heart is completely
wrapped up in one person.
Catch myself smiling thinking
about you, everytime i hear
your voice a grin appears.
Never felt like this before
and I gotta say it scares me,
but with you, it gets easier
you make me feel safe, safer
than i've ever been, and
even though you'll never
know how much, and no
matter how many times I
say it, it'll never be enough.
but, I love you, with all my heart
and that won't ever change.

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