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Post  Maretothebear on 10/21/2011, 12:32 am

Role Play Guidelines
Be respectful of other players. Do not have posts detailing hateful behavior. i.e a problem with a certain heritage or religion. If it pertains to the story keep it light.

2. If theres romance in the story PLEASE save the sex-ed for another site. Roleplays may contain romantic material but don't get specific. Make reference to whats happening if its relevant and please add a [R] at the beginning and end of the post.

3. Gruesome details of a fight or injury can be interesting to read but some may not appreciate an open wound like some others so give a warning and put a [R] as with romance.

4. Try not to power play your not writing the story alone. (see FAQ for definition of power play. )

5. If you join the site don't be a stranger. Write with us and invite your friends. If you start a story with someone it is really upsetting for them if you quit without warning or move on to other things.

6. Be kind to beginners. It's easy for experienced writers to point fingers at writers who are new to writing or maybe not the best. ENCOURAGE them. Give help to others with writers block. If they didn't love to write they wouldn't have joined.

7. Please try not 2 tlk lyk dis in posts. Between each other on your pages it is fine, but it is annoying when your reading paragraphs of it. You’re a writer write right.

8. Be respectful, be nice, and do not get you, and your talent banned.


1. We all come from every religion, creed, sexual orientation, and social status, if someone on chat asks you to stop speaking on a topic that goes against their values, it would be polite to stop. Also use of terms such as fag, gay, oreo, ect are not cool so don't use them unless you KNOW the other person will not be offended. "If you don't like it, leave chat" does not cut it here. ALL members should be comfortable in the chat.

2. Please keep in mind that I have built this site for teens 14+. If you are here and under that age, we all are happy you have expressed an interest in writing with us. However, that rule is not there just for your safety, it is there for the comfort of the older members. Please keep in mind that we tend to be a lot less patient with over excited behavior and repeated "annoying" things such as posting too many pictures, links, spam, and also trolling.

3. If we have younger members, support them. Do not abuse them for being young, they can not help that you were born in '94 and they were born in '98. Have a little patience and do not lash out with cursing and bullying such as "nobody wants you here." Instead, do a 3 strike rule. "Please stop talking about _______." Then "Ok, I have asked you to not talk about _____" and the third time leave myself, or another admin a PM.

4. Fights on chat happen all the time. It is a fact. I'm not going to say NO FIGHTING because that would be nonsense. Instead, I am going to say if you are fighting with someone do not involve everyone else in the chat. I do not want to pick a side and usually neither do they. Ganging up on one person sucks.

5. We role play in the chat as to what we are doing while we are talking. Please spare me the sex conversations. TAKE IT TO PM. Kissing and hugging once or twice is fine but use your brain here.

6. Since I am not able to be here at all times, I have hand picked select members to be in charge while I am out. You may not like my decisions, and if that is so, then you are free to leave my site.

7. Do not use the chat to advertise your own site. It's messed up.

8. Ok, this is a very important rule. Here on the site everyone spends hours, days, weeks, ect coming up with unique and amazing moves, weapons, appearances, histories, and biographies. They are VERY protective of them. If you like their idea ASK them to allow you to use it (and give credit) or some form of it. Sometimes its just a matter of working with the creator to make something similar, they'd be glad to help. ANY biographies or characters which contain already used material are subject to being asked to be changed.

9. (continued Cool After proper evaluation and being asked to change something about a biography, the member has no more than 4 days to change it before I the owner of the site, interferes and removes the copied move in question. Also, every member of the site has no more than 5 days after the creation of a biography (or 5 days from their edit date) to raise question to it. After that, it's not touchable.


Not all cases require these punishments in the order they are given and some offenses do not require such punishments.

Break a rule and Mod asks you to stop:
1st offense after request: a kick and a stern talking to.
2nd offense after request: a 15min ban from chat.
3rd offense after request: 24hr ban.
4th offense: 2 day site ban.
Anything after that will be evaluated case by case.

If a member on the chat is offended you and no mod is present, you MUST p.m me the portion of conversation which offended you. Heresay can only be given so much credit and without evidence, I have to take that persons word too.

2nd offense: with chat portion, up to 6hr ban (depending on offense).
3rd offense: with chat portion, up to a 2 day ban.

PLEASE NOTE: Mods do have the power to punish you. If you feel as if it was a punishment was unfair, then please talk to me, and the situation will be reevaluated.

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