The Father of Lies

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The Father of Lies Empty The Father of Lies

Post  Atumisk on 11/28/2011, 7:31 pm

His gun is hypnotizing, and his eyes-sharp. I can't move. My throat is tight and my mouth is dry. My shirt sticks to my back from cold sweat, my breath uneven. I never thought that I could feel so empty-so betrayed. Why wont my body move? Why can't I open my mouth to speak? I'm not like him, his words naturally roll out effortlessly grasping anyone in his corrupted life. I've seen it all, and I've heard it all. The truth.
Then why is it that I can't do a damn thing about it? I've discovered a new purpose, or rather my purpose has found me. Yet he's in the way, and he's always been in the way. All this time he has been this way, and I couldn't even see it. I've let my guard down and allowed this-this fraud to ruin my life. My hands reach out for something, anything that could possibly save me from this nightmare suspended in time.
My very worst fear has unraveled before me trimmed in paranoia and slathered in a believable lie. My hand is wet and-wait..My hand is wet? I force all the strength in my body to lift my head off the earth to find my torso drenched in blood as black as night. This can't be happening, there's no way..Now it's become quite apparent and quite obvious that this is it. I am dying alone. Cold, numb, and alone. I use my right hand to place pressure on the warm wound, my eyes seal tightly as I endure a pain I've never felt before. It feels almost like I was struck down by a fiery dagger. I'm losing blood fast, and my vision has become tainted and sensitive to light and movement.
Finally he speaks,
"This is the last time.." He doesn't finish, and his sentence trails off the moment he glances over his shoulder.

The last time what? That'll I'll witness those pair of eyes judging me? I hate him..I hate him.
He stabs me one last time with those piercing black eyes. He lowers his gun out of sight and turns away, casually walking away from the crime that he has committed. Not a single sign of guilt, not one..No, I won't let him do this. I have to do something. There's not much else I can do in this state, so I'll do what I can and speak.

"Don't.."I croak, swallowing the blood that was making it's way out of my mouth,
"Don't do this.." I plea.

What more can I do? As much as it sickens me that I'm pleading this man to spare her, I have no other options left.

"No Hal, you could never understand. Someone must pay." He responds sternly, freezing in his tracks without giving me the slightest acknowledgement. As if I were trash to him. God, I hate this guy. If I could I'd take that gun and shove it up his ass, forcing him to tell me where they've taken her.

"No, I-I don't think you get it. Y-y-you say you loved her, but you don't-"
"She should have chosen me!" He turns to face me now, his revolver once again raised at me again, his voice withdrawing such terrifying anger. Tears stream down his cheeks, and now I can't help but feel bad for him. My best-friend..

These tears..Tears that I could never grow accustomed to. Ever since I met him he has always carried this calm collected demeanor. He was always the cool one, and now he's become just like the others. They have turned my best-friend into another victim of the corruption that pollutes the air that we breathe. They have manipulated him. They have manipulated us.

I try to speak but my chest feels cold and I choke on my own blood, my own blood streaming down my chin from the corners of my mouth. I try again and succeed..

"Alex, you're my-"
"Don't, Hal, enough!"

He's shaking his head confused, and pressing the cold silver cylinder and barrel against his temple. Such torment has befallen my dear friend. He continues aiming the gun back at me again as he takes a messy step forward, almost nearly slipping on the wet grass from the evening rain. "You were my best-friend. We are no longer friends. You killed this friendship the moment that you took her from me! She was mine, Hal, and you stole her! You stole her." Alex breathes heavily, becoming more and more tense with each passing moment. I'm getting to him now, I can tell. I must be careful and diligent, that's what Ashton always taught me. One wrong slip-up and I'm dead. There's still a chance that I could survive this. But more importantly, there's the chance that I could save her. I can't waste a damn second. If I do die here, I want to know that she'll survive this..I want a guarantee.

"So you're going to kill her now?" I ask with medium difficulty, and continue, "Alex she'll always love you. You've impacted her life so much, you can't do this to her. You may have betrayed me, but you still have the chance to redeem yourself. You don't have to betray her."
"Hal I said enough! I have to do this..She loves you differently than she loves me. She's in love with y-"
"Alex she loves you!"
I don't let him finish. I'm nearly groaning in pain laying here in the grass in my own puddle of blood. I need to hurry this up. Manipulation. It's wrong, and I'm totally against it but I have no choice now. I'm fighting fire with fire.
"She told me that she loves you, Alex, you."

His grip around the grip panels of the revolver tightens more, and in shock I watch as the front-sight of the revolver lowers from being at eye level of Alex's face now down to his chin-level. His mind is vulnerable now, I have to keep
pressing on..

"You're lying!" He shouts raising the revolver again, trying to balance himself. He's about to pass out, probably from seeing all the blood pouring out of my bullet wound along with all the overwhelming lies that I'm feeding him.

"Alex.." I look into his eyes, and he gazes straight back into mine. Without speaking a word, I understand. There's nothing more I can say now that will change his mind.

There may be nothing after this, but my refusal to die is consuming my every move. This is it, Alex's finger is resting on the trigger and ready to fire.

"We are done here. I'll give you a moment." He says as he's now appearing to have collected himself. Preparing to deal the final blow.
I sigh biting my lip and closing my eyes tightly awaiting my inevitable death.
My entire life isn't flashing before my eyes, and there is no light nor is there even a tunnel. There are only regrets, apologies, and words that have stuck with me until now. The words of Ashton crawl out of the dark depths of my mind making sense here and now, "We are all condemned to die someday, it's only the bonds that we've created and the memories that we've given birth to that matter. Whether you go out with a knife in your back, or in a chariot of fire-death is death. Once you're gone, you're nothing but a memory." I then hear the soothing whisper of Amy and her laughter as if it were a vivid memory locked up in storage within my mind-fresh and alive, "Hal.."

"I'm sorry Amy.."

I feel the sun's gaze setting at the perfect moment. The sun is leaving, and so am I. No longer holding back any tears, I cry. But it's not a sloppy cry, it's a soft gentle cry. I feel no pain, only my own warm tears departing from my eyes.

"Don't miss."
"Death aims only once, but never misses.." Alex says, and finally, I hear the pull of a trigger.

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The Father of Lies Empty Re: The Father of Lies

Post  Heartaliee on 11/29/2011, 5:06 am

That was freaking amazing Ronnie! It was so raw and emotional! I felt like I was reading the back of a book that gives you a little bit of a spoiler so you get hooked and read more. I'm definitely hooked, and I want to read more. I felt every emotion behind it and it gave me goosebumps! Love it.


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