Wow, talk about planning ahead. Story ideas of mine:

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Wow, talk about planning ahead. Story ideas of mine: Empty Wow, talk about planning ahead. Story ideas of mine:

Post  Atumisk on 12/13/2011, 6:41 pm

All of this is a work in progress, constantly changing.

-Heart & Cloud (Romance, Action-Adventure)
-Chasing Shadows (Drama, Dark Fantasy, Suspense)
-He was Human (Science-Fiction/Cyberpunk, Mystery)
-Jackals (Drama, Dark Fantasy, Suspense)

split into two parts. (There will also be side stories written later, and I'll go further into the main plot later.)
Part 1: Rise of The 50th Organization. Fall of Belladonna.
Part 2: Prime Magic Kingdom. War. Fall of The 50th Organization.

CS: I've already shown a rough-draft preview/spoiler called "Father of Lies". (There will be a review of the plot written later.)

A techno-thriller/Cyberpunk story about a war hero that has been physically enhanced by cybernetic components. Takes place in a futuristic world full of robots. A cyborg body built to look exactly like a humans with the mind of a human. But the speed, reflexes, and strength of a robot built for war. The, "Perfect Soldier" trying to obtain free-will. With his memories lost he tries to discover who he used to be and what exactly he is. He fights against the world government as a fugitive and works for the terrorists against the government. The world believes that he died as a war hero years ago, unaware that he is still alive as a super-cyborg.

Jackals: The rise of Jackals.(Will go into the plot later)


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