An Inner Battle

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An Inner Battle Empty An Inner Battle

Post  Angel on 12/15/2011, 6:50 pm

You will never live up to what she was..

You don't know me shadow.. I can be more.

Keep telling yourself all of these lies. You'll never be able to live up to her name

I've already more than surpassed her. I know what it takes.

They'll never accept you. No matter how far you've come. You'll always be..

Don't say it.

Second best. You see, you may try with every ounce of that golden heart of yours, but in the end. It wont mean a thing

More people depend on me than you know.

Is that why the memories still fade? Is that why you try so hard to forget?

I forget nothing.

No, you just revise.

Everything I remember is true.

Those memories are lies.. You will never come to terms with the truth.

And what's that?

That She will always win.

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