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Name: Revan Archon Uchiha
Age: Unknown, over a thousand
Race: Olympian God
Height: 6'5
Current Appearance:

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Personality: As a young boy, Revan was an impetuous, overly arrogant individual that lived off the thrill of a battle. His respect for only those stronger then him as a child earned him some disdain from others but it mattered little as enemies and harsh words only fueled him. Growing up, Revan was going down a path unseen and unmatched by any other of the clan before and his desire to break all boundaries. While despite having great love for his family, Revan gradually stopped showing it and his attempt to hide his "soft" emotions gave of the impression he was a heartless individual. Very rarely has Revan expressed himself openly. After the massacre Revan evolved to a pure killing machine, no regrets, no mercy. His desire for strength remained his only goal and he would do anything to get stronger. The only person capable of seemingly communicating to him was Sam, everybody else including allies we're wary. Lastly upon taking the throne of Olympus, Revan's anger and hatred has finally ceased. While still having difficulty in accepting his past, Revan seeks to redeem himself by ruling Olympus and providing a golden age unseen before. The Uchiha's popularity with soldiers is always evident as many soldiers take any order without question, ready to die for him. Part of this is due to Revan never asking his men to do anything he would not be willing to do himself, every order and mission was reasonable and capable for his soldiers. With his family among his highest priority, there is no treasure Revan possess more then them as he will do whatever it takes to defend him. While in Olympus Revan maintains a commanding, orderly personality and while the majority of the people see him as their King, they do know what lays in between his armor, a man whos ready to die for what he believes in.

Your History:

Revan’s history is one of pain… misery and glory. To understand Revan’s history one must know part of his clan’s history. Before the Chaos started, The Uchiha Clan reigned as the most powerful clan of warriors of all. As generations passed the grew more stronger as they produced more and more naturally talented warriors. Also part of their success was due to their family power, the Sharingan. The Sharingan was said to make an Uchiha almost impossible to fight one on one due to the advantages the Sharingan provided. As years went on, the some Uchiha used their eye powers in ways nobody could predict. They could predict battles and change the course of wars and be capable of using their eyes to keep them on par with their enemies. The Sharingan Eye itself began to develop as some users had access to a Sharingan above Sharingan known as the Mangekyou.

Indeed, the Uchiha reigned supreme over the clans but this attracted unwanted attention. It wasn’t long till the Gods themselves started getting jealous and rather fearful of the growing Uchiha Clan. Current head of the clan, Archon knew this and to establish better relations sent his eldest son, Jack nicknamed “Of the Blades” due to his great talents with the sword to Olympus to learn and train. When the births of Revan and his sisters came on, Zeus was said to tremble in fear. As particularly Revan grew up with the potential to be the greatest of his clan to exist…a certain monster being born within him as well. Revan while the younger son was more of a genius then his brother was. In typical Uchiha male tradition, one usually takes up a "new" name, one different from their birth to as proof as their rise to power and their sign of becoming a "man". Revan adopted his name at the mere age of 12, unparalleled in Uchiha history. Revan however proved himself in earning his name as he quickly accelerated through school, displaying the skill and knowledge beyond his age. As he grew up, it became apparent that Revan was starting to find himself involved with Samanta Marie Curie despite her being two years younger. Revan's arrogance and "bad boy" behavior resulted from his confidence and pride in his abilities and though she insisted in dealing with his behavior, the pair had no idea they heading towards a path they would not expect. The numerous times spent with each other and training together only provided hints to their future.

Back in Olympus Zeus watched him grow and decided it was time to test Archon himself to see how truly powerful he was. Words of Archon preparing the Uchiha for war with the Gods sent chills down his back.. Zeus needed information, he needed to know who was his enemy. Under the guise of Archon being a guest, Zeus prepared for a possible assassination attempt. When Arhcon arrived to Olympus, Zeus challenged him in a personal duel. What started as a test turned into Zeus revealing his fear and at times even tried to destroy Archon who not only held his own but showed flashes of being able to defeat Zeus right there. The battle ended with Archon simply complimenting Zeus and his desire to fight Zeus again some time. Zeus watched as the Sharingan read his movements and kept the Uchiha avoiding his famed, unmatched lighting bolts as Archon's incredible skills with the sword and his power hammered at Zeus, a strength that rivaled his own. This finally broke Zeus’s mentality. Seeking to eliminate the Uchiha completely after finally being driven point to complete fear to the Uchiha, Zeus used the darkest powers available to him and turned the lone Revan against himself as Zeus unleashed the dormant monster inside him. Jack who served as a spy and gift in a attempt to try and sooth relations with the Uchiha and the Olympian Gods realized of the plot and rushed home immediately... he had to get home and warn his parents before disaster struck.

In a cold dark night, the brain washed and unleashed dark Revan entered into his family’s village and started a massacre unlike no other. At first the clan was unsure of their foe only to watch in fear in the realization of who it was. Having no choice but to fight back, the clan began to display its great abilities but yet, the only 15 year old kid grew stronger with skills beyond imagine and his eyes radiating a evil unlike no other. Revan slaughtered every one of his clan until his parents remained. One would have thought the great Uchiha Clan being slaughtered would have attracted attention to neighboring villages but not today... it was almost if a dome of darkness cut the Uchiha clan town out from the world, leaving them on their own. Revan entered the main household court to confront his parents. Despite the incredible talents of Archon and his wife, their hesitation and lack of killer intent towards the monster that ruthlessly attempted to kill them began to take control. The speed, the strength, the techniques were far too much as Revan crippled his father and killed his mother. As Revan stood above his father hammering at his defenses prepared to deal the final killer blow until a shout halted the Uchiha. It was none other then Sam who evaded the massacre and her voice paused the monster for several moments. Had it not been for the developing feelings that were merely established a week ago, history could have been different. But something called out to the dark figure, a small candle in darkness lighting to halt the assault. This moment was all Archon needed as in the final moment, Jack appeared knocking aside Revan from his mother, incapacitating him for several moments. There, father and son debated on what to do. For all the scenrioes, killing Revan was not an option.. not with an weakened and unmotivated Archon. The plan however was made. As Archon while injured dueled his son once more in single combat, Jack prepared his sealing technique. Despite holding out as long as he can, even the great Uchiha clan leader was no match as Revan delivered the killer blow leaving Jack and Revan the only survivors of the massacre. The sealing technique however worked thanks to the preparation as the monster in Revan found itself being sealed back into the dormant parts of Revan's mind. With the massacre over, Jack allowed himself to cry... for these would be the last tears he ever intended on sharing. As Revan slowly awakened, shocked at the destruction he was caught in a Sharingan induced illusion, watching a dark figure slaughter his family members including his own family. As the illusion ended, Jack openly revealed himself to be the killer, citing his desire for power and envy for his father. Jack took on the persona of a brutal, heartless murderer who desired power, sparing only his little brother for the satisfaction of killing his brother some other time when he grew stronger. As Jack disappeared, he gave Revan his option to grow stronger, to gain revenge and that was something he intended to do. While Revan would live a life of glory and desire to gain power... Jack took the path of sacrifice, no family, no glory.. only the thought of guiding his brother from the shadows. Jack would know none of the pleasures in life.. he would bear all the hate people would have for him when he revealed "he" was the one responsible for the death of his own clan. Jack cried his last tears in the massacre, he would know no happiness until his own death by his brother hand because by that then.. Revan would finally be prepared to get his true revenge.

Soon Revan took this heart and would find himself engaging himself in constant battles as wars erupted across the galaxy. Revan grew stronger as the years gone by and along the way made several powerful allies such as reuniting with his sister and while at first they started out as enemies, Revan would develop a rival in the infamous Cloud. However during these long battles, Revan's dark side remained ever present, merely only sealed in the depths of Revan's conscience. When Revan's mentor know as Mr. X, trained Revan one day, be began to notice something odd within the young man's conscience. Asking Revan if he wanted to see what it was, the young Uchiha eagerly agreed to it. Within moments Revan was covered in a strange dark aura with a powerful dark and evil as even the mentor himself was surprised. Revan wasnt sure what it was but he realized he could not control it at times and its power was much greater then his own. Prior to this release, the seal had only been temporarily lost which was back during the time of the infamous grand battle between cloud and himself. Random outbreaks would occur and it was obvious was a trusted ally but also a powerful enemy at times due to the unexpected presence..

And just like that she was taking from him. Everything was going well until she was taking. Samantha was the only thing that calmed him, the only being who made him forget his pain even for a little. They were all gone, he could not afford to lose Sam to, without her... then his life had little purpose. She was his everything it was obvious what he wanted, he wanted to marry her, grow up with her and live with her till the end of their days. A cold truth smacked Revan as he sat there aware of all that he had lost, anger and rage would consume him. But where to look? The Uchiha had no idea who the captors were and he could spend the rest of his life searching but then he had an idea, something his relatives would have despised him for. Revan packed little and proceeded to travel towards the famed Mount Olympus, home of the Olympian Gods, legendary and incredibly powerful beings who's presence could change the tide of any of the world's wars by appearance alone. The wars of "mortals" concerned them very little as they focused on themselves and other dealings such as with the realms Heaven and Hell. Growing up Revan was kept of the private clan discussions when it came to Olympus something Revan considered an insult, he was the strongest growing Uchiha in history yet they kept him in the dark, a question lingered in his mind. Even Jack knew what was happening and Revan recalled after one meeting, Jack left the very next day to Olympus. To travel to Olympus however involved crossing a grand ocean and on to another continent that remained untouched by the war if anything crossing that Ocean was if crossing to another dimension, a gateway out of the mortal realm. Revan knew little but he had no choice, by serving the Gods of Olympus surely they would help him find the one he loved so dearly, he did so knowing his relatives distate for the Olympians.

As Revan travled he recalled the proud words of the Uchiha speaking among themselves how the Gods feared them or dreams of an Uchiha runned Olympus, something that caught the young Uchiha's attention. Rumor spoke of the cruel games the Gods played on the people under their control. They were cruel and manipulative and did only things that peaked their own interest. Fighting within Olympus was common. While in the realm of Olympus it became obvious that while Revan succesfully made the journey, this realm was different. There was considerably less technology but the buildings were of white marble, very durable and the people hard working and all of them strong. In fact every man was at least 6ft by the least, they we're strong, easily stronger then average humans and lived much longer as well. Even the women we're stronger then average human males. It was a good thing that Revan was no ordinary human but of a fabled, ancient and powerful bloodline that surpassed humans and it was here that Revan had to work his way towards Mount Olympus and the fabled Olympian City. Another week and Revan found himself on the largest mountain he had seen, Olympus was perhaps one of the greatest sights he had ever seen. The city walls we're massive and the buildings behind them tall and reached high into the sky. The streets we're clean and organized, soldiers everywhere keeping order and providing assistance but there was more. A gigantic mountain reached high into the sky, easily above the clouds as parts of the city we're built and incorporated into Olympus itself.

It would take several more hours to work his way through the city and start working his way up the mountain. He was surprised by the lack of disdain considering he was an outsider. Soon enough Revan managed to gain an audience with Zeus who agreed to help, becoming the last living Uchiha had some benefits. Zeus was a giant in size, 7 and 1/2 from top to bottom. He had a certain wisdom to him but a sense of power and cruelty that could be unleashed at any moment. Revan proceeded to earn the God's favor by preforming various tasks of defeating monsters of impossible size or dealing with random enemies from beyond Olympian borders, soon enough Revan gain the recognition of the hero of Olympus and a highly popular figure among the soldiers due to his leadership, skill and experience. While Revan received numerous cheers of praise and soon enough earned the title of God of War. Every mission Revan preformed in absolute brilliance in the hopes the Gods would have the knowledge and resources he needed to find Sam. The new God of War made enemies rather quick in the Olympian court, jealously arose in the court from other Gods who snarled at the idea of the new God of War but it was always Zeus who kept them in check. After yet another successful mission Revan returned to Olympus more powerful and more famous then ever and while Revan thrived in the glory, Revan returned to his quarters to suddenly find Sam unconscious on his bed, his chains destroyed and while she remained injured the figure who delivered her froze, he was caught and knowing there was no point in running revealed himself, it was Jack.

In a blind rage Revan attacked Jack who remained on the defensive on the entire time, trying to defend himself but it was pointless, the assault was too overwhelming as the one sided battle found itself going on the mountain itself attracting all of Olympus, the monster inside Revan was taking control, its power quickly overwhelming the older brother who fought himself being struck with a fatal blow. Jack attempted to move but his injury was too great as Revan slowly approached him, the commotion caught the attention of all the Gods but they did nothing to stop, in fact all they did was smile, Jack was on the point of death and Revan prepared to finish him of until Jack halted the Uchiha a scroll unrolled at Revan's feet as it came to life, images of Revan slaughtering the clan was shown. "Lies.."

"Not lies..the truth" Jack spoke who began to reveal the truth about the massacre, who was behind it, why the Uchiha were so tense with the Gods and why Jack did what he had to do. But as Jack tried to finish a massive lighting bolt from Zeus finished him off and destroyed the scroll leaving the already stunned Uchiha even more shocked. Zeus made his attempt, trying to make Revan "redeem himself" by to continue to serve the Gods but no, Revan no longer would be a puppet. Understanding why Jack did what he had to do, truth now hurting more then anything else, Revan charged into the gathered group of Gods and fought them off in a blind range. The attack was intense enough that even the Gods had to fall back in fear of being slaughtered right there and then. As the Gods attempted to retreat Revan declared that would no longer serve the Gods, that the Uchiha would claim Olympus and that Zeus would die along with any of the other Gods who continued to Zeus.

Upon being reunited with Sam at last the pair started a civil war in an attempt to take Olympus. Granted with knowledge of Zeus and their manipulative ways and due to Revan's popularity as a hero and war leader combined with Sam's ability to identify herself as a victim and proof of their ways did the pair easily win most of the population over Zeus. Zeus was exposed as a criminal, a traitor and his rule would be at an end with his death as Revan took the Olympian throne with Sam, the new rulers of Olympus.
Revan's however ultimate test in leading Olympus was against the one known as Pein. Not only while Pein seven different powerful individuals, Pein had gathered a great deal of powerful followers capable of fighting the legends. After several difficult battles and revan once again forced to go to his lmits as he gathered the strongest of the seven and managed to defeat him despite interference from multiple others. During the battle however, Olympus was heavily damaged from a devastating explosion and all the innocents including Revan's children was thought to be in the blast... Revan right there and then felt pain and defeated but rallied together and managed the great foe. After defeating Pein and the rest of his followers, there was finally peace back in Olympus. War was finally settling down and peace were starting to live joyful lives and Revan was finally able to relax.

During the times of peace, Revan's heart grew softer and with his wife and kids, he had felt completely at peace and while he had grown stronger, he still kept a master like mentality as he welcomed legends from all over to train in the greatness of Olympus. As he trained multiple legends... one paticular Legend would interest Revan. Outside the gates of Olympus was nothing but a small baby with the name Aizen. Many of the Olympians didnt trust this but Revan took the kid and brought him to Olympus where it was revealed of his great abilities. Aizen was an absolute genius. He was easily smarter then all the kids in his age and even smarter then those older. He took advanced classes was also reading and studying, perfecting his talents. As Aizen reached adult age, he was dubbed was of the greatest minds in the world. Tragedy would strike.. Aizen would fake his death and kidnap Revan's youngest son. As Revan watched the situation in confusion, Revan's secret storage room was broken into and Revan's other sons would disappear without a word. Having no choice, Revan gathered the New Gotei 13 and proceeded to set off to look for Draco while Skye, Angel and Daring would go off and look elsewhere. Revan and his group of followers that included his wife would find themselves in a secret fortress where they were ambushed by a grand enemy army. With confirmation of Draco being held in this forstress, Revan and the others fought through the army as Revan himself charged into the fortress alone and defeated three giants as he finally freed his son as he sent him back to Olympus but his mission here wasnt... he found himself doubting himself and his leadership as he sought out his foe. The voice of the Dread Lord and his father, echoing in his mind until Revan finally found himself facing his greatest enemy once again.

Revan would engage the newly reborn Dread Lord in a massive battle that defined their godly abilities. As Sam broke through the enemy lines and managed to watch the battle. Revan would gain the upperhand in the battle as he defeated the Dread Lord with a massive Gestuga Tenshou. Considering himself victory, Revan watched as the ground near him split and shattered revealing a massive demonic hole that led to earth itself. Revan would look in betrayal as he saw Aizen, arms around his wife having her trapped. "Your choice" Aizen simply beckoned as he threw the Goddess of Olympus into the void. Without even thinking Revan rushed himself into the void himself as the ground shut closed... leaving the pair stuck in Hell. As the Dread Lord re-emerged he nodded to his son who disappeared... ready to deal with the other famous legends who were outside of Olympus's walls. As the Dread Lord prepared to leave.. he found himself being stopped by none other then Revan's eldest son who calmly entered the area. The Dread Lord smirked at the thought and willingly engaged in battle against Anakin but this was too be a mistake. Anakin's abilities had increased greatly to the point even the Dread Lord had trouble as he had no choice but to fight serious. The battle was back and forth with both pushing each other to their limits. With the Dread Lord in disbelief and Anakin having tapped into the greatest powers he had as command, it was said he was just one blow away but as that blow was thrown... Anakin coughed in agony, his body finally giving up. As the young Uchiha lay on the ground unable to move, disappointed he could not finish the Dread Lord off right there but smirked, swearing that one day..."Someday... somebody like me... is gonna kill you" The Uchiha smirked as the Dread Lord delivered the finishing blow..

As Revan emerged from Hell with his wife after 6 months, the pair returned to Olympus and helped fight off an invasion on the great fortress. After the battle, they learned of what had happened. Daring, Skye and Angel had gone missing... Anakin was dead...and many legends were either turning to the Dread Lord or being killed. As well, the Angels of Heaven would arrive and demand a meeting at once. The meeting was far from friendly as Revan was scolded especially considering Skye, Angel and Daring were missing. They began to question his leadership and that he was acting more of an enemy then a friend. And during the meeting itself, one Angel would thurst himself at the God of Olympus who raised his blade in defense and proceeded to disarm his foe only to accidently to slice through the boy's throat. Revan watched in disbelief as it turned out he had just slain the son of Daring and Skye who did not know of his parents disappearance until now and in a blind rage, attacked Revan. The Angels demanded Revan to leave at once who was further shaken from his unintentional act. As time slowly passed, balance of power was changing. Rumor spoke of Heaven preparing to align itself with Hell against Olympus and should that occur, Olympus truly was now bound to be doomed..

Revan had no other choice. When news reached Olympus, representatives of Hell had contacted Heaven and these representatives were on their way back to their leaders...Revan had to intercept the group, destroy them and then ambush the enemy leaders and hope to end the war. Revan gathered what members of the Gotei 13 and quickly left Olympus. And at last.. just in time, Revan and his group encountered the group and after a brief battle that involved all the members. Revan stayed back to deal with the small group while the rest proceeded to ambush the enemy at the meeting. Despite being out numbered, Revan held his own with ease displaying the reasons for why he held the position. Realizing that something was wrong at the meeting, Revan stopped playing around and fought seriously and destroyed the group quickly as he headed towards the meeting with haste. Upon arriving, Revan sensed nothing only to be ambushed by Hercules. Revan however displayed his great strength as he caught the massive fist of Hercules and tossed him back. As the God Of Olympus closed in, Revan looked all around to find his allies defeated and incapacitated. Aizen appeared, relaxed, challenging the King. After a quick duel and Aizen acknowledging he could not fight Revan directly showed his great intelligence, tricking the King by taking advantage of Revan's care for his comrades and fought himself caught and captured. As the Dread Lord himself and promising to kill each of the members around slowly, Revan watched unable to move and at the last moment a mighty blow drove the Dread Lord back. The figure smirked, apologizing that he came later but said it was worth considering he stated he had just finished off the forces of the Dread Lord that were being used to abduct legends.

It was none other then Jacen, Revan's second eldest son who made the appearance. As Revan watched, urging his son to get away watched as Jacen surprised everybody in the area as he disarmed the Dread Lord with incredible speed and skill as he lunged at Aizen. Aizen eagerly engaged Jacen only to also watch in surprise as Jacen's strength had also grown immensely as well and after driving back Aizen with pure sword to sword combat, Jacen revealed the truth. He explained to everyone how he and Anakin had stolen their father's personal book for his sons and decided to purposely learn from it to increase their strength and ability. But as the two trained, they realized they could not complete their training as they learned of what was going on. Anakin volunteered to leave first, seeking to help reclaim Draco while Jacen trained as much as he could and then deal with the enemy fortress that house imprisoned legends. Jacen then continued his attack and soon enough, Aizen had no choice but to break the prison around Revan so he can fully focus on Jacen. Revan now free, prepared to finally duel with Aizen and the Dread Lord with his son but the leaders of hell and their followers in the area decided to fall back as reinforcements from Olympus were arriving and what they wanted to accomplish had been achieved.

And to this day... the war continues...

Your Family:
Mother: Deocia Charity Hollowell ( Deceased)
Father: Archon ( Deceased )
Sister: Phoebe Angelia Hollowell (Deceased)
Sister: Preu Katelynn Hollowell (Deceased)
Sister: Piper Sarah Hollowell (Deceased)
Brother: Jack of Blades (Deceased)
Sister: Kairi
Wife: Samantha Marie Uchiha
Eldest Son: Anakin Skywalker Uchiha Jr: Eldest Son (Deceased)
Second Eldest: Jacen Skywalker Uchiha
Younget Son: Draco “The Little Dragon” Uchiha
Daughter: Sophia Marie Uchiha
Youngest daughter: Serenity Angel "Kairi" Uchiha

Revan is the most powerful warrior in Olympus. His already naturally enhanced speed, strength, agility and stamina have naturally increased through countless battles and wars. His specialty lies in his sword skills which are said to be just about unmatched and Revan's natural ability to cause mass destruction is on par with the Uchiha's sword skills. What's also interesting to note is that Revan and his kids are immortal Having drinked upon the fountain of youth in one of his earlier adventures, Revan maintains his youthful, prime appearance and is unable to die from old age. Revan's status as a God has earned him legendary like fame and fear through the various realms and legend has it that Revan in brief appearances on earth as changed the landscape of earth in epic battles through time. Revan himself has made it a priority on to never stop on earth again as battles of his caliber on earth will easily result in the deaths of countless innocents and the devastation of entire landscapes. The following below provide brief descriptions of what is the Uchiha's arsenal .

1. Illlusion Casting: Illusions can be casted through the Sharingan the moment eye contact is made. The illusions are practically reality if caught and very rarely does anybody realize they are caught in it. Despite being only "regular" Sharingan, some illusions are powerful enough that body may go into shock and even suffer a heart attack from the seemingly "real" images they may see.
2. See "energy" in color
3. Ability to see one's next movements from the slightest muscle tension. Basically allowing to see into the future. The Sharingan basically gives Revan the gift of precognition and his Sharingan has evolved to such a state that there is almost no speed to fast enough for him, only the true fastest individuals have a chance of avoiding Revans "future seeing" ability.

Mangekyou Sharingan
1. Amaterasu- Black Flames that consume anything regardless of its size. While it does not give off "heat" these "flames" produce a mere burning effect as they attempt to consume anything they touch.
2. Tsukyuyomi- One of the ultimate illusionary techniques. Through eye contact, Revan can force his victim to go through any illusion he wants. What may seem like 3 days in these illusion is a mere second in reality. All it takes is a moment of eye contact and if caught, the mental trauma can be severe to the point of fatality.
3. Susanoo - The ultimate defense and offense at the same time. It works in three stages 1. Skeletal. 2. Armor. 3. Heavy Armor. The appearence and power of the figure upon further level progression. The higher the level, the more powerful the offensive weapons and stronger shield it has. Revan remains in the center at all times usually during this technique and while it's near impossible to go in, Revan is capable of unleashing anything out of the Susanoo.
4. Meteorite Summon: Under Susanoo's protective shield, Revan can summon a gigantic meteor from the sky and send it on to the battlefield, crushing everything in the battlefield. Revan has been capable of summoning at least two. The technique is highly dangerous and destroys anything from friend and foe alike. Only under super powerful barriers such as Revan's susanno keep him protected from the devastating impact.

Gestuga Tenshou: Revan’s signature blast launched from his sword. Revan fires these massive devastating blasts of dark energy from his sword. If needed Revan can increase their size and power. While its rather a commonly used move, its power is legendary and now a days, usually one regular Gestuga Tenshou from Revan is enough to destroy most of his enemies. One thing in particular this technique grows much more powerful when Dark Revan is unleashed. The "true" Gestuga Tenshou at that point is unleashed, much more larger and devastating at its base. Just like the "regular" technique, the technique can be amplified to point of reigning unmatched destruction. No foe is safe from this raw blast of pure power, evil and good alike.

Uchiha Flames: Uchiha's usage of fire is almost as natural to them as the Sharingan. Revan is capable of surrounding himself, throwing or manipulating them with either his hands or his sword. When applying extra energy into the flames, they become much more powerful then ordinary flames. Revan has control over the intensity of the flames and who they affect. The sheer power and heat is enough to incinerate anything caught them to be reduced to ash.

Dragon Strike: Revan is capable of unleashing energy that turns into a massive blue dragon of blue flames and lighting. It is capable of traveling underground and is usually meant to chase enemy targets as the dragon can sense an enemy's dragon and can sneak its target out on its own. While powerful in its own right, this technique is used on weaker targets or used to weaken a target.

Dragon Twister: After swinging his sword above his head to gather energy, Revan can unleash a devastating explosion all around him in a nuclear bomb like fashion. This wide range attack brings great destruction for miles. Often used when surrounded. Its natural raw power is even more powerful then even the regular Gestuga Tenshou.

Black Lash Wave: With this technique Revan can trap his opponent's incoming energy attack around his own sword and then swing it around right back at his opponent as well as firing a Gestuga Tenshou. The two techniques combine resulting in an even more powerful blast of destruction. Often used as a counter attack.

Meidou Zangetsuha: Ability to slice through the current dimension and create a portal to hell. Can be used to suck incoming attacks into hell while also used to seal and trap an individual. Can be used offensively and defensively

The Force: Naturally proficient with all powers of the force. Usage depends on the situation from the ability to crush an indvidual's throat, to throwing massive boulders from the battlefield. Revan can use its technique to hold incoming attacks in place and send them flying backwards.

Obliteration Technique: Unknown Uchiha technique thats is capable of defeating any singe foe with this attack. The moves however high risk and are rarely used.

Dragon of the Darkness Flame Technique: An ancient technique that is only used in single combat and its usually powerful enough to destroy almost any foes should the attack connect.

The God Sword of Olympus: Wielded by the King himself, Revan possesses the greatest sword under Olympus and easily one of the top most powerful in existance. This sword earns its name for a reason. This sword is the only weapon capable of handling the energy attacks Revan is capable of using. Perfect balance and capable of slicing its way through any material with relative ease. Only the most reinforced defenses stand a chance. This sword has been dubbed by Revan's enemies as "Destruction Incarnate". One "casual" swing is powerful to devastate entire mountain ranges entirely. Combined with Revan's swordmanship and its seemingly unmatched power, The God Sword of Olympus is truly a sword above swords.

Blade Summons: Through seals in Revan's wrist, Revan can summon a massive arsenal of shruriken or kunai on to his hands that can be used as last resort weapons or throwing projectiles.

Armor of the King: Revan also possesses the Armor of the King, the finest armor ever created in Olympus. While Revan has Olympus's greatest sword, he also has its greatest defense. The armor is capable of blocking all but the most powerful weapons and techniques. Very rarely as the armor been damaged or even scratched. No armor like this has been duplicated. The armor along with the God Sword are legendary items throughout the realm, their value is among the rarest treasures of the Olympian kingdom.

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EYE MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dark Revan

Taken from Jack's journal.

"The Monster above Monsters. Who he is has never been known for sure, some say he is as old as the ancients themselves. He does not identify as a demon yet he radiates a blood lust and evil that is practically unmatched. At first glance one would think he is simply "Revan" until one notices the difference in blood lust that is expelled from him and the everlasting death glare that seemingly stares into your soul. He is beyond comprehension and simply one to avoid. Some say "Revan" was the true, original starter of the Uchiha Clan and merely returned having sealed himself in the hopes of dealing with new challenges, new enemies when he was "reborn" having perhaps killed all and any worthy foes in his ancient time. Others could say he was born to destroy his own clan due to the Uchiha growing way to powerful, destinys way of perhaps keeping the deadly clan in check. What he is matters little as its what he's capable of doing is one that should be concerned. Practically unmatched in raw power, "Dark Revan" is sometimes the only reason why Revan lives today. His strength, speed, techniques- everything evolves to the point beyond regular Revan''s Godly Power. The earth shakes, the clouds darken, volcanoes erupt with his appearance... his ability to bring chaos to the land just by making by appearing is truly terrifying. Dark Revan has never shown much purpose other then to kill worthy opponents and is merely waiting, holding his true power.. patiently awaiting for the time he can release his true power and show the world who he is. I've tasted some of its power first hand, its without a doubt that at least from the Uchiha standpoint, its no question why Dark Revan was unchallenged as he slaughtered the clan. Even if my father was mentally prepared to do what he had to do, he would not be enough and if my own father was not enough then who... I cant think of anybody who can match the Monster blow for blow and survive. Survival and avoiding combat is what I consider a victor against him. I may never understand who he is but unless Revan finds a way to become "one" with his other self then I can't help but hope that when he's unleashed, he can delayed.. the two are practically inseparable and it seems only my dearest sister and myself can keep him in check. But my time is running out and I hope my sister's sealing techniques are strong enough but even I know that no matter what she does, Dark Revan will continue to try fully take over.. its only a matter of time till he does arrive for certain, and he sets the world on fire..."
- Jack of Blades (deceased)

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