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Post  Damon on 2/4/2012, 3:07 am

(Part of the fight had begun on VFK)

Elrich : - my blade slides through his wall of blood, the green energy coating the blade instantly corrupting it away to energy that I myself can use while I sense him flashstep away, a faint smile growing on my face –
Uncle Cookie : Well then...like I said before, I should probably return the favor. * As I finish my words I place my hands together, the blades extending from my forearms suddenly being drawn into my arm, my robe burning away leaving a my chest exposed, a black hole clearly visible as a tainted diamond within the hole pulses. The moment it pulses a 6 appears on my forehead, hundreds of red eyes appearing on my arms, each eye having a peripheral view of certain areas as I then look towards Elrich, my mask now expanding all over my face *
Elrich : - I smile as he goes through his metamorphosis, twiring my blade once again in my left hand. I push the tip of my blade into the ground and lean against it casually, pointing my right index finger at him. For a moment, energy gathers at the tip of my finger, then it is released, shooting a beam of concentrated darkness out towards him - You know, the only thing I can think of at the moment is which eye I'm supposed to make eye contact with when we talk now...
Uncle Cookie : * I carefully watch his hand, some of the other eyes keeping their watch on him as once he fires his concentrated blast of darkness, I raise my right hand towards it, the palm of my hand releasing a wall of darkness towards it *
Elrich : - the very instant that he raises his right hand, I shadowstep so that I appear behidn him, moving with a godlike speed that I haven't demonstrated yet in the battle, and place my right hand on the back of his neck for only a moment, as a black circle burns onto the back of his neck. I then close my hand into a fist, and bring it back, and then forward again in a punch square to his back again -
Uncle Cookie : * I watch him disappear, sensing his energy behind me and grinning at the same moment he places his hand onto the back of neck, the contact which was crucial for the exchange on unstable energy to transfer over onto his hand within his knowledge as I then let out a laugh, ignoring the burning sensation at the moment and snapping my fingers, the unstable energy glowing with a red-orangish aura on his hand *
Elrich : - I look down to my hand, making a slight face of disgust, as my left hand guides ShadowHavoc to simply cut the hand off just above the wrist, watching for a moment as it falls to the ground and bounces once. My voice then enters his mind, but I only say the number "Three," and then chuckle. I begin to then rapidly begin a series of flashsteps once again, this time much faster, however, as I leave hundreds of afterimages across the battlefield, beams of darkness occasionally shooting from one of these afterimages -
Uncle Cookie : * The eyes on my arms each blink trying to keep up with his movements, the black hole on my chest releasing my own dimension from it, attempting to absorb the beams of darkness he shot *
Elrich : - watches as the beams of darkness fly into the black hole into his chest, as I then scowl, and stop, where the afterimages once stood, there are actual solid clones now. Each of them direct an index finger towards him, aiming at an eye on either of his arms, and each clone lets loose another beam of ultimate darkness. The real me appears in front of him, meanwhile, as his eyes are distracted by the beams flying towards him, and shoots a small ball of the green energy from the tip of ShadowHavoc towards him from pointblank range -
Uncle Cookie : * As my eyes are focused on the beams coming towards me, I swing my right hand across the air, reflection energy being shot from my palm as the energy would meet the beams of darkness, almost deflecting them away from me as the numbers of the beams of darkness overwhelms me, each one making impacts onto my body leaving me open for his Shadowhavoc attack *
Elrich : - I sense that some of my beams were deflected, but the onces that do connect burn deep into his eyes, blinding those that were hit for the remainder of the battle. My ball of green energy flies towards him and hits him, causing a massive explosion that knocks him back several hundred feet. The burning sensation on the back of his neck grows even stronger, and disrupts the flow of energy in his body for a few moments, as my voice reaches out to him into his mind once again, but once again I only say a number, this time "Two." -
Uncle Cookie : * I grit my teeth, attempting to ignore the burning pain on my arms and the back of my neck as I then struggle to make a couple of steps towards him, my Holy Mirrors and Reverse blades sliding out both of my palms. I can then be seen running towards him until a sudden pulse from the diamond in the black hull dissipates into the air, the Holy Mirrors and Reverse blades floating away from my hand, rejecting me as its owner due to the energy disruption as then both blades are seen dissipating into the air, vanishing from my possession for good * This unexpected...Where did you get this power from, Elrich?
Elrich : - I smile and laugh, then turn towards him, a malicious grin still on my face as I speak - Oh, one can find great power in hatred, and lust for power... - with a chuckle, I appear before him once again, bringing my shield up to his face, smashing him with a great deal of force, knocking him back once again, watching as he hits the ground hard. I then laugh as my voice reaches him through his mind once again, this time just above a whisper, "One." The black symbol on the back of his neck begins to glow white hot, and he suddenly finds his muscles incredibly heavy, and any attempt to gather energy for an attack would require a great deal more work than it usually would - It just comes to show that hatred can help accomplish any goal.
Uncle Cookie : * The impact from his shield sends me crashing onto the ground leaving a long trail of earth almost as if something was dragged across it as I then place my hand onto the back of my neck, wincing in pain * Go ahead and do it. Just remember...I will have revenge...
Elrich : - I slowly walk over towards him, standing before him as suddenly the seal turns dark red. I speak both aloud and in his mind - Seal of the Unholy Keeper. - Chains of ultimate darkness shoot out from both the seal and the black hole in his chest, wrapping tightly around him again and again, using his own energy against him to bind him down. He finds that he no longer has any control over his body or his powers. I then point the tip of my blade, ShadowHavoc, towards him, keeping it only inches from his face - I highly doubt that... Goodbye, old friend. ShadowHavoc, feed! - the blade begisn to scream wildly in my hand as the green energy from before concentrates at the tip of the blade, forming into a physical manifestation resembling a serpent with blood-red eyes. It flies forward from my blade to his body, corrupting him away, first from his skin, down to his muscles and blood, and finally his bones, and the resulting blast then flies into the vortex into my shield, leaving nothing of Damon behind -
Revan : How... interestinh
Elrich : - smiles and looks at the ground where Damon once was - Yoru power will be a great addition to my own...
Guardian Angel : Well that was certainly.. itneresting o.o
(Out Of Character)
Uncle Cookie : Good fight, Elrich. I wasn't expecting this at all. Your betrayal that is.
Elrich : Of course, you've always been a main target, and I had to take any opportunity I could to get ya.

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