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Post  Maretothebear on 2/6/2012, 9:17 pm

Full Name: Saphyre Rose (Saphyre)

Age: 23 (appearance) 320 (actual)

Form: An Angel

Appearance: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Personality: Saphyre is calm yet clever. She possesses elemental abilites as well as having a talent for magic. She believes the earth to be sacred.

"The Watchers" were a group of angels dating back thousands of years. The watchers were angels that were sent to earth to live through lifetimes to learn all they could about the population of it. All watchers live secretly and planned throughout society to do jobs that can better assist them with the task of learning about it. Saphyre has assisted with many wars of the angels and demons. Whenever such forces come to earth she assists all that she can. Having been young, she can be very optimistic about the people around her. Instead of being like those who surpass her by hundreds of years, bitter and old, she is playful and adores the very exciting things the heavens just don't have.
Saphyre was a young elementalist in her home, she loved the world, loved her view of it from the heavens, but she couldn’t help that faithful day when she was asked to watch over others. She would mingle semi-human with them, creatures of all kinds. She didn’t ask for this task, only was given it as a gift. Man had done its share of stupidities in that time. She was sent here to discover if people really had lost the control of their world. Her purpose was to find out such things, in her studying and living among them and report back every so often to higher authorities. She heals quickly on her own. She adores the times when her wings are allowed to unfurl and she may soar into the sky.
When she's with the average people, Saphyre appears human even tho no matter what she does, a faint purple aura surrounds her and her skin glitters slightly gold with not a blemish in sight. Her wings disappear easily unless she goes swimming, then the outline appears to glow.

Parents: (For her cover) TBD
Siblings: Other angels of the heavens. and those for her cover.

Specialty: Elemental Abilities

Powers: Air, Earth, Fire, Ice manipulation, some magic.

Weapons: Only her mentality, swords, and daggers.

Love Interest: Benjamin

Her song:

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