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Post  Apollo on 2/18/2012, 10:42 pm

At the night of month, the moon was position just right for his plan to happen. Nex smiled and spoke to Ray onside of him," Showtime." He walked through a small city, full with every lasting life and people of all the sorts. He snickered and yelled out to the land. "Here my voice you peasants your days on this pitiful world has come to abrupt end." He saw the expression of some the people near by and the word traveled fast of his proclaim that it reached the high authority of the city. The king sent his troops to retrieve him. He went willingly to the castle as the eyes stared and pierced at him as he walk. He shot them a few smirks and evil immoral laughs. He arrived infront of the king who was questioning him as he stood them laughing. The king was getting pissed and looked at him. Suddenly He spoke to the king," Welcome to where your soul will now reside inside of." He clapped his hands together and pressed them on the ground as a giant star seal appeared on the ground, growing wider and shooting out red static electricity out . The men in the room suddenly couldn't breathe and fell to their knees, gagging for air. He watched and listened to the sound of entire city gasping for air and scream in agony. "Well Kid its time I got myself a body." He smiled as a giant eye opened on the ground and a little black vector like hands coiled out and attacked his skin, degenerating his skin. He turned into two being one going to the moon as the other cracked open the ground under the sea, seeing the lava. Both said the same thing," Its time for you to be devoured and put too good use. I don't care what you want, you'll be mine." He reached the point he wanted and began to fest on the Moon and the lava of the sea. A sudden white flash of light glared and shows a new figure is born. Ray the boy he possessed was now free but he can forever changed. He became the one called Greed the Avaricious. While another figure formed and simply smiled, speaking," How does it feel to have those souls inside of you? Can you hear them?" Ray screamed in horror as the figure showed himself in his true form.
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