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Post  Damon on 2/25/2012, 9:55 pm

(NOTE:Some of the fight wasn't displayed in the archives)

Part 1

Hioki : * I grin, watching him with my eyes as I raise my free hand, his blade just stopping short by a few inches as my Hell's Will appear, the sword being the reason why the sword attack was stopped short as I come in with my halberd, swinging it down to meet him *
Angel : * I fold my arms, watching carefully *
Nex : ~ rubs the back of my neck~
Kilian : -My blade out to the side, catches his halberd as it decends on me, glaring up at Hioki, I twist the blade that atatcked first, pulling it back and as my black blade holds his weapon, my crimson one moves to stab him-
Hioki : You have no strategy...That is what you lack.. * I turn my gaze to my Hell's Will as the flames from it bursts between us, creating a massive wall of abyssal flames, these flames being no ordinary flame found on Earth but within the deepest part of Hell, the wall giving me time to jump back, bringing myself a little closer within the Uchiha's range *
Kilian : I like to improvise! haha -Etherlam jumped back as the wall of flames appeared, running down the length of it to go around it, shouting at- Trying to get away are ya?
Revan : ( finally done lol ) * I dropped down to a knee as I feel the energy inside me starting to go out of control for a moment * Typical demons.. * I then glare towards the demon as I leap back * Gotta get myself under control..
Kaliea : *looks over at rev as I smirk* Shouldn't be too much longer now..
Angel : * I fly over to Revan putting my hand on his shoulder * We really need to work on the control..
Saphyre : *she smiles* Ok I've seen enough fire for 1 day...*raises my palms forward as I walk toward Ether, pulling the air away from every flame putting out most of them in mere seconds*
Revan : The control is fine but it's that demon of his.. its causing a big rise out of him..
Hioki : * I land onto the ground, turning my head to look at the Uchiha for the moment as I then point my halberd towards him, the abyssal darkness on it exploding towards both the angel and the Uchiha, my focus then turning towards the elf, a grinning forming across my face *
Kilian : -Etherlam watched the demon turn toward him, as he ran at Hioki, he reached into his jacket, pulling out a small throwing axe, hurling it at the demon's face as Ether rolled off to the side, throwing the sword that glowed with picth black flames at the demon as well-
Revan : Damn it watch out! * I force myself to leap to the side my Sharingan eyes instantly activating as I reach behind myself, a pair of two giant demon wind shurikens appearing in my hands *
Saphyre : *stands off to the side of Ether, raising my palms to the sky and pulling for lightning to strike the ground*
Angel : Well.. I can't exactly say I don't see why.. * seeing the attack coming, I than leap backward, disappearing in a flash of light before appearing back in the air *
Hioki : Fucking idiot.....Don't come at me with petty attacks!! * I shout, the abyssal darkness that was on the ground from the beginning suddenly bursts forth, forming into multiple large spikes all around me, the sword and axe hitting the forming spikes and being engulfed the abyssal darkness, the light within the lightning being eaten away by the darkness *
Revan : * I glance over at Angel before glaring back at the demon * Demons tend to give Him a certain interest but his power.. its beyond anything we've seen in a long, time.. * I girp the duel demon wind shuriken tighter as I start sprinting off to the side, trying to keep moving and take advantage of the distracted demon *
Kilian : -Etherlam reached out, pulling his blade back at the last second, the sword appearing back in his hand, thinking about hwat had just happened- That was close..
Angel : I can see that.. * I land onto the ground, watching carefully before expanding my wings behind me as my arms extend. WIth my body glowing I flick my hand as energy like sunlight radiates from my body in waves *
Hioki : * Suddenly, within the field of darkness spikes, I explode in darkness, multiple clones of me sending blasts of darkness towards everyone within range *
Kilian : -Jumps over the darkness, watching carefully as I slice both of my blades through the air at the clone, crimson energy flying toward the clone as I shadow stepp to a different angle-
Angel : * I open my eyes as the light echoing around me bursts sending the clones heading toward me flying *
Revan : * my eyes start glaring around, tracking all nearby clones, my evolved eyes slowing everything around me tremendously as I throw the two giant shuriken to start slashing them through nearby clones, using strings of my energy to keep my hold on the shurikens as my eyes remainc onstantly moving to track *
Angel : Revan, I know you're not gonna be able to hold Him back for much longer.. At least this time he's on our side.
Saphyre : *stares down the clone in front of me, taking out my staff* Ello assole.
Hioki : * Series of laughter is heard within the spikes of darkness, the spikes now receding into the ground and forming into a large portal as then far off near the mountain just the shadows of the mountains moves, my body speeding through the air towards the angel, the dirt and dust trailing behind me as the ground splits apart from my speed, the abyssal darkness expanding out within the rifts in the earth as once I in range, I launch myself at her from a receding spike, adding momentum to my body, my halberd leading towards her body *
Kilian : Where you running to...-Jumping into the air, Etherlam reaches out, blook hooks coming from his fingers to hook onto Hioki;s horns, stopping myself in the air and straining on my muscles as Ipull back against him, my free hand swinging the crimson blade toward the demon, waves of energy rushing toward him-
Angel : * I narrow my eyes, leaping back from the halbread before drawing my claymore * Come out to play demon.. * I smirk, dashing for him, my body still echoing light as I slash up towards him *
Sammy:) : *sits as i rock serenity to sleep, watching the battle unfold before me* Look Amity your mother is about to kick some butt
Amity<3 : *looks up at Aunt Sammy and nods*
Hioki : * As I'm flying towards I find myself halted by something holding onto my horns as I then turn around, staring at the approaching energy as I open my mouth, releasing a blast of death energy from my mouth towards it leaving my back open for the angel to connect with a attack, the wound on my back releasing an outpour of darkness from my back to keep her busy *
Kilian : -Retracts my blood quickly, grinning at Hioki, holding my blades up for defense- Don;t need to hit you as long as I can distract you
Angel : Well this is certaintly interesting.. * I than hold out my hand as it glows birightly. Beams of like moving from my finger tips connecting to the demons back while he's distracted before I leap backwards. I than smirk * My lightest touch could kill you..
Gabriel : *yawns, watching the battle from above the clouds*
Hioki : Distract me....If that is what you plan then so be it... * Just then I hear the angel talking, a grin forming on my face again as I discard my halberd, the halberd falling down into the portal of darkness as I then show the elf my palm, series of black marks forming on it as then, within the portal, a coffin is shot upwards into the air, a figure bursting from it to land before the elf, the figure then looking up towards him, the face resembling an old familiar friend of the elf's. Once I am done, I turn towards the Uchiha, pointing towards him, commanding the halberd to shoot from the portal of darkness towards him, the darkness forming from the halberd and shaping itself into a wolf made out of the darkness *
Revan : Damnn.. * I then stand back up as I draw The God Sword of Olympus from my back, struggling to stand due to the internal struggle going inside me * Dragon Strike.. * I then swing widely across the middle before nearly falling again as a gigantic snake like dragon of blue lightning and flames extends out of the flame, lighting the area with its blue area snarling as it darts forward towards the wolf, easily much larger and longer in size *
Kilian : -Ether's eyes widened as he landed on the ground in surpise, lowering my blades at the face, remembering that face from when I was a boy, two centuries ago- Father? -Ether breathed out in a whisper, not knowing what to do, if that even really was the man who taught him to use swords-
Hioki : * As the elf is busy I turn towards the angel, two spheres of black energy forming on my horns, growing to colossal size as I then fire them, my focus more so targeted at the angel. Meanwhile, with the wolf running the dragon, the wolf leaps high up into the air, the darkness from it expanding out to form a dome around the dragon and the Uchiha. *
Angel : * I than narrow my eyes, slamming my hand down to the groud as a massive wall of light appears in front of me, absorbing the darkness, as the wall lowers I leap over it, my blade glowing brightly as I strike it into the ground as the ground beneath the demon cracks and bursts with Light energy *
Revan : What is this.. * the dragon snarls in response as it rises upward attempting to start smashing into the dome as the dragon grows each larger and more powerful once more due to medicore control of my abilities at the moment, the dragon attempting to get rid of the dome *
Hioki : * Down to conversation between the elf and his dead father, the father opens his eyes, his eyes being just the same as the demon's eyes, the father now speaking "Son, you don't have to do this. Just release the demon within you ", just a look of worry and concern forming on his face, his emotion attempting to sway the elf *
Kilian : -Etherlam lost all thoughts of the battle, walking slowly to the figure that was his father, looking exactly like how he did on that terrible day he was sacerficed- Is...it really you, father?
Kilian : You...how do you know about..that?
Sammy:) : *watches the battle still, as I take out more cookies and eat them *
Nex : ~ Appears behind Sammy in slenderman outfits~ cookies...
Banana : *Stands up, gently jumping from the tree and flash stepping, appearing next to Sammy. I sit down and sip tea, stealing one of her cookies* Moo
Sammy:) : *smiles up at ray as i hand him up a few cookies*
Hioki : * I look at the crack forming towards me as I then raise my free hand towards it, a massive amount of air and darkness mixed together exploding forward in a wide blast, the air widening the crack as the darkness attempts to cover the crack, simply dissipating into the air upon the meeting of the light while in the dome the darkness halts the light particles from reaching in, creating a different darkness within the dome *
Hioki : * The elf's father rests a hand on his sword * Son...don't ask questions, do as you are told. If you love me, please do it. * A slight tone of concern within his voice *
Angel : * I narrow my eyes, slamming my hand down to the ground as a signet forms under me, as my wings expand, feathers made of pure light jolting off from my wings like blades, targeted directly at the demon *
Kilian : But...I can't, if you know abou it you should know that...I cant do that, I miss you father but...my friends would be put in danger
Hioki : * The father now took the handle of his sword, his voice now getting more serious * Son...do it. If you given a chance to end things despite the consequences then do it, son.
Kilian : Consequnces? -Etherlam started to back up, staring at his father- If you were my father, you'd udnerstand that I can't simply release him, hes a monster..
Saphyre : *looks from Ether to his supposed father*
Banana : *Turns into a silky soft, white kitten with a black line leading from it's head to the tip of it's head, thinner black streaks leading down to it's belly. I crawl to Emmy and mew, licking her leg*
Hioki : You angels and your lights...* I then begin sinking into the ground, my free hand creating a cut in the air as the dimension that I formed long before expands before me, the light being drawn into it to stay there with all the other absorbed energy as I turn my focus to the dome now, narrowing my eyes as within the dome a concentrated blasts of abyssal darkness shoots out from all direction within the dome, the darkness within the dome concealing the attacks *
Banana : *Purrs, running my sandpapery tongue up and down her cheek*
Hioki : * The father closed his eyes, accepting his son's words * Then I will have to do what I never thought before... *The father then draws his swords, lunging at his son with one sword swinging upward, aiming to slash his chest as the other side would come in, aiming to stab his abdomen *
Revan : * I glance all around, my sharingan eyes eyeing the incoming darkness as the giant blue dragon moves itself to wrap around me, acting as a massive defensive twister. The blue flames and lighting shine even brighter to help combat the darkness as I remain in the center untouched, clutching my sword trying to see my way out of this *
Angel : * I narrow my eyes, grinning as I stand fully, my body echoing sunlight as my eyes beam brightly, the energy burst from me like plasma * Aborb it all you want. Won't do you much * I smirk, expanding my hands out as the energy acts in waves, pushing the air around me *
Sammy:) : *cheers silently for Rev and Angel as Serenity opens her eyes looking at the battle with some interest*
Saphyre : *stands in a circle of light energy, watching the exchange*
Kilian : -Etherlam barely had time to react, feeling a slash form along his chest but his black sword caught the other blade going for his abdmonen, deflecting it to the side, blood gushing free from my wound- Damn it...I dont want to fight you father..
Banana : *Mews gently, my young and curious soul wanting to lick this human all over her face to show my affection*
Emmy : -hands the kitty a ball of yarn instead- o-o
Hioki : * I grin at the angel, dropping my Hell's Will as suddenly the top of my head begin to pull apart, the skin stretching as if something else was trying to burst through until a clone within me leaps forward, landing before the angel and closing his eyes to keep the light from overwhelming his eyes as the darkness coming from the massive wound from my head covers it, the skin forming back together as I then turn towards the dome, closing my hand into a fist, the darkness within it, though now being weakned by the light, exploding, the explosions being contained within the massive dome of darkness *
Banana : *Looks at the ball of yarn, taking one end and running out by Ether, Hioki, Angel, and the others, mewing. I dart straight across towards Sam, letting go of the yarn and jumping into her lap, licking Serenity gently and mewing*
Hioki : * The father, moving skillfully, changes up the direction of his sword, swinging it upwards but meeting his sword at the same time as he leans in, attempting to head butt his son's head * I trained you well, son. Now show me how well your skills have gotten.
Sammy:) : (o_O i'm miles away pigs btw lol ) *looks down at the cat as Serenity also looks down and reaches out to touch it*
Banana : (I am a vampire kitty >:'D) *Mews again, putting my head under the soft touch of the other youngon*
Revan : * suddenly the ground outside the dome splits slightly apart as I appear ripping out the hole breathing heavily * Damn that was close.. * I glance behind me noticing the dome as before glaring up at hioki as I swing my sword as a gigantic wave of black energy outlined with red shoots out towards Hioki, the ground under me exploding from the release from the powerful attack *
Angel : * I harrow my eyes, the light continuing to echo from my body as I raise my claymore, colliding it with the explosions as the light contained within my blade sheilding me. I than stab my blade into the ground as a massive pillar of light bursts from my body, breaking through the dome as I rise out of it, leaping onto the ground, gripping my claymore *
Kilian : -Holding his father's blades at bay, Etherlam tried to focus t o pull his blood back into his body but he was so distracted he didnt feel the impact as his father headbutt him, falling backward and losing the control, slashing at his father's legs to counter- Get back!
Sammy:) : *Serenity smiles feeling the cat's head against her hand as she pulls her hand back and claps*
Banana : *Purrs, licking Serenity's hand gently, my sandpaper tongue feeling light and soft again the sweet child's skin*
Sammy:) : *Serenity's facial expression is one of interest and enjoyment, as she giggles, happy with the cats attention*
Hioki : So predictable of an angel...* I grin, exploding into darkness again, the clone of mine bursting forward towards the Uchiha, appearing high up in the air above him, just the shadow from him showing his leg extended, the heel of his foot aiming to meet his head, enough momentum put in to crack a skull as the real me, now that I exploded into darkness, comes flying from all the multiple pieces of the now falling dome of darkness, each me flying past the angel with blinding speed, my free hand landing palm marks on her body as I then appear far off behind her, a faint outline of a red six appearing on my forehead *
Sammy:) : *Serenity blinks in shock from the paw touching her nose, unsure of what to do she looks up at me*
Hioki : * The father walked towards his son, the father's once loving face appearing as unforgiven to his son as the slashing to his legs seem to do little to keep the father from walking to his son, his swords now raises to stab the son in the neck *
Angel : * I narrow my eyes, soaring up away from the clones before disappearing for a moment, than appearing on the ground away from the clones and in a split second I slam my hand onto the ground as my eyes turn up towards the clones as I sheath my sword and stand at the ready, grinning *
Kilian : -Ether rolled to the side, slashing across his father's chest as he went, the blood from his wound quickly sporuting upward, piercing through the man hwo was once his father from all angles, cutting deep into the body, Ether just watched as he got back up-
Revan : * my eyes dart forward, tracing the clones movement as I move my sword in response as I move to the side, to avoid the incoming strike as my sword cuts across the abdomen of the clone in an instant *
Hioki : * I grin, opening my hand as my halberd immediately comes flying to my hand. I grab onto my halberd, swinging it across the air and at the same time I say to myself "Destructive Pathway.." as I then swing my halberd down towards the angel, the ground under her feet splitting apart with intensity, the crack between the ground getting wider and wider, lava underneath her building up in pressure bound to explode. Meanwhile, my clone grins to himself, knowing that the sword attack would release the contained darkness in him as once the sword does, the darkness explodes forward into one overwhelming wave of it at point blank range, the power of the darkness now being a lot different due to the 6 on my head. *
Hioki : * The father stops cold in his tracks, bending over and holding onto his chest, black blood falling from as the blood begins to fall with it pouring out, the blood appearing to form into another figure, this figure having a 6 on its forehead as a 6 appears on the father's forehead as well, energy now being seen radiating off of both *
Kilian : What the hell is this? -Etherlam raised a hand, the blood that had pierced his from shooting farther out, going straight through the other figure as well as Etherlam ran in, slashing rapidly atthe second figure's chest-
Angel : * I narrow my eyes as I'm suddenly jolted into the air, landing away from the crack before dashing across the ground toward the demon before moving my hand toward him as a force like knives slices past his arms. What can barely be seen is arms invisible to the human eye, vibrarting so quickly that they slice through objects easily *
Hioki : * The moment the sword makes contact with the second figures chest he finds his sword is stuck within the figure, the black blood expanding onto his sword while the father looks up, grinning and leaping at his son, swinging his swords down to aiming to cut his son while his sword is stuck in the figure's chest *
Revan : * I fly backwards instantly, as I remain bunched over, using my sword to try and keep myself up as I remain on one knee * well that doesnt help much..
Saphyre : *speeds toward Ether, diverting his fathers swords so he might take back his sword to fight*
Captain McSkull : Ah, it seems I've stumbled upon another "epic battle of the fates"
Banana : *Jumping to the ground, I turn human again. I remain crouched on the ground and watch Mare jump into battle.* Indeed you have, Skull
Kilian : -Etherlam jumps, slamming both feet against the figure that has his sword, ripping it through him and nods his head toward Saphyre- Thank you
Captain McSkull : I was thinking more Duel of the Fates, like real background orchestral music
Hioki : * The moment the angel was in the air my body explodes into darkness again, the darkness dispersing and attempting to form into a cube of darkness, the real me jumping from the angel's shadow from her blindspot, a pure wave of darkness forming in my hands as I attempt to meet her head on it with it. Far over the darkness from the clone expands across the ground, the clone flipping from it with the halberd coming down towards Rev's sword, the clone grinning knowing if rev blocked the darkness would get onto his sword *
Captain McSkull : but yeah that's a good one too Pigs
Angel : (( Hate to do this Dmaon, but you mind dropping our fight for the moment, I'm kind of pissed off at the moment and thats not a good modo to fight in. I oe ya one ))
[21:00:43 22/02/12] Hioki : * The father looks at the girl that helped his son * Son...you know that an assassin doesn't need help at all. You accept your fate with open arms, son.
Saphyre : Always *she nods switching sides to the other figure squaring off with it as i bring my sword up defensively**
Hioki : (Sure thing.)
Kilian : Nothing wrong with a little help every now and again..
Captain McSkull : (Ello love. It seems we've stumbled upon an epic duel of the fates)
Sunny Roguette : {Lol and hey everyone}
Hioki : * The father stood up straight now, the 6 now clearly being seen on his forehead as he begins walking towards the son, the second figure jumping backwards to land behind the father as the figure grabs hold onto him, the black blood forming onto the father's body and engulfing him, merging him within the second figure *
Revan : * I leap back more and more as I exhale a massive fireball from my mouth the fireball growing much larger to the air around it as it collidies into the darkness, the flames themselves being not ordinary the flames capable of eating at the darkness while keeping its destructive effect *
Kilian : -Ether held up his blades as his father appraoched, combining with the second figure, the blades catching on fire- Go back to your rest, father
Saphyre : *she smiles a bit watching the merging of the two, standing up still on guard*
Hioki : * The clone lands onto the spots the Uchiha originally stood, lowering himself down to the ground upon landing and swinging his leg upwards, abyssal flames exploding from his feet to meet the flames that were eating away at the darkness, the clone rapidly flipping around, shooting more and more abyssal flames, some of the flames being fireballs that intentionally miss their targets, just floating in the air as if waiting for something *
Hioki : * Just then the flow of the black blood stops, the surface of the second figure beginning to harden, creating a thick shield as behind the figure a small crack forms, slowly expanding all throughout the hardened blood *
Revan : * I glance over noticing the waiting fireballs as I just accelerate my speed even more as I leap back away even further away from anything else as I form a handsign before exhailing a super massive wave of flames. The massive waves grows even larger as its unleashed as it sweeps in towards the clone and the darkness, the super flames not only attempting to overwhlem and destroy the darkness but it also sets intantly sets the surroundign area touched by the flames on fire *
Kilian : -Ether spun forward, slashing both of his blades diagonally across the chest of the being, each blade exploding into the figure after they each slash-
Hioki : * Landing onto his left foot the clone launches himself high up into the air, swinging his halberd upwards, death energy ripping forth from the halberd meeting the huge flames in a huge explosion, that explosion being the catalyst for the lava in the crack to release the built up pressure as then the lava explodes, the crack doing the same the lava begins raining down upon the field, the second figure and clone seemingly being resistant to the burning effect of the lava *
Sammy:) : *Serenity and I both look back at the fight as I shake my head sighing*
Hioki : * As the elf's sword meet into the figure's chest, the same moment the sword meet the figure makes a sweeping motion with his arm, aiming to use the potnetial energy within his arm to knock the elf away, hoping the sudden hit would separate him from his swords *
Revan : * I glance upwards as I move accordingly to avoid the incoming lava at me as I notice the clone and the figure being unaffected as I simply extend my hand as the lava starts flying in their direction coming in front the front and while it may do nothing in temrs of damage it does act as a brief distractor, taking up their vision as I keep moving back, adding distance as I try to analyze my enemies from afar *
Kilian : -Falls backward against the ground, my swords sliding from my hands, I react quickly, pulling out a throwing axe and a short sword, staring at the new being before me, looking around for my blades-
Hioki : * While the clone is held off by the wall of lava, the real me bursts from the shadow of the Uchiha, my Hell's Will swinging upwards with death energy bursting from it behind him, the figure then leaping at the elf, to pin him down so the mark can be placed *
Kilian : -Etherlam struggled with the figure, gritting his teeth as he elbowed the being in the face, trying to get him off- I'm going to kill you..
Revan : * I glance behind myself as I turn, swinging the God Sword of Olympus in response, the special flames from before surrounding me in a large aura, acting as a burning shield as well as amplifying my sword as I swing it in defense, my Sharingan's pre cog abilitites allowing me to react to such sudden movements *
Hioki : * With the Uchiha distracted with me, the portal of darkness that was still on the ground serves as a launching pad for my clone to jump out of, the wall of lava now being useless as the clone comes speeding across the air like a bullet, the speed of the clone being amplified as a second faint 6 can be seen on his forehead, his halberd swinging upwards releasing a mixture of abyssal darkness and flames, the flames exploding out in a wide burst aiming to engulf the Uchiha in the entire explosion while the figure, now pinning the elf, says to the elf incorrigibly "Mark of the Beast", the figure attempting to place the 6's on his forehead but heaving difficulty due to the resistance from the elf *
Kilian : -Etherlam opened his mouth wide, eyes glowing a crimson red- Dragon's breath! -From his throat flames roared, engulfing the head of the dark figure that had him pinned and he kept breathing the endless fire, setting tis entire body aflame from the sheer intensity-
Revan : * I appear down on one knee, covered in various injuries as a pair of spectral rib cage appears surrounding me as I glance around * catching me off guard.. you'e no ordinary foe..
Hioki : * I grin, remembering the words Damon told me about this Uchiha's rib cage as I then nod my head towards the clone, the clone, now with amplified speed, jumping high up into the air, taking in a huge deep breath, his chest expanding as if he was going to burst before then releasing a gigantic wave of explosive energy, the entire sky being lighted with flames as destructive winds goes out in all direction, pieces of the earth simply being incinerated and blown away to bits as the I appear using sonido, appearing in multiple locations all at once due to unmatched speed of my sonido, my after images all appearing to hold large spheres of black energy, waiting to be shot as then, the second figure from the elf incinerates it, the figure exploding into abyssal darkness, the darkness being even more amplified to the point where it's eating away at flames as the darkness retreats back into the portal *
Kilian : (Wait what happened with me?)
Hioki : (nothing, he just retreated after eating away the flames )
Kilian : -Etherlam sat up, shaking his head, using the blood around him to clot the wound that was still on his chest, standing back up and looking around-
Revan : His technique well then... * I grip my sword as the bones of the rib cage fade away my Sharingan eyes constantly moving but the numerous speedy images too much to take in such a short time as allow my rib cage to drop as I stab my sword down into the ground gritting my teeth a bright light shinging throughout the area, practically blinding if looked into directly before suddenly a massive explosion erupts from my sword in a full 360, a twister of my own demonic energy exploding outward in a spectacular explosion, wiping out away at anything around me for miles, the twister having risen at least a mile in the sky before exploding outward to take anything out along with it in its radius 8
Hioki : * I stop, still holding the large sphere of black energy above my right hand, my clone now spinning the halberd in his hand, each spin releasing a stream of darkness that forms around him as I jump up into the air, letting a grin come across my face as I say to myself "Light Phase 2." my body leaving an after image in itself, my real body appearing above the portal of darkness, waiting for the massive explosion to reach me, my eyes closing in remembrance of the dimension I created to contain energy *
Kilian : What the hell is this thing planning..
Revan : * The explosion extends outwards more and more, going on for several miles wiping out anything in hits contact with as during the flash of light I disappear as the explosion goes on and on *
Hioki : Attraction!! * The portal of darkness under me was made as the entrance to my dimension, the portal reacting with the energy as once the energy reaches to where I am the constant sonar of darkness suddenly appears, a transparent circle of energy seen around me, connected to the dimension as the energy from the explosion is seen being drawn into the portal and shield of energy, a grin now coming upon my face * He got what he wants...now it is done...
Revan : * I appear several hundred meters away from my original location, as I look up watching the energy getting sucked as the energy he uses appears in color to me as I simply at the moment watch * Well then..
Hioki : Now...when are you going to instantly appear near me and do some of that Obliteration Technique? * I let out a laugh, the sphere of darkness that surrounded my clone shattering, my clone not even there as I then throw the black sphere of energy towards the Uchiha, knowing the attack won't connect but using the sphere of energy as a stage for another attack *
Sammy:) : *shakes my head at the demons comment as i eat another cookie*
Revan : * I Just stand there clutching my God Sword as it shines as I grip it tighter as I swing in response, slicing through the sphere of darkness, cleaving it in two as the two halves disintergrate * Interesting call... but tell me Hioki.. what do you want.. what does a demon like yourself have business here
Hioki : * I grin, the shinning from his blade casting a more apparent shadow as the clones comes bursting from it while he is cutting the sphere of darkness, the clone aiming to place the Mark of the Beast on him *
Revan : * I eye the clone as I extend a hand towards him as a burst of flames shoot out from my palm, engulfing the clone instantly in the special type of flames perfectly suiting to combating darkness, the clone reduced to nothing in mere seconds * Care to answer my response?
Hioki : If only you knew my past, Uchiha... (I'll leave it at that. We can continue tomorrow or whenever.)

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Post  Damon on 2/26/2012, 2:28 pm

Part 2

Revan : Anyways... you gonna explain that past of yours, Hioki
Hioki : Why do you ask so many questions? You're starting to get annoying like that angel.
Angel : That ain't damon is he's calling me annoying <.<
Elrich : o.o
Revan : I'm simply.. curious, great Demon of Hell
Nex : ~ Sits on dragon's head~
Dragonegggirl : o_o
Dragonegggirl : *pokes ray*
Hioki : Do you fear power, Uchiha?
Nex : ~meows and paws at her face~
Revan : Perhaps, am I suppose to fear you?
Dragonegggirl : *_* *picks him up and puts him on the floor*
Hioki : I haven't shown you anything to fear...
Revan : Then show me..
Hioki : Prove your worthiness, Uchiha. Such power is only reserved to the greatest.
Revan : Perhaps but until that happens, explain your past... tell me this history of yours that you seem rather fond of
Hioki : What do you think happens when the power and souls of great warriors are conjoined into one perfect being?
Revan : I dont know, why dont you tell me..
Hioki : It is unbelievable power that they possess. Power that others fear and attempt to remove. This is what happens when you're the First Creation.
Revan : Is that so.. so you truly believe in this power of yours...
Gabriel : Hioki, your Lucifer's first creation?
Hioki : Yes.
Hioki : However...during my absence, I am currently unaware if there is a second underway.
Gabriel : Hmm.. your not as old as I am but your pretty old nonetheless.
Hioki : As for you, Uchiha. It is good to hold belief in one's power. I question why you hold yours back.
Revan : Make no mistake, I do so for a reason
Hioki : Right now would be a good reason.
Revan : So... you want to see it huh.. is that what it is
Hioki : You are unaware of my reasons why, but yes, I do.
Revan : And why should I.. there's already you running around, we dont need another..
Hioki : If that is how it is going to be then prying this power of yours out might be a little entertaining.
Revan : I'm warning you now... return to hell and stay there, you have no business here
Hioki : As long as there is evil in the world, I will be around for a long..long time. You might as well get used to it now.
Revan : What is your purpose Hioki.. what do you want..
Hioki : My purpose here is to destroy the good and bring chaos. All that abide by the good must be killed. It is why I was here. But my reason for fighting you all so early is a reason of my own.
Hioki : It is why that angel must die. Imagine what could happen if she was to meet her end? I have seen things within the shadows, I know what I mean.
Revan : She wont die, the only thing meeting its end if anything.. is you.
Gabriel : You do understand there are two angels here that can send you back to where you belong within 5 minutes?
Saphyre : *crosses my arms*
Angel : * leans against a shaded tree with my eyes shut listening in *
Hioki : Uchiha...you know nothing of me. You made the flaw of showing me that you're injured.
Elrich : * yawns quietly, also listening to the discussion, keeping to myself amongst the shadows *
Sammy:) : He's not injured dumbass
Hioki : As for the archangel...there are things that can't contain people.
Sammy:) : he's having an internal battle
Gabriel : You wanna bet that Hioki?
Gabriel : Damon certainly knows of a place that can hold someone as evil as you.
Revan : * nearly falls once again * You're choice Hioki.. but I promise you the Angels you refer to will be far more forgiving then I will be..
Hioki : Damon is one of the few that can.
Revan : well Hioki.. you're move
Hioki : With such power that was sealed, to think it hasn't been used so far is not amusing. * I turn towards the Uchiha, rising my hand towards the sky as black energy begins to radiates off of my hand, my Hell's Will rising out from it *
Revan : * I clutch the God Sword tightly in my hand as I glance around the area for a moment before back at him * It seems with my struggle my sword wont even activate..
Hioki : * I grin, moving my sword down to point it directly at him * Such a shame...
Sammy:) : *looks at rev* As much as I hate him, and I think angel will agree, Just let him out
Angel : Go ahead bro * I nod to him, moving over to Sam *
Revan : * I grit my teeth as I willing let myself fall to a knee * What happens after.. will be out of my control, the two of you know that
Sammy:) : We can handle him.
Hioki : * I narrow my eyes, looking at the Uchiha then looking over to stare at the angel then back to the Uchiha to say under my breath * Then that will be my plan then....
Elrich : * looks up slightly, beginning to pay a bit more attention *
Selah : *looks over towards where Sam is with Serenity with Amity, and I run over there, sitting at Sam's feet as I watch the fight with interest clear in my blue eyes-
Amity : o.o.. *silently eating cookies as I'm watching.*
Sammy:) : *is a few miles away o_O but hands Amity and Sellah cookies as I watch on*
Revan : * My sword starts to glow in a crimson color as I breath heavily as I stand back up, the ground under me now sparking with crimson lighting a faint crimson aura sstarting to surround me * Well.. you asked for it..
Selah : *eats cookies*
Angel : * I fly over to Sam, sitting beside her, folding my wings behind me and patting Amity's head gently *
Sammy:) : We'll just let Dark rev have some fun..
Amity : *looks up at Mommy and smiles* ^-^
Selah : -sits as close to Sam as possible- o_o
Hioki : * I grin again, looking at the shadows all around him, the flames on my blade seemingly growing more excited, a thing line of black energy now coating my blade in response to the flames *
Revan : * I close my eyes, keeping them closed as the ground under starts shaking violently before splitting apart as the air for miles turns cold and heavy and drenched with the smell of blood in it as the aura around me becomes more vivid, random shots at lightning shooting blasting at the surrounding area occasionally at random *
Hioki : * I stand there looking towards the Uchiha, the grin on my face disappearing, my face becoming emotionless * This feeling in the air...it reminds me of the huge amounts of humans I killed. But this is truly interesting...
Revan : * I finally reopen my eyes, which now appear in the Eternal Mangekyou form as the God Sword is casually swung as the area around me explodes violently as a massive inferno of blades sprouts out of nowhere all around me, covering the entire battlefield in intense flames as crimson ligthting continues to shoot of at random from my aura * So.. you're Hioki Mitsuhria
Hioki : * I move my sword across the air, the sword releasing the black thin of energy that act as a small barrier before me to keep some of the flames from hitting me, the barrier dissipating into the air as I then jump into the air to dodge a crimson lightning from striking me * Is this it, Uchiha? Is this the power that dwells within you?
Revan : Excuse me while I take a mere practice swing.. * i then glance off to a mountain several miles away as I take a simple swing at it as my eyes glance back at you as suddenly the mountain I swung towards explodes violently in the distance sending hordes of molten rocks flying for smiles in random directions *
Sammy:) : *looks at the mountain that just exploded* I swear to god if he goes for our cliff @_@
Hioki : * I watch with keen curiosity, my eyes taking in what just happened. I then look back at the Uchiha, the discussion with Damon about the Uchiha going on as a memory * Next time, go for me..
Selah : *looks at Sam* Is that gonna happen to us?
Sammy:) : I don't think so..
Elrich : * looks around warily at the recent display of destruction, and sinks away, disappearing into the darkness * Yikes, too dangerous for little old me o.o
Selah : *nods slowly as I inch my eyes back towards where the fight is being fought*
Revan : My apologies Hioki Mitsuhria.. but I did not want to offend you with a weak attack such as that. * I then glance off to the side, eyeing the group of spectators (*
Sammy:) : *looks back at the fight, as i notice Dark rev looking around* I think he knows we're here sister.
Angel : Crap.. * I scoop up Amity, cradling her in my arms * Hold on tight sweety, we might have to go for a little ride..
Amity : o,o... Okay...
Selah : *my eyes widen in fear at Dark Rev staring at us*
Saphyre : *looks over at Selah, walking over and picking her up in my arms*
Hioki : * I grin, noticing him looking at the others as I then take the chance to make my attack. I fly towards him, my speed placing me just a few feet before him as I then disappear, leaving a thick cloud of darkness that swirls around him, the darkness separating itowards multiple areas on the battlefield as I remain unseen throughout it all *
Selah : *slightly relaxes in Saphyre's arms, the fear still shown in my eyes*
Revan : * I glance towards the darkness that moves to surround me as I extend a hand in front of me as a massive pillar of crimson energy shoots out forward, ripping its way through the darkness as random smaller spikes of crimson shoot out from the main pillar, piercing through the darkness leaving various holes all around *
Hioki : * The darkness, though gone due to the crimson energy, was just a distraction as I appear moving from the shadows of one the flaming rocks, flying in the air from the explosion of the mountain, just my speed alone easily letting me keep up with the flying debris as I then jump, slicing the flaming rock in half, my blade combining the flames from it and mixing it with my energy as I begin spinning my blade around in my hand, the energy and flames mixing together to be used on him, my body then falling down towards him, my blade arched backwards now, ready for the swing to release a massive explosion *
Revan : * my eyes narrow, the intense energy radiating easily catching my eye as I focus as I clutch my sword even tighter as I raise it towards him * Lets see.. * I then swing it casually as the ground under me shatters violently as a gigantic wave of black energy with crimson outlines shoots out of my blade, the energy wave rapidly closing in on him *
Hioki : * I grin while falling towards the wave of energy, swinging my sword down at the last moment, the energy and flames from it bursting forward, meeting with the energy wave in one gigantic explosion, my body then being seen flying out of it with smoke and flames trailing behind me as I then land down onto the earth, the ground cracking under my feet *
Revan : * as the smoke clears I remain heavily covered in the dense aura of flames released from earlier, the flames acting as a barrier. I keep my eyes trailed towards him as I swing my sword again as my aura disperses as it suddenly flies forward, a gigantic wave of flames shooting out towards him rapidly, the flames rising to the point its almost as if an entire tidal wave of flames move to engulf him *
Hioki : * I scoff, saying to myself * No different than the others I've fought....* With my sword I swing it upwards, the tip of the sword cutting through the air itself, creating the opening to the dimension as within it, an overwhelming blinding light bursts from it followed by a large blast of black energy, the energy being seen differently as to the Uchiha's eyes, from the dimension different colors of energy can be seen *
Revan : * I look on slightly amused before swinging my sword right back across the middle an invisible force suddenly starts cutting forward, slicing through everything in its path as it rapidly closes in on you, even splitting the fire I've released from earlier and even the blast you just unleashed *
Hioki : * I grin, taking in a deep breath breath, my chest expanding as if it's going to burst until releasing a tremendous wave of air from my mouth, the wave stripping pieces of the earth as huge thick clouds of dust trails behind it, the wave going straight towards it *
Revan : * I narrow my eyes as I hold my pose as the invisible continues to slice on forward, rapidly closing in on you, everything before you having been sliced apart as it closes in *
Hioki : Impressive...Let me show you why it won't wor- *My sentence is cut off as I submit myself to the approaching invisible force, my body being slices in different places as my pieces are release abyssal darkness, each pieces beginning to take form of me, a third but very faint 6 appearing on my forehead *
Revan : Hmph * I watch the aftermath of my strike before noticing the 6 on your forehead as I start walking forward towards you, my sharingan eyes practically glowing *
Hioki : * As each of me land onto the ground, the real me looks forwards, the 6 now growing to the point where it is very noticeable. A clone of me standing behind me flips up, landing onto my head with enough force to send me into the ground, the clone using my head as some means to jump towards the Uchiha, the real me using the force from the landing to burrow down deep into the earth while the other clones each run to the separate sides of the Uchiha, each knowing what is to come next *
Revan : * my eyes look around, eyeing all of the individuals that come closing I stop walking as I plant my feet, clutching my weapon with both hands as I wait for them to get closer * Thats right..
Hioki : * At the moment he stops walking that is all I need as before him, the ground instantly splits apart, a huge column of black energy rising up from the ground, pieces of the ground incinerating as the clones at his corners open their mouths, charging up a jet black cero until closing their mouth, the cero disappearing and appearing again once they again open their mouths, the ceros all going towards him while the clone that is flying towards him summons an halberd in his hands, abyssal darkness trailing off of the halberd *
Revan : Obliteration Technique..Level 2. * suddenly a massive circle appears extending outward, leaving me in the center as time seemingly slows for me as my reflexes increase sharply. I glare all around the clones, all of which remain inside the circle as I suddenly disappear instantly as all the individuals in the center are assaulted on, godly speed sword strikes striking at all of them instantly, the speed so fast it becomes practically impossible to react to as my physical self remains unseen, constantly moving to strike all the clones*
Hioki : * Each clone is cut from the barrage of sword attacks, the clones sustaining great damage to the point where they all explode in darkness, my real body still remaining somewhere within the giant rifts in the earth *
Revan : * I appear back in the center, several seconds watching all the clones get destroyed before I glare downwards the energy I had unleashed from earlier capable of sensing any individual above, on or under the circle of energy as I plant my sword in the ground, crimson lighting and flames flashing from my hilt as they travel down the blade length into the ground which starts to explode violently, massive pieces of earth flying all over as the area around us starts shaking violenty *
Hioki : * From the under all the massive flying pieces of earth I, along with numerous of other clones, launch ourselves from the rocks, propelling us down towards the Uchiha, my clones acting like suicide bomber as each clone explodes into the ground creating gigantic craters, the real me landing down hundreds of feet away from the Uchiha, my eyes closed with a constant sonar of darkness being given off from my body *
Revan : * I glare at all the incoming clones before lowering my sword, a massive aura of crimson lightning sparking up all around me as the crimson lightning starts shooting out, blasting in through multiple clones, causing them to explode before they reach me *
Captain McSkull : Ah, I see I;ve stumbled upon yet another locked and epic battle
Selah : o.o... *stares at the fight*
Pigs : Again, Skull. You indeed have
Hioki : * From the shadows that the lightning is creating two clones jump out, each going towards the Uchiha with the intention to get near him as much as possible before detonating themselves, my eyes watching everything going on as I rise my sword before me, letting the sword fall down to the ground, sinking into it leaving a ripple of energy * And this is where it comes together, Uchiha.
Revan : * I leap backwards avoiding most of the explosions as I glare towards you as another massive aura of black energy outlined with crimson energy as chains shoot out from the aura towards you, the numerous chain made of the same energy as the aura as they swoop in at numerous angles *
Hioki : Such pettiness... * I lower my head, grinning as then death energy bursts from my body, the chains disintegrating as they pass through the energy, an armor of that same energy forming around my body *
Revan : * I stare at the armor that is formed around your body as I clutch the God Sword in two hands staring you down as I simply raise my sword above my hand * Lets see.. if that defense of yours can withstand my next attack.
Hioki : Can an eye keep up with an unmatched Sonido? * I grin again, curious for the Uchiha's answer *
Revan : * I then lower my sword back to my side upon hearing the word Sonido * That question is more interesting then mine.. but should your Sonido prove inffective, it will prove fatal.
Hioki : That is why I won't take that chance but they will. * From the shadow created by his sword a clone rises out, grabbing onto the sword as numerous of hands appear rising out of the shadows, each hand wanting to grab onto the Uchiha and pull him down to the darkest abyss in Hell. Meanwhile I am standing there, watching until finally jumping backwards, landing on some invisible platform in the air, placing an opened palm towards the Uchiha, series of blacks marks appearing on my palm *
Revan : Hmph. * as I struggle against the hands of the clones a massive pillar of crimson energy rises up from the ground from under me, distengerating them istantly as the pillar rises higher into the sky, brightening the entire battlefield *
Hioki : * I break out into a laugh, the brightness of the pillar giving home to numerous of shadows all around the Uchiha, clones bursting from them to jump high up into the air until finally I close my hand into a fist, each clone exploding releasing a massive amount of abyssal darkness that all combined, forming into a huge cube that easily is at skyscraper heights * Black Coffin....
Revan : Meidou.. Zangetshua * as all the clones exploded I preformed a quick spin having swung my sword alll around, cutting through this current dimension, a portal being opened all around me sucking in all the abyssal darkness into the portal I just opened, my evolved Sharingan eyes giving me a sense of precognition and allowing me to just react accordingly *
Hioki : * I watch with slight interest until suddenly feeling an uncontrollable pulse emerging from the seal placed within me, my sealed up power attempting to release itself in response to the portal * It seems I can't contain myself much longer, Uchiha. What is next?
Revan : Explain. * I glare towards him as I clutch my sword tighter *
Hioki : As I've said before, being a first creation with gargantuan power creates fear and suspicion within others. And now I have came down to have that power sealed up within me. But..* I feel another pulse from the seal as deep within my mind, I appear before a massive door of some reinforced metal, series of punches seen in the door as a deafening roar occurs behind the door *
Revan : * I raise an eyebrow as I keep my eyes locked on you * Well.. then.. that makes things a lot more interesting.
Hioki : Light Phase 3...* The moment it's said the ground around me is instantly flattened by the now outpouring of black energy, the armor on me now being more elaborate with skulls on it, the flames on my sword growing more wildly, strong gushes of wind blowing away around me. I then speak to myself within my mind "I hope this can curb the pulses for a while."*
Revan : So there is more to your power, I figured as much * I simply stand there as I keep watching, waiting to see what else is too happen next *
Hioki : * I narrow my eyes, remembering my moves and contrasting them to his eyes, noticing how his eyes can see color and can predict what's going to happen based on my slightest movements. I then laugh, simply raising a hand out towards him, the black marks appearing on my palm again as all around us series of black pillars rises up into the air, death energy radiating off of them *

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