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Full Name: Adrian Mettel
Age: 14-15
Species: Human/Alchemist/Cat
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Not shown in the picture; Customly built automail arm built onto the stub on her left arm, thin, three inch long scar above right eye which splits open a lot.
Personality: Ada is an independent, self-absorbed person. Always being calm, she never shows worry or fright on the outside. She is generally depicted as being cold, calculating, precise, sarcastic, intelligent, and bitter. She typically displays a very calm and collected demeanour, rarely at a loss for words or taken off guard. In combat, Ada is an extremely skilled swordsman, but uses her superior intelligence to her advantage during fights. Outside of combat and public, Ada tends to be quirky and fun. Being as mad as a hatter at times. Ada usually finds most of her enemies when she's on a natural high.
History: Not knowing almost anything about her parents, Ada was raised with her big sister, Cleo. Their mother and father had been murdered in their beds when Ada and Cleo were younger. When Ada was five, and Cleo was six, they began training in martial arts, swords, weapons, and alchemy. At the age of ten, Ada was already able to beat her master. Not even a month after that, Ada's sister Cleo was killed by necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh eating bacterial infection that started in her left shoulder after being scratched by Ada's sword, that had been laying in the rain. Falling into a deep depression, Ada went out on her own after living with her grandma for a year learning to make automail. Living on the money she was making fixing automail and making it for victims that lost limbs, she was approached by a barber who was in need of an apprentice. She agreed to this and worked with him for another year, learning to apply shaving cream, shaving the person, and then keeping track of the money made. After the barber attempted to kill the twelve year old, she escaped out of a fire escape and lived in the streets. Be approached by another man after he had seen her change a metal pipe into a thin, curved sword, she agreed to live with him. They worked together trying to keep each other alive and keep their ability to perform alchemy quiet. Finally pushing the man's buttons too hard, he kicked her out after a good fight leaving the thin three inch long scar across the top of her right eye that is sensetive and tends to split open a lot when bothered. Now living on her own, by herself, she chooses not to accept anymore offers of kindness.
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Cleo- Deceased
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