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We were all locked away like animals. Forced to live in cages or small rooms that kept us weak and scared. We learned to live in fear; it was our way of life in order to stay alive.
Some of us were normal, regular people like on the outside, and captured for no reason and forced to change. To become something we never dreamed would be possible to become.

The Lab was exactly that, a lab. No one knows its name because officially it doesn't exist. They took people, random people they knew the world wouldn't miss or those who had happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. They would take them in and do experiments, some would involve elements like fire, shadow and water. Others would include animals and lastly the senses. Depending on how old the subject was, determined the severity of the experiments.
Everyone was put through tests to determine how much their bodies could take, how far they could push the muscles to work, what could their minds take. It was all tested, and not everyone could get through it.
A lot would die from the tests, from the beatings given by the guards, or from The Games. The horrible 'games' that all the guards put the subjects through. Two elementals and two animals put in one large, several mile long pit in the ground. Set loose on each other to fight to the death, for the entertainment of the staff.

Every government has their secrets. Some are kept longer than others, that didn’t start out as secretes. All of us have heard of the crazy experiments that were done during the holocaust. One that has been forgotten was the experimentation to create mutants to the government’s advantage. The Germans (Nazis) started their testing and sent mutants to keep control and tear down the areas that resisted. The U.S. wanted to have the upper hand and countered with their own experimentation, but only using willing volunteers, wounded military personnel, and criminals sentenced for death. During this time, the Lab split off into two groups. The Lab was searching for more, using harsher methods and using healthier people, and obtaining them against their will. This method gave them better results, with stronger and more submissive subjects, despite the downgrade in methods and with almost torturous testing. The Institution continued with using criminals and the volunteers as a way to keep the more humanistic part of the subject intact.
After the days of war were ended, the experimentation was supposedly stopped, due to the unfavorable effects on the volunteers. The minds of the people were slowly deteriorating, the people slowly going insane or become more animalistic. At the time, the Institution had not stated that their subjects still contained their normal sentient thoughts. All areas were shut down and left to become myths in the history books.
No one on the outside knows of these still fully functional facilities and believes mutants are the creatures of fantasy. Yet these groups still rival each other and are trying to gain control of the mutants for their own unknown purposes.

At the beginning we have all just escaped the Lab, or have been blown out of the building by the bomb (read the last page of posts in The Lab). We have been in captivity most of our lives, we have not seen the sunlight, we don't know about plants, animals, nature or people in general. We have lived life in fear and don't know any other way to live. Almost everyone will be jumping at any sound, flinching at any movement. It depends on what has been done to your character in the past.
The guards and scientists were inhumane; they did not care about your feelings, or your pain. They just wanted to see how much you could take and not die. We all live in fear that any person we see is going to hurt us. We have to learn how to live on our own. Use you collective abilities to be able to get what we need without getting yourselves caught again, or letting the 'Normals' learn too much.
The Institution is also looking for us. They have their own successful mutants, which are loyal to the Institution and will hunt you down to please their masters. None of us know about this rival group and all we know is that we are being hunted.
The regular people on the outside know nothing of what has happened and any mutation they see,(like most of us would) they will tell someone and then we will have the normal government after us.

The Characters
~Age:(these will be aproximate, not every knows how old they are or how long they have been imprisoned)
~Mutation:(along with any inhancements i.e. hearing, site, ect.)
~Weaknesses:(have a ballance to the enhancements)
~Description:(be detailed, get close to your character. Also a picture, anime or real I don't care)
~Personality:(add if they are mentally broken or not. If they are, how why and what will set them off to be mad depressed ect.)
~Fears:(you have been living you life scared, this should be as detailed as the personality and description)
~History:(any majior events that have happened in the lab or if you were taken into the lab instead of being born there)

Normals- You could have been a guard, a person about to be mutated, or a person on the outside who knows nothing about the Lab and that the characters will meet soon.
~Skills:(do they have any special skills, i.e. archery, guns, knives ect.)
~Description:(in depth, also include a picture)
~Personality:(in depth, get close to your character and make them become real)
~History:(In depth please since you have lived a normal life among regular people)

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