the "DaVin ci Code" series

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the "DaVin ci Code" series Empty the "DaVin ci Code" series

Post  captainmason on 6/12/2011, 12:38 pm

Name of Books:The DaVinci Code,Angels and Demons,The Lost Symbol
Author of Books:Dan Brown

Short description of it:the books follow symbologist Robert Langdon on his The DaVinci Code,after the murder or a museum curator,Robert Langdon is called to the scene only to find out who the curator's granddaugher is,that the curator was a member of an ancient secret society,and the authorities believe HE killed the curator.Its a rollercoaster filled with twists,turns,and Angels and Demons,Robert Langdon is called to invetsigate and murder unlike any other.the victim has a symbol branded into his skin.Its up to Robert Langdon and the victim's adopted daughter to find the victims biggest creation,the possible link between god and science.anti-matter.which if released it will create the biggest explosion evere known.and it is about to go off in the vatican!when 4 cardinals that are most likely to be voted to be the pope are kidnapped,it may be too late.In the Lost symbol,Robert Langdon's old tiem friends is kidnapped by a man looking for a mythical Masonic treasure.through many twists and turns through washington DC,it will end with a finale that NOBODY will see coming.


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