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ChEmIcAl ViSiOn .:A Role play of Talents:.  Empty ChEmIcAl ViSiOn .:A Role play of Talents:.

Post  Angel on 3/20/2012, 4:28 pm

ChEmIcAl ViSiOn .:A Role play of Talents:.  Asylum

We know what's best for you...

....We'll take good care of you..

If you've ever felt...Unique. The impulse that you don't always fit in a crowd.

That there's something about you.. that others crave.

Have you ever wondered...

If that could be enhanced?


It can change your life..


....For a Price.....

Rules of Writing.

~ Angel is the landlord of this roleplay, characters chemical reactions must go through me for approval. Please PM me with your idea and I will approve it or Deny it.

~This is a Chemical alteration based role-play, all alterations must be practical.

~ Gore, Pain, Emotion, and fighting are HEAVILY encouraged.

~ Love interests are fine, but no sex. No leading up to it, no afterward. If you're going to fall for someone, you do it out of action and raw emotion.

~ NO ONE LINE POSTS. Role play should be detailed with room to grow, leaving someone with just a one liner, isn't going to give them much to work with. Each post should be a minimum of 3 lines.

~ This roleplay is very much based on cause and effect. If you cause, or Use something, you must take the damage, pain and cost it comes with.

Plot Description

Everyone has a special talent. When it comes to singing, art, athletics, and even key senses. These are what make us each unique and individual. The parent of our characters are informed of a facility called The Observatory for Specially Talented Children. Sounds safe right? This facility promises that the unique key which your child is most proud of will bloom and enhance by visiting and staying at this facility for the process for 6 years. During this process, they promise to enhance all levels of creativity within the children from ages 14-18.

But what the parents don't know, is what really goes on. The "Principal" of the Facility, Martin Theda? Created a drug called Meta X. It comes in an IV. Its a black liquid thicker than glue, and acts like gasoline. One drop of the stuff could light an entire forest on fire. They... They inject the kids with it. Everyone enrolled by their parents. It's done.. Horrible, Merciless things to them...

A guy I use to know.. Mick... Guy use to love playing with fire.. He could pull one hell of a light show if you gave him a lighter.. That's how I found out about Meta X.. After his time in the Med wing.. He's never been the same. He's constantly in pain.. Hostile even.. He showed me.. what the drug did to him. Sliced his wrist right open.. the next thing I know he's got a lighter in his hand and his entire arms coated with his own blood.. As he bled.. it turned black. Just like the drug... He lit his own blood.. and it lit up like.. Gasoline. He said he couldn't feel a thing on his arm.. He couldn't feel anything anywhere.. All he wanted to do is go back to his normal life.. But he knew that he never could....

His folks sent him here.. Hoped it would straighten him out.. When he got sent home... Four months later after his girlfriend left him.. His house burned to a crisp... All the cops found was blood all over the carpets.. Mick's.. Blood..

You're probably wondering why I'm telling you all of this.. Its not a happy story.. and it never will be.... But consider if you're welcoming gift...

Welcome to the Observatory.

General Info

This is a chemical reaction role play. When you join, your first post may be your entering the facility, waking up in a medical bed, or waking up after you've been dosed with Meta X. Either way, everyone ends up with the drug in their system, there's no escaping it.

Once the drug is in your system you're free to wander the facility. Make friends, find your support system that keeps you wanting to live, explore your body to test out your powers, start a fight, or try to escape, the choice is yours.

You may only be between the ages of 14-18 and only of the human race. Since you will be altered, you will never be considered human.

If you wish to drop out or leave the role play once you've join, you must kill off your character so others know that you are no longer alive. No use waiting around for those who wont be posting.

For the gift you have you MUST have a cost. There is no powers without pain. If you wanna play with fire, Like Mick, you must come up with a way that it may slowly drive you to insanity.

Most of all, HAVE FUN. This is a roleplay where you can be incredibly creative with your own body and what sacrifice you'd make in order to use your once loved gift.

Character Outline

 " The Observatory for Speciallty Talented Children Survey"

Your full Name:

Your Age:

Your school year:

Your Talent:

Any Side Effects(Your Cost):

Your Picture:

Your Partner(Love Interest):

Your Personality:

Your Thoughts on the Facility:


My Character: ChEmIcAl ViSiOn .:A Role play of Talents:.  5k4tgy

" The Observatory for Speciallty Talented Children Survey"

Your full Name: Arpegia Solom

Your Age: 15

Your school year: Freshmen

Your Talent: Music/Sound

Any Side Effects(Your Cost): Once she uses her gift of sound, if she uses her voice, her vocal chords burn and she can no longer speak for 5 hours, and if she uses her hearing gift, her ear drums pound so loudly they cause a severe headache that puts her into a coma state of immense pain.

Your Picture: <----

Your Partner(Love Interest): N/A

Your Personality: Arpegia was a drifter. Calm and serene, until Meta X hit her blood system. Once the drug takes affect she's constantly irratated, wanting to snap at anyone who comments about her music, but will apologize two seconds later, knowing its the drug talking.

Your Thoughts on the Facility: " I hate it, why the hell am I here?! YOU'RE NOT HELPING PEOPLE. GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE."

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ChEmIcAl ViSiOn .:A Role play of Talents:.  Empty Re: ChEmIcAl ViSiOn .:A Role play of Talents:.

Post  Apollo on 3/20/2012, 9:32 pm

Your full Name: Ray "Soul" Kurosaki

Your Age: 15

Your school year: Sophomore

Your Talent: Strengthen

Any Side Effects(Your Cost): Fractured bones

Your Picture:ChEmIcAl ViSiOn .:A Role play of Talents:.  Shizuo88

Your Partner(Love Interest): Jenny my guitar?

Your Personality: Laid-back, easily frightened and a bit comical

Your Thoughts on the Facility: Get me the hell out.

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ChEmIcAl ViSiOn .:A Role play of Talents:.  Empty Re: ChEmIcAl ViSiOn .:A Role play of Talents:.

Post  Pigs on 3/20/2012, 11:21 pm

Your Full Name: Ellie Holt
Your Age: 14
Your School Year: Freshmen
Your Talent: Psychics
Any Side Effects(Your Cost): What the drugs did to Ellie, was make her more paranoid and able to communicate with the dead causing extreme mental and physical pain. She encounters them almost everyday. From seeing apparitions to actually talking to them. The ghostly spirits are somehow drawn to her knowledge. The gift will cause such pain that it will take her to her knees and leave her with a suffocated feeling and tears in her eyes.
Your Picture: ChEmIcAl ViSiOn .:A Role play of Talents:.  Img-thing?
(Yes, she does wear clothes O_o)
Your Partner(Love Interest): No one, yet.
Your Personality: Ellie is a calm girl who only really cares about herself. She can be looked at as "That insane weird girl", or "The ghost speaker". People normally stay away from her giving her reason to be self-centered. Nothing else is really known about her personality.
Your Thoughts on the Facility: Why did they do this to me?

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ChEmIcAl ViSiOn .:A Role play of Talents:.  Empty Re: ChEmIcAl ViSiOn .:A Role play of Talents:.

Post  Maretothebear on 3/21/2012, 1:28 am

Your full Name: Lucy Crisbow

Your Age: 14

Your school year: Freshman

Your Talent: drawing/painting the future on whatever surface is closest.

Any Side Effects(Your Cost): When the drawing is complete Lucy goes painfully blind and her hand bleeds from the pores of it for up to an hour.

Your Picture:ChEmIcAl ViSiOn .:A Role play of Talents:.  Lucy10

Your Partner: None

Your Personality: Lucy is very sweet and gentle due to the horrible things she predicts and paints. Her parents were horrified at the drawings there little girl would do. Psychiatrists had tried everything to stop her talent from growing into what it has become. They finally contacted social services and by court order had Lucy sent here. She's taken very terribly to the drug as it affects her in such strange and painful ways. She'll look at you and smile only to paint your death seconds later in a trance like impulse.

Your thoughts: "So many needles, so many needles, please let me go home..."

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ChEmIcAl ViSiOn .:A Role play of Talents:.  Empty Re: ChEmIcAl ViSiOn .:A Role play of Talents:.

Post  Gladly on 3/25/2012, 6:10 pm

Your full Name: Amanda "Mandy" Webber

Your Age: 15

Your school year: Freshman

Your Talent: Reading (or rather, watching) only the pain and suffering of the minds of people.

Any Side Effects(Your Cost): Crying blood, and feeling the pain of whatever happening in your memory (example: if you were punched in the past and she read that memory, she will feel as if she just got punched as well, and get a bruise.)

Your Picture:
ChEmIcAl ViSiOn .:A Role play of Talents:.  Pictur10

Your Partner(Love Interest): No one... yet.

Your Personality: Mandy is secretive, and sometimes mischievous. She occasionally tends to wander off and do things on her own without others consent, especially to spy on others or just to be alone. She was born deaf, so she prefers to not talk (although she was taught how to talk, she prefers sign language or just body motions, and can read lips) because she says "If I can't hear others, they shouldn't be able to hear me," although she has spoken before, but her English is poor and cannot pronounce her "S" correctly. She is very understanding and sympathetic, also kind-hearted, but she can read people and if she thinks your "aura" is corrupted, she will warn you not to mess with her or anyone she knows (she doesn't exactly label people as "friends" because the people in her old school found her awkward and she has always had a problem with choosing friends, but she will stick up for anyone she tends to like or is grateful towards). She won't hesitate to bring violence into a situation if she thinks it's necessary.

Your Thoughts on the Facility: 'What did I do to deserve this?'

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