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Sweeney was upstairs in his shop, pacing like always. His mind clouded with revenge on Judge Turpin,he was thinking of all the ways he could torture him when his thoughts were interrupted by a joyful but gloomy voice at the same time. "Mr.T!" he groaned. he could hear Mrs.Lovett coming up the stairs to his barber shop. Mrs. Nellie Lovett walked in with a worried look on her face. "Mr.T we have a problem! "she said her face white as a ghost. "What do you mean?" he asked his face hard and bitter like a cold winters day. "Its Toby. I think he's suspecting our-"she clears her throat. "Well um business." she shuffles her feet uncomfortably. Sweeney raised an eyebrow. "Send him up then." He grins evily. Nellie's face became more white. "Oh Mr.T please don't i-" "Don't be so pathetic!" Sweeney interrupted. "But i love him like was me own son." Nellie begged her eyes were glassy with tears. "SEND HIM UP!!!!" He pins Nellie by the neck to the wall the blade on his knife inches away from her skin. Nellie let out a bloodcurtling scream as Sweeney presses the blade into her pale skin. "MR.T STOP!!!!!" She screams some more. Sweeney's expression twists into a mixture of pain and sadness. He steps away from her dropping his knife to the floor staring at his hands. He whispers. "Why? why didn't i kill her?" Nellie was still backed against the wall shaking with fear and clutching her neck which was bleeding quite a bit. "H-h-how could you?" She whispered as her tears finally leaked over. "I-i-i" Sweeney stammered. Nellie's tears were now flooding her face. "Save it." She storms out sobbing. Sweeney begins to pace once again but this time his thoughts weren't about revenge and blood,but there were about the sweet and always somewhat jolly Nellie Lovett.

Chapter 1
Nellie was pounding dough with her rolling pin violently while her tears leaked onto the dough. Her tears were making the dough salty and she started to get some complaints from the customers. So she decided to close the shop quite early today. She brushed the flower off her work dress and crawled into bed sobbing,not even bothering to take of her corset. She began to count the loud thumps of Sweeney's pacing. One,two,three,four. Then back again. One,two,three,four. She began to lose count,she noticed that her pillow was drenched with her tears. All of a sudden she heard Sweeney's footsteps coming downstairs. Quickly she shut her eyes pretending to sleep. Just as she closed her eyes Sweeney entered the room. He slowly and quietly went and sat at the edge of Nellie's bed. "Mrs.Lovett?" He whispered. She slowly sat up and looked at him. "What do you want?" Sweeney saw her eyes were red and puffy. "You've been crying haven't you.....because of me..." He said. "Your damn right!!!!" She snapped. Sweeney flinched slightly and Nellie noticed. "I want to know why!! I just want to know why you did that to me." "I lost my temper....but the thing is, i honestly don't know why i didn't kill you.." He looks up at her with a pained look on his face. Nellie waved her hands in the air. "Oh just shut up!" Sweeney looked at her hands and caught one of his wrist's in his hand. "What are you doing?!" She asked still quite angry. "Nellie...." He whispered as he ran his fingers across the fresh cuts on her wrists. Nellie gulped. "Mr.T i-wait...did you just call me Nellie?" Sweeney was still running his fingers across the cuts. "Mr.T?" Sweeney looked up at her. "Call me Sweeney." This caught her by surprise. "R-" Her words caught in her throat as she felt Sweeneys cold lips gently placing small kisses along her wrist. Sweeney began to work his way up her arm. He reaches her neck and was about to kiss her lips,but her realized that this was wrong,all wrong. He didn't love her he loved Lucy! Right? He got up quickly and backed away toward the door. Nellie let out a sigh she should of known it wouldn't last long. She held back most of her tears but one managed to escape. Sweeney could feel his heart tearing in half. "Goodnight Sweeney......" Her voice was crackily and she lied down, a sob rippling through her body. "Goodnight Nellie my love.." He said so quietly you could barely hear. He left the room to his barber shop were he sat in his barber chair staring at the picture of Johanna and Lucy. No matter how hard he tried all he could think about was Nellie. Damn,damn that woman! He thought. "Love?Why Me?" He wondered out loud staring out the window. Rain was pelting against it. "Love....Why Me...." He mumbled again as he began to realize that he was falling in love with Nellie Lovett. And there was absolutely nothing he could do about it.

Chapter 2
Sweeney woke up in the barber chair. He groaned. All his dreams had been about Nellie....damn her. He thought. He looked at the clock. Nellie would be up in any second with his breakfast. "Sweeney!!!" Nellie yelled as she came of the stairs with his breakfast. Sweeney got up and threw the door open glaring at her angrily. "Did i say you could call me Sweeney!!??" Nellie had a true sense of fear on her face. "But you said-" "Forget what i said!!" He growled. "Now get in here!" Nellie fearfully walked in. Sweeney took the tray from her and threw it across the room spilling the food everywhere. Nellie let out a small screech when the plate hit the wall. "This is all your fault!!!" Sweeney screamed at her. "What did i do!?" Nellie asked worriedly. "You! You're keeping me from thinking about my Lucy and Johanna! You did this to me!" He slapped her in the face. Nellie's cheek reddened and a tear leaked down her cheek. "What did i do?" She asked helplessly. Sweeney looked at her and the fire began to die from his eyes. "When i get close to you all i want to do is hold you a-and kiss you." He shook his head and stepped closer to her cupping her cheek. "I'm afraid that i might l-l-l" He cant finish his sentence. Nellie was blushing madly. "You might what?"Sweeney's face became hard and cold again. He removed his hand from her face. "Leave me." He turns around and stares out the window looking at the dull streets of London. Nellie sighed heavily and went downstairs. What is going on with him? She thought. Sweeney began to pace again wondering what he could do to punish that cursed Nellie. He thought of many ways. He could stab her to death. Throw her in her own pie oven. Slit her throat. But every time he thought of it he would shiver to the core and his eyes would glass with tears. If he couldn't bring himself to think of it how would he be able to actually do it? He knew you wouldn't be able to kill her without killing himself afterwards. He thought and though about this until night fell. He sat down in his barber chair and tried to go to sleep. Every time he closed his eyes he saw Nellie's pale face with made him smile. Then he groaned trying to stop himself from seeing her. When he finally fell asleep he dreamt about Nellie. And this time he didn't try to stop it.

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