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Full Name: Rose Bella Deja-Blue; nicknamed Muse. Called Bella by few people.

Current Age: Nineteen

Current Occupation: Head Warrior of Dream Kingdom


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Personality: Often serious; often seeming to have no emotion. Only around close friends does she allow herself to engage in irrelevant small talk. Other than that, she only speaks when necessary, and tries not to bring any attention to herself if she can help it.


Father: Jones Blue (possibly deceased – whereabouts unknown) Last sighting of Jones Blue; deckhand on a small pirate's ship called the Wizard.

Mother: Relinda Deja (deceased) Lived her entire life as a Port Royal street rat; death caused by a disease that she did not have money to cure.

Close friends:

Prince Lyon; fellow Dream Kingdom member, current crush and closest friend.


Rose was raised by her mother on the streets of Port Royal, where her mother had lived out her on life. Her father does not yet know of her existence. He came to Port Royal as a deckhand on a small pirate's ship. Relinda fell in love with Jones; Jones took advantage of her and left Port Royal on the Wizard soon after.

When Rose was five years old, her mother contracted a sickness from their many nights sleeping on the sidewalk corners, and did not have the money to buy medicine or visit a doctor. She died three weeks later. Rose then had to fend for herself; she took up her mother's habit of stealing food and clothes to get by. The only possessions she has to remind herself of her parents are a cross-shaped necklace from her mother and a sturdy, well-carved blade that her father left behind.

At the age of fifteen, Rose joined the Dream Kingdom. She there met and was trained by Lyon, the General of the Dream Kingdom army. When the Dream Kingdom slowly started to fall, she and Lyon both left the kingdom, but kept close contact. Rose spent the next four years training with Lyon and, for a brief few months, stayed at a snowy village known as White Winter Kingdom. When news came of the Dream Kingdom's resurface, she quickly headed back.

As a former member of Dream Kingdom and a friend of their ruler, Rose was accepted back into the kingdom, and took up position as Head Warrior/Army General.

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Rose Bella Deja-Blue

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