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Heavenly Mode:
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Hollow:Lets pretend he has a full mask on.(;
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Race: Mod Soul Fusion

Rion was created….a lab child so to say. He was a fusion of the Holy parts of Ran, and also, Tio. The fusion was something that took time to complete. Virror created the Soul Syringe, Mod Soul Candy Capsules(MSCC) and a new gigai, known as Rion. Saphyre(mare), was given a strict list of directions to complete to let the fusion be completed by Virror. Before she has began the operation to fuse the two together, Virror left the body of Tio, forcing him to pass out and lay motionless. Virror was his power, and without him, he was just a 28 year old who was dying of a rare case of “Partial Paralysis”. Once that had happened, Saphrye followed the directions, took out the soul of Tio with the soul syringe, injecting the MSCC, crushing the MSCC of both Ran, and Tio, and injected it into a new Soul Syringe, and injected the new Gigai with it, thus creating Rion. Soon after this, Virror returned to the lab. He went into his contract form and signed his freedom away to Rion, and became the inner demon belonging to Rion.
Soon after Rion was created, he wanted his vengeance. He went and found the man who killed his father, Damon, and attempted to kill him once and for all. This mans name was Elrich. He wanted his death more than anything else and in the end, the surrounding area was torn apart, all living things were now dead, and both Elrich and Rion were near death. As a last resort, Elrich attempted a new move. He fired it successfully, not realizing that with it, came the ultimate sacrifice. His own life. Soon after Rion’s death, Hachiman came looking for Rion. He found him in Hell, and gave him new powers, powers that Rion had never thought to exist, and ultimately, brought him back to life making him The Second Heavenly King.
Before being released into the human world once more, Rion was forced to have a 30% power decrease hidden within in his body. Hachiman did this with something called a Gentei Kaijo(Limiter Release). The Gentei Kaijo has taken his power level down to about 70% allowing him to travel the human world so that when needed, he can fight without causing too much chaos. Because Hachiman sealed away 30% of his power until he truly needed it, he granted him one of the three great eye techniques, the byakugan. He stayed in the land of The Eight Banners to train, and become more powerful. Doing so, he learned the fighting style of the gentle fist, and also learned how to open the eight inner gates, unlocking his true potential without undoing the Gentei Kaijo.
After learning the gentle fist and how to unlock the eight inner gates, he left the land of the eight banners and traveled into the human world too start anew, meeting new friends along with old friends and creating a new life for himself.

Main Elements-
• Earth-
Minerals- Something that was originally created by ran. It was a way to control diamonds. Soon after mastering the use of diamonds, he began trying other minerals and finally found a way to grow, and manipulate other minerals as well. He introduces his use of minerals was in a match with Cloud, and from there, it quickly became his signature move.
Quick Sand- The quick sand is more of an ability that allows Rion to soften the ground under him and letting him quickly sink into it, then harden it above him and soften it else where and push him back to the surface.
Laced Diamonds- These are diamonds that Rion can grow either from the ground, or on his body. There are many different colors, and each color has a different use, the grey diamonds being the most dangerous, but least used.
Diamond Rebirth- This is a technique where diamonds cover Rion’s body, acting as skin and once broken will begin to regenerate. This regeneration does take time, and the ability is always in use.

• Fire-
Fire Recovery- Rion is able to heal himself using flames. Nothing major, but minor wounds and deep cuts are able to be sealed using a special flame that burns directly in the center of Rion’s stomach.

• Water-

• Wind-

Sub Elements-

• Lightning-
Storm- Having the ability to create a thunderstorm by launching a conductor into the sky and sending a high voltage into the conductor, thus creating an intense thunder storm that Rion is able to control.
Raging Light Fang- After absorbing so much electricity, or charging himself up, Rion will fire a lethal amount of electricity and aim it in a cage like formation at his enemy.

  • Chidori-
A concentration of electricity forming in the users palm and then forced outwards into the enemy, causing major damage.

  • Chidori Stream-
A concentration of electricity that is fired out of the users palm and directed towards the opponent.

  • Lightning Blade-
A concentration of electricity that forms into a blade around the users arm, and can be used to cut through many things.

Darkness Dome- Being able to create a dome of pure darkness with his sword, Rion can manipulate the dome to grow body parts, make illusions, and leave both Rion and his opponent without any sense of sight.
• Blood-
Blood Fusion- From getting just a tiny drop of blood from his opponent, Rion can create a link with the Blood Fusion Network, copying all the powers and abilities of an opponent while the opponent would also be able to gain all the powers and abilities from Rion.

Iron Maiden- Rion’s right hand women. She is made of the universes strongest metal and is able to grow or shrink to the size of Rion’s target, and traps the target inside of her.

Iron Warrior- Rion summons him when he needs a distraction. He has a large metal sword that when swung, fires off an immense energy and a shield that when the edges turn completely red, it fires a beam of red light. Anything that the beam touches is instantly vaporized.


• Byakugan- This is the power given to him by Hachiman. It gives him the ability to see the chakra of others and a 359 degree vision.

• The Gentle Fist- A fighting style that goes along with the use of the Byakugan, it pin points chakra points and allows Rion to open and close chakra points hurting his opponent by crushing their ability to control chakra. Some moves within the gentle fist may kill an enemy with ease.

• Bones- After seeing his father use them, he continues to study them. Soon after, he taught himself how to use them. Now, he is able to pin his opponent, pierce through his opponent, and even walk on them making him resemble a spider when doing so.

• Moon Fang Heaven Piercer- A dark blue energy thrown off of his sword that increases in power when Rion uses his spiritual pressure.

• Black Moon Fang- This is an enhanced version of Moon Fang Heaven Piercer. Its appearance is different than it though. This one is black with a red aura surrounding it. Rion has to put a lot of his spiritual pressure into his sword for it to fire off the Black Moon Fang.

• Moonless Sky- Generating a blade of deep black spiritual energy in his hand and swings it towards the target. Doing so causes a massive veil of black spiritual energy to erupt upwards and approach the target, darkening the sky, and heavily damaging anything caught within the blast. The energy then continues to rise, dissipating into the sky.

• Eight Point Purity Seal- A seal that uses Celtic language and is formed only when Rion is in his Mage Mode. He takes his staff and and draws the celtic symbols in the ground and finally forms a seal. The seal will only last a total of three months, but is able to get the job done.

• Heavenly Mode- Although he has yet to fight in this mode, he knows that it holds unthinkable power. This is the form that he must use when is the land of the eight banners, but has yet to be brought to the point of needing to use this to fight.


Weapons:[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Betrayal- Betrayal is my main sword, it contains massive energy, and was formed from broken pieces of the tri darkness swords used by Tio.

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Soul Trap- Soul trap is also made from the broken pieces of tri darkness swords, but unlike betrayal, this sword holds the power to open time ripples.

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