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Post  Angel on 7/9/2012, 9:45 pm

Name: Alice Wicka Storms

Nickname: Ali, Wicka.

Age: 18

Race: Phoenix/Human

Father: James S. Storms ( Human )
Mother: Kara L. Storms ( Phoenix )
Brother: Cole R. Storms

Appearance:Alice Storms Snap1080

Phoenix Form: Alice Storms Phoenix_by_oorayonoo-d30zyuu

History: Alice was born into a great family of sword masters. Both her father and her brother were amazing when it came to battle of metal against metal. It wasn't tradition for girls to play with swords, but with Alice's constant persistence, her father finally began to train her. Her mother would of rather her follow her path of medicine, but Alice was so easily bored by what her mother would teach her. She'd often fall asleep during lessons. Giving up, her mother persuaded her father to let Alice learn the ways of the blade. From a young age she was always enthusiastic. From taking ballet at her mothers request, to martial arts at her fathers. He couldn't have daddy's little girl getting hurt. Her brother Cole always thought of her as a fly bugging to get her way. Even though he cared about her, he never believed that she could make her way to higher ranks. As she aged, her technique improved. Constant practice and devotion made her cocky at her own pace. Finally seeing what his baby sister could really do, Cole gifted his baby sister with a sword forged just for her. A medium sized blade with not a large amount of weight. Perfectly balanced at the center, and engraved with her family's name. Feeling confident with her family behind her, Alice knew she was ready to take on the world. So the day of her 18th birthday, she said her good byes to her family, and set off to prove herself as more than just a little girl with a sword.

Personality: Alice is a bit of a playful bitch. She's nice, but her personality takes some getting use to. She's extremely head strong and even if its a good or bad idea, she'll still run in, even if she could get killed. Alice is incredibly protective, but also extremely sarcastic. Most everything is a joke to her, but that's because she just doesn't seem to care.

Specialty: Sword-Play

Rank: Sword Mistress

Love Interest: N/A

Pet: A baby Griffin that her father gave her when she was young.

Battle music:

Theme Music:

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