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Post  Etherlam on 7/10/2012, 11:52 am

Name: Cain Vael
Race: Elf/Dragon hybrid
Age: 20
Height: 6 feet
Appearance: Cain  Vael Elven_14
Weapon: Bow and arrows, assorted long daggers and knives, two short swords
Class: Archer
Companion: Hawk
History: Cain hasn't been the same since his familys death, they owned a great deal of land and he was to inherit the fortunes, but a well known guild of thieves had his family assassinated, taking the fortunes for themselves, they got everyone or so they thought, Cain's mother managed to get him to safety but from the night he vowed he would seek revenge on those who had robbed him of his life and he trained in the skills of the archer, mastering its talents, and as well, he even mastered the art of magic, infusing his arrows with the magical properties.

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