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Post  Rion on 7/10/2012, 7:43 pm

Name: Ashten Grey


Race: Graceling

Appearance:Ashten Grey User4411

Bio: Growing up a Graceling, wasnt easy. You had to hide from the king. The king made it a law that all gracelings belonged to him. They were his property. His parents hid him. Soon, the farmer next door reported this to the king's men and both of Ashten's parents were sent to prison to be executed under the case of treason. Soon, he mastered his grace and picked up sword fighting, becoming a master of it. The King took hold of this grace and used Asten in his wars. Since then, the kingdom has become one to fear from one that was pitied by all others. At age 16, taking his 9-tailed fox with him, and ran into the night.


Fox Volley- Gris, the 9-tailed fox, can be a deadly weapon, using his tails as daggers and cutting through enemies with his poison tipped tails

Sword play

Control over Dreams- Whether it be good dreams, or nightmares, day dreaming or sleeping, the dreams can be controlled and force the person to believe every part of it is actually happening, or true. Causing insanity to set in.

More to follow.

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