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Aria Stelladomer

Aria Stelladomer New_ma10

Age: 19
Race: Mermaid (Think POTC of sorts)

History: Aria has lived all over the planet, in almost every environment. She follows her family wherever the current takes them. Most of her life however, she's lived in an undersea city called Poseidono with many tunnels that lead to undersea caves that touch the surface in a host of locations of the woods, mountains and others. She enjoys spending time on land whenever she can find the time, humans were so easy to fool into anything her beauty could bring her to ask for. Other creatures regard her with caution. (More to follow as I mull it over)

Personality: Aria's personality changes with the moon and tide. Sometimes she's sweet and generous while others she can be promiscuous and unmerciful. She's loyal only to those who deserve it. She can be stubborn but usually acts carefree. She's very aware of the affect her looks have on others and likes to flaunt that.

Specialty: Aquatic Magic and Lunar Magic

Weapons: Trident, Bow and Arrows infused with underwater technology.

Love Interest: Too soon to say..

Pet: Darcy, a sheltie dog that shape shifts into a dolphin upon entering the water. (Origin from science which suggests dogs evolved from dolphins or vice versa)


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