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Post  Will Ashton on 8/9/2012, 3:58 pm

Name:James Doubtfire
Power(in the other world.) :I control any type of liquid(water or non-water)which means i can control people my controlling their body water.
Looks(before and after,or just after if you want owo):
Other Info: I'm Pansexual and a bit of a man whore.I like to drink and party, but its all to close off the real world.I have a crush on everyone here after the party, the main reason I'm here is,I wanted to see who i could score first.

Name:Will Ashton
weapon:my mind,my powers,and a blade and hunting rifle
race:werewolf/vampire mix.
other:I'm a male courtesan.I sell myself to higher powers in order to gain information for my rogue group.Contrary to most whores, I enjoy my work.I don't believe in love, not since the feud.I dont believe anyone can fix that.

Name:William McDaniels aka "The Doctor"
Looks:a good looking,tan,dark haired man about 25.He always goes shirtless showing off his toned body.He has a scar over his right eye going from his hairline to his chin.He has dark blue eyes, the color of the south pacific.
Weapons (NO MAGIC):A decorated Cutlass, two psitols, a blunderbuss, and an array of throwing knives.He has a couple grandes hidden on him.You don't want to know where.
Job Requested:First (or second)mate
Extra info:He is a romancer(or at least eh thinks he is).He swings both ways and is ALWAYS hitting on people.This said, he never really settles down. He has a capuchin monkey named "Rose" who always gets into mischief.The monkey has a pistol which,believe it or not, is a very good shot with.

Will Ashton

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