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The List of the Elite Empty The List of the Elite

Post  Etherlam on 8/11/2012, 5:22 pm

This is not a set list, if you feel something about it should be changed, PM me your concerns, I will accept no post added to here unless I agree to it. If you feel you should be added, PM why or if you feel someone should be taken off. I am going in alphabetical order based on the main charachters' names.

Characters: Angel Hollowell, Tira Colleti, and Alice Storms
She has participated in many of the RPGs made on the forum, she gets involved with the VFK wars, she even continues to try to advance the RP with the new universe she is trying to create that multiple people have already joined and I'm sure look forward to the new adventure.

Characters: Damon Firedrake, Hioki
Damon has caused countless wars on VMK and in VFK he has been apart of many great battles, he does not stop RPing, he puts forthe effort to make it wonderful, I am proudly his brother in the Firedrake family, started at the begining of VFK, I could not ask for a better Rival/Partner, when he isnt trying to kill me, hes got my back. He demon Hioki always offers a good challenge to those who feel like they can take him on.

Character: Elana Anamoly-Firedrake
I have RPed with Maddy since VMK, I do not quite remember how we met but to me shes one of the originals and I have always respected her as an opponet, she became apart of two familys, I know her in the Firedrakes as my niece, Damon knows how to choose a daughter. I have also found out Maddy has been RPing on other sites, what I find impressive is she can post 300+ words per post.

Tobisia (Rad)
Characters: Ray Firedrake, Apollo
Rad has been one of my friends for as long as I can remember and I know I can get on his nerves sometimes but that did not stop him from becoming my son in the firedrake family and my family on IMVU, I'll get on IMVU to find him still RPing it out with the family, I like how he doesn't give up and I could not ask for a better son and friend, my mother has trained him well, anyone who doesn't think Rad is good fighter, well...thats their funeral.

Character: Revan Uchiha
We all know him as the King of Olympus, this King surely does live up to his reputation. Harboring such power that only a few could withstand, Revan truly is an elite. From numerous battles with Cloud, to his destructive clashes with Damon, this elite veteran definitely is like no other. His demonic side has always offered great entertainment, I'm sure everyone enjoyed fighting against Dark Revan as much as I have.

Characterss: Rion and Virror
Joey, although he joined later in the roleplay has contributed many hours of dedication in keeping it going. He has well rounded characters and creative fighting styles, the most well known being diamond magic. As well usually when a large battle will occur, it doesn't matter which side he is, Joey will target me out which I'm ok with, its all good fun.

Mare's Characters: Samantha, Saphyre, and Christiana
Maryann has always put the effort and time into RP, we use her site for all our RPGs and for that we are thankful to her. She also build the Underground and many people on VFK have trained under Mare's teachings.

Together Mare and Savvy have started a new RP kingdom on IMVU that I look forward to being apart of.

Savvy's Characters:Anemoi
Savvy and I have be RPing together since VMK, started when me and her were enemies, the Vampires against Tron war, I'll never forget that, then I decided to be my own race, dark elf in which for some reason I then allied myself with her and the Tron.

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