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He's back...

Name:Lance Morello Firedrake


Race:lutum sanguis(Mudblood-Mix of a few races/Unknown)



In contrast to his brother, Lance is a laid back/town fool type of guy. He's often depicted with a childish behavior, being scolded by family members occasionally. However, throughout the past few years, his time in Limbo has proven him to have matured and began to act his age.


Your History:
Tale of the Fool:a433:

Your Family/Relationships:
Damon Firedrake(Brother)
Hunter Firedrake(Brother)
Dragon Firedrake(Sister-unknown)
Zactoid Mcskull(Father)
Silver Mcskull(Mother)
Sara Alnomi(Former Lover)
Alyaa Firedrake(Daughter)
Chastity/Zack II(Twin children, presumed dead)


The story behind the mysterious swords is a simple tale. Since most of the Firedrake family had some ties to both the angelic and damned/demonic worlds,it was often typical to find bands of distant Firedrakes in both realms. Lance's sword was simple crafted by a Lapsis angelus(Fallen Angel), who at first decided to use the weapon in attempt to cause destruction in Heaven. Although the sword was made of Diamond and Gold substances, he failed to complete his quest after he was attacked by paranoid humans. When Lance found the creature, he was weakened, giving Lance a chance to take the weapon by request of the fallen. In promise of destructing heaven, Lance was granted ownership over the sword, only to have tricked the creature; Lance afterwards named the relic "Halo Edge",after he was able to construct Lux divination with it. Since then, he has bonded with the sword,becoming it eternal owner.

Studium Harenas(Study of Sands)-
During the time of his daughter's birth,Lance spent most of his time in the deserts of rural Egypt, where he lived with nomads and desert people. In order to prevent attacks from local authorities, he learnt that the people had derived their power from both the ancient god "Ra" and the sands. While already mastering Lux, Lance began to be taught the ways of using the sands. However, due to returning home to settle civil family disputes, Lance never fully mastered this element.

Studium Lux(Study of Light)-
As a trademark power by most of the Firedrake family,when using deep meditation and concentration, Lance is able to manipulate most light particles from the sun, and therefore construct his own divination from it. Ie. Lance is often credited by himself, for using the light particles to create carbonized light copies of himself to play illusions on his opponent.

Studium Ignea(Study of Fiery/Ember)-
During his time spent in Limbo, he was often dreaming/alluding nightmares of demons and other damned creatures, torturing him with many spells and powers derived from their trademark source, fire and sulfur. After studying techniques during his last few days before escaping, Lance was able to master basic powers of fire, and using his past studies in Lux, he was able to manipulate the destructive yet prosperous element.

Studium Luna(Study of The Moon)-
With his mudblood background,most of Lance's blood runs thick in lycanthrope. This granted him strength to use the element from the moon, to gain his strength, and at certain power levels, transform into a lycan(see appearances). However, due to conflicting rivalries between Lux and Luna, Lance's power from the moon can only be granted to him either at night, or when the moon is visible. Although, it has been said that anger during the day caused Lance to attack and eventually transform.

Most of Lance's powers are similar to that of his brother's, since Damon trained Lance and molded him into who he is today. However, these powers are not categorized as major subgroups due to Lance's lack of mastery. All other powers not described above this Assorted subgroup lack mastery from Lance, and therefore fall under Assorted.


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