Samantha Elizabeth McSkull -deceased-

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Samantha Elizabeth McSkull -deceased- Empty Samantha Elizabeth McSkull -deceased-

Post  Maretothebear on 6/19/2011, 1:05 am

Full Name: Samantha Elizabeth McSkull

Age: 25

Appearance: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Personality: Wise and happy. Sam has always been an optomistic person being caring to all her friends. Family was important to her.

Parents: Hector McSkull (Dad)
Rosaline Davinci (Mom)

Children: Lily Phantom, Quill McSkull.

Specialty: Elements

Powers: Earth and Wind/Air elements.

Weapons: A staff, a blue dragon sword, blades.

Love Interest: Sky (Ex-Husband), Ran Diamond (Ex-husband)

I Samantha McSkull, in the event I have died do hereby leave my mansion, ship, property, clothes, and estate along with credits to one Fallyn Firedrake currently unborn. She may inherit such property as soon as she is born. I leave my children Quill and Bud in the care of Ran Diamond until such time THEY want to live on their own. I leave my adopted daughter Lily in the care of Ran Diamond until she is old enough to share the estate with Fallyn who will give her a room. My children although belonging to Ran also may be parented by Angel Hollowell who has my permission to override any decision if she feels necessary. I leave my badger Hearty to Fallyn xD. All of my weapons and skills may be passed down to Fallyn once she has aged enough to handle them, until such time they will be locked away in the cellar of the house. Her parents Kilian and Angel have the only written combination.

Samantha McSkull was killed in a fight with her ex-husband Ran Diamond who caught her by surprise with his dagger cutting her heart out and putting it in a jar leaving her to slowly die as witnesses looked on.

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