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Saving Lynx

Luke isn't a normal 16 year old. Luke is next on the list to be killed, they're after him, he's on the run. If Luke doesn't find his way back to Lynx, he is going to have a problem. Lynx, is his home planet, he has to save his race. The Lynxians are beyond the people of Earth’s time, they have technology that exceeds Earth’s by hundreds of years. The Lynxians are Luke’s last hope, and if he doesn’t get back before the summer solstice, the Careerers are going to take over Lynx and then Luke’s true power will never be revealed.

The air was humid, and warm, the night sky glowed from the moon. You can hear the sounds throughout the woods, wolves, owls, and other animals of the night, preying on the innocent small animals of the woods. As Luke is running through woods, with super human speed, his blonde hair gets in the way as he looks behind him, the snarling dark figure is no less than five-hundred feet away from him, one wrong move and Luke is going to be fried. Literally. Luke knows that he has to keep running, he can go at this speed all day, but if he wants to get away from this thing, there’s only one thing for him to do. Fight. Luke turns around facing the figure with his broad shoulders ready for impact if what he is about to do doesn’t work. As it runs straight at him Luke raises his muscled arms and a light comes from his hands, burning the three-headed, fire breathing, snarling, beast into ashes. He knows this wasn’t the only one, he closes his eyes and listens. He can hear two, three, four, five, six, more of the Career beasts coming for him from every angle. The only way out is up and Luke knows this as well as anyone else does. He takes off his black leather jacket, and a pair of beautiful wings sprout from his back. He takes for the sky right before the six Career beasts jump right where he was standing. Knowing he had to leave for his own planet now, he knew he had to get his guardian, Jon. There are two types of Lynxians: Guards. Peasants. If you were not one of these, and you were on Lynx, you didn’t make it off, alive anyways. The Lynxians are a very powerful race, each Guard has a power. Most are different from one another, but there are the few who have useless powers, and the few who have powers that can make a big difference throughout the universe. Luke can change the universe.

Once Luke got back to Jon’s old red farm house and told him what had happened, they packed there bags up again and headed for the closest safe house they knew of. With the Careeres this close, Luke and Jon had to be careful of where they went, the beasts can sniff out where they are from hundreds of miles away. As Luke is packing up the last of his bags, he notices the small picture of his graduating class on the night stand next to his bed. He knows that he will never be able to see his friends again. Luke was the star of the schools football team, it was a week before the playoffs, and he had to just disappear, letting his school, friends, everyone he loves down. Jon calls from the living room, “Luke! You almost ready? I think they are comin’!” “Yeah, I’m coming Jon!” Luke calls down. As Luke picks up his bag of what he can take, he looks into his room from the doorway, all the memories flowing through his head. He knows he has to move on, but will he be able to is the question. He takes one last look and shuts his bedroom door for the final time, walks down the steps, 14 to be exact, because he would count every time he walked down them. Luke follows Jon out of the back door to the garage where the ‘69 lemans blue SS camaro was. Jon throws the keys to Luke and tells him, “You’re 16, gotta learn to drive some time don’t ya?”, Luke catches the keys not replying to Jon. Jon throws the last of the bags into the trunk and walks around to the passenger door, opens it, and gets in. Luke, already in the car, looks over at Jon, “I’m gonna miss it Jon, this was the longest we have stayed in one place, I mean, we’ve been here five years now.” “I know Luke, but you knew just as well as I did that this wasn’t permanent.” “Yeah….I know.” Luke reaches up pressing the garage door opener, starts the car, turns on the radio, puts the car in reverse, and pulls out of the garage most likely never seeing his house again.

Luke and Jon were driving down the turnpike, about 70 miles per hour, when Jon says, “Boy, she still purrs like a kitten this old cat does” “Um, Jon, what are you taking about?” “The car, boy…the car. You know I bought this when,” Luke then cuts him off finishing his story, “When I was six, and you got it for free because you saved an old man’s life. Yeah, I know Jon.” The two sat in silence once again with only the radio on. Luke had to much on his mind to worry about anything Jon had to say. Luke knew the problems he could be causing Earth by being here. He didn’t want to put his new home through that. He was selfish, he would rather his home planet be destroyed, not Earth. That was the only thing Jon and Luke really argued about. He didn’t want to go through watching both of his planets be in danger, he knew he had to pick one that would have a better chance of beating the Careeres and it wasn’t Earth.

Luke had to get back to Lynx before the summer solstice and it was only a week away. Summer solstice was the time where both the Careerers and the Lynxians where at their strongest. The Lynxians powers grew and they gained new ones while the Careerers became larger and stronger. Luke’s parents are the king and queen of Lynx and he has every power they both have making him the ultimate Lynxian. Having these powers, puts a big target on Luke’s back and that’s why he had to leave Lynx and set out for Earth. Now that he is old enough, and has the majority of his powers, its time to go and defend his home planet and win the twenty year war against Carrie, the home of the Careeres. Driving down the turnpike, they make their first turn off to Hambeth, the town where the safe house is. Once Luke and Jon make the turn, Jon turns the radio off and pulls out his phone, dials the number, and puts it to his head ringing. After about 20 seconds, a woman answers, “Jon? What’s the problem?” “Gi, get to the house as soon as you can and call the others.”, and before she can reply Jon shuts the phone, ending the call. They drive into Hambeth, finding the safe house, and they pull into the drive way of their new house. As Luke gets out of the car, he puts in the pass code to open the garage, walks in and before he even opens the door all the way, he knows somebody is here. He looks over at Jon and right away, Jon goes into his bag and pulls out a blade, walking into the garage, opens the door and starts walking up the stairs and stops before he opens the door going into the main part of the house. He listens with his ear to the door and Luke is right behind him now ready for anything to happen.

Jon opens the door, and is looking right at the face of Gi. As they start to relax, Gi tells them her story on why she was here. “Well, you know my guardian died a few years back, and, I had to find somewhere safe to stay for now because they were after me still. I got away but I took a beating. Those beasts are a lot stronger than I thought they were.” Luke cuts in, “Yeah, it’s why we are here. I was attacked by seven of them and I killed one, but I took for the sky after that.” Luke heads back down stairs and walks to the car to get all the bags now knowing that the house is safe. He opens the trunk of the car, reaches in and grabs the bags and goes back up into the house.

Gi and Jon are sitting at the small round table with three chairs around it talking about how to get home. When they notice that Luke is back, they both stop and look at him, then each other, and finally the table.
Luke starts with, “What?”

“Nothing, me and Jon were just talking about how we are going to get home.”

“Well, Luke, it’s going to take a lot so we should probably get all the plans together and start getting everything we need. You’re going to have to be ready for anything because I don’t know what’s going to be waiting out there for us.”

Luke looks straight at Jon and says, “Well, you know I am, but are you guys?”

Jon and Gi both look at Luke and put their heads down once again. Luke at this point isn’t really concerned about them, only what’s really going on. He knows that he has to get ready for this war, and finish off Carrie or both Earth and Lynx are going to be gone.

The Careeres are close Gi, Jon, and Luke all know it. What they are going to do about it is another story. Luke continues walking to his room, everything still running through his head. Down in the kitchen, Jon and Gi and talking about Gi’s sister back home, Luke’s, best friend, first love, and soon to be commander of the war, Mare.

Mare is a different type of guard, it’s because she controls elements like Luke. Mare is able to control air and earth, while Luke controls fire and air. These two guards are the biggest threats to the Careeres and that’s why they are the next targets, the others like them are already gone. If they both are not alive by the time Luke gets to Lynx, if he gets there, they actually stand a chance. Luke knows this, and it’s why he knows that he can’t let earth, or Lynx down. Luke sits in his room, with his Ipod on and just laying on his newly made bed. Gi may be younger, but she acts a lot older. She knew from the call Jon meant something was wrong, and she had all the beds in the house made, and made calls to all the guards on Earth and the ones who make it there, should be there within the hour.

The power that they have to unleash to get home is incredible. All the guards on Earth are needed to get home. That’s why Jon and Gi don’t know how they are going to get home since some of them may not make it to the safe house. If they don’t, its going to be up to Luke to create the portal. The portal is the only thing that Luke can think of to get home. Unless Jon and Gi have another idea. Its all that Luke can think of. As Luke is laying in his bed, he falls asleep, and just like clockwork, at the top of the hour, three more guards show up at the safe house. Luke wakes up at the voice of the only other guard, closest to his age, Dante.

Dante is 15, he has short dark hair, deep blue eyes, he is very tall for his age, he looks about 19 with all the muscles, but that’s just one of his powers, strength. Dante and Luke have grown up together, they originally were “brothers” from Canada, but they were targeted to much. It wasn’t safe, so they all split up. Luke got up from his bed, walked out the door, and into the kitchen where everyone was talking about the troubles they had getting there. When Dante hears Luke he gets up, and walks over to him embracing him,

“Been way to long bro”

“I know. How was it getting here? Run into any Careeres?”

“Nah, just a beast, but it was when I first left Minnesota”

Jon cuts in then, “So, you got here in 45 minutes….from Minnesota?”

“Yeah, took the first flight out of there”

“Well, I guess that would do it.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t wait to see Lukey boy” he laughs.

Luke walks over to the table with the other to guards sitting there, Julius and Jewels. These two are twins, they both have jet black hair, they are short, the biggest difference between the two is the length of their hair. Unlike the other guards, these two are very skinny, they look almost as if they don’t eat. They both even act the same. These two really don’t leave each other’s side. They may look and even act alike, but there powers are completely different. Julius can control shadows, but Jewels controls light. These two are a powerful duo. Julius drowns you in shadows while Jewels blinds you with her light. Jewels looks over at Luke and asks,

“Have the beasts come after you more than once?”

“Yeah, but this last time was the worst, I was by myself, and in the woods, they had the advantage in numbers and the area. If it wasn’t for my wings, I’d be dead right now.”

“Yeah that’s not something we want. We need you for our journey home and defeating the Careeres.”

Luke looks down at the table and says, “Yeah, do you really think I’m going to be up to this?”

“Luke, you’re up to anything you put your mind to.”

“Yeah, I guess so, but what if something happens to one of you guys because of me?”

“Nothing will, okay? Just….believe that nothing will happen, and nothing will. I promise that Luke.”

“Is that a promise you can keep?”

He looks down at the table and tears start to form in his eyes. Jewels looks at Luke knowing that he is under more pressure than the rest of them, knowing that he can’t wait to be back with Mare, under pressure if Mare is even still alive. Finally, she sighs and says, “No, I cant, but I can say this, I wouldn’t have it any different, I mean, you leading us that is.” Luke continues fighting back the tears in his eyes and pushes his chair from the table, gets up, and goes back into his room. Luke lies in his bed, crying still, knowing that he has to man up and show his leadership, not his fear. Showing fear shows weakness, showing weakness, can get you killed, and everyone you love killed. By the time the rest of the guards get to the safe house, its six o’ clock, and some bad news came with the arrival of the final guards to make it. Jon calls Luke from his room to have the two new arrivals, once again related, but this time, married. Sam is tall, about 6’4” and built like a Greek God, with blue eyes, and dusty blonde hair. Sky on the other hand, stands tall at 4’3” but like her husband, built like a Greek Goddess, she may be the most beautiful women here on earth, her gray eyes, and her deep black hair only add to her olive skin, making her even more beautiful.

Once Luke is finally back to the spot her left at the table, Sam and Sky start to tell of how the other three sacrificed themselves and fought of the four beasts that followed them here. They could have made it by losing one, but three is another story. Once everyone lets it settle into their heads, Gi speaks up and says, “So, somehow we are going to have to get home and as of right now, we have about six days. Any ideas?” Everyone just sits there looking at her and so she says again, “SO. Some how we HAVE to get HOME guys. Start throwing those ideas out there. Don’t be scared.” Once again, nothing. Everyone is to upset to even speak, let alone think about ideas on how they are getting home.

Finally, Luke speaks, “Guys, Gi is right, we do have to find a way to get home. I know some of us think of this as our home now, and I am one of them, but right now, we have to go save our planet from the Careerers. Jon, do we still have those teleportation stones?”

“No, I don’t think we do”

“Well, how about the wish stones?”

“I know for a fact those are gone, you used them when you were young to keep yourself safe”

Gi cuts in and starts to say, “ How about id we….” Luke cuts her off mid sentence knowing what she is going to say,

“Gi, you know damn well im not leaving all of that to your sister, so start thinking of a way to get back there.”

“Luke, it might be for the better. I mean, there are enough guards up there to save them, whose going to save Earth?”

“ The humans have enough technology to handle them, im not worried about Earth, im worried about Lynx.”

“ But…”

“No Gi. No buts, just… JUST THINK!”

“Luke, if you ever yell at me again, ill rip your head off and feed it to the rats in the sewer, do you understand me?”

at this point, everyone is silent until Julius says, “Why don’t we at least attempt to open the portal? I mean… Luke does have enough power to open it himself, if he just puts half of his power, do you think it would work?”

Jon replies sharply and quickly, “He would, and he could, but I won’t allow it. It will drain a lot from him, and as soon as we set foot on that planet, we may get attacked and we need him at a hundred percent if we plan on making it out alive.”

“Well, it was worth a shot”

“And I am very sorry I had to shoot it down, but do you see where I am coming from?”

“Yes, I do. And I now understand why that would not be a good idea.”

This time, it’s Sam who starts, “Well, how about if we use the training stones on each other while attempting to create the portal? Would that work?”

“No, I don’t think it would, because the training stones don’t really add to your power, they help pull out your powers from your core.” Jon says.

“Well, yeah. I guess that does make sense, just an idea.” Everyone is silent and staring off into space, thinking.

“What about if I open the portal by myself, we have everyone form around me, as protection, and Jon gives me my strength back with the healing stone?”
“Luke you know damn well I wont let that happen don’t even think about it boy.”

Gi replies before Luke can and says, “It is a good idea, and I think it could work, its just that I think we would be taken down before you were completely healed, and we would be out numbered.”

“I guess, but you guys need to have more faith in me. I know I can do it and I know it will work.”
Everyone just looks at him and knows that it would work, but with Gi and Jon both against it, nobody wants to go against them. “I mean if you have a better idea, speak up because my idea obviously isn’t going to work according to you two who shoot down everyone’s ideas and can’t even come up with your own.”

“Look Luke, I know you can do this, but we are not risking all of our lives just to get back and have you healed.”

“Well what if we had the portal take us into the castle, not onto the battle field. Can’t we get in touch with Mare and get their side of the portal into the castle?”

Jon looks at Luke with his head tilted to one side and says, “Actually. Gi, get in touch with your sister, that’s a good idea, tell her to get the portal into the infirmary, and be ready with power supplements.”

“On it Jon!”

“Alright, Luke, Julius, Sam, come with me. We need to get one more thing out of Luke before he even attempts to do this.”

The four of them walk outside and behind the house and into the woods, they walk about a mile and a half and walk into a clearing where Jon stops and tells Luke to get into the center of the clearing and then Julius, Sam, and himself surround Luke and lift him off of the ground and Jon shouts, “Now Luke, get yourself down from there!”

“I would, but uh, HOW!?”

“Just think! You can do this!” Luke then closes his eyes, and when he opens them, they are no longer the blue-ish grey they usually are, but this time, they are a hazel color and fire, water, earth, and air are now circling around him, and he starts to fall to the ground, Luke has unleashed his final power.
“Well, Luke, looks like you’re an elementalist!”

“Yeah, well, how did it just come so fast?”

“It did because one, you were ready, and two, you knew I was doing this for a reason and you know that you needed to become more powerful before we get back to Lynx.”

Gi comes walking out and into the clearing, “Well, she said at the top of the hour, it will be there so we have about forty five minutes before we do this. You ready Luke?”

“To see Mare, im always ready you know that, Gi.”

“Luke, no. you know what I mean.”

“Gi, yes. I do know what you mean, and yes I’m ready for that too.”

“Good, because right now, we need you to be able to open this portal, and get us back to Lynx before the end of the night.”

Luke looks up at the sky, and lets himself fall backwards into the grass of the clearing, and looks up watching the clouds go by letting all of this set into his head and ready himself for what is about to happen in under an hour. He gets to see Mare again, he gets to prove himself to everyone, including himself. He gets to be a hero.

The others leave Luke alone in the field, and they walk back to the house.

Jon says, “He does have a lot on his mind, I think he wants to just get back and be done with it all. What did your sister say when you mentioned Luke opening the portal by himself?”

“Well, she’s totally against it, and I don’t know how they are doing, she wont tell me anything.”

“You know just as well as the rest of us that its not safe Gi.”

“Yeah, but Jon, I’m her sister, she should tell me everything without me having to beg.”

There’s a long pause between the two, and Julius says, “Do you guys hear that?”

“Hear what?” Jon replies.


After about a minute, “Julius, do you think it could be….” And Jon is cut of as he watches Sam and Julius take off back to the field where Luke was. By himself.

Jon and Gi take off in the other direction towards the house, and just before the get to the edge of the forest, they can see the house is surrounded.

“Gi! Go! Get back to the clearing, and ill go get the others and meet you there don’t worry about me!”


“Gianna! GO. I’m sure they are fine, Dante is with them.”

“Fine, but its not going to be on my own.” She takes a hold of Jon’s shirt and runs as fast and as hard as she can back to the clearing before Jon can object, therein the clearing. Everyone is there.

“See Jon, your lucky I brought you. They were just coming to warn us.”

“Yeah. I should never of been so foolish.”

Dante cuts in with, “Well, I heard them coming and I got the other out of the house as fast as I could.”

“Good thing you did because that place is surrounded.”

“Yeah, we really should be working on opening the portal being that they are so close.”

Luke sits up for the first time, not caring about anything at this point, “Everyone move.” Luke’s eyes start to change from the normal hazel color, to this pale blue color, he raises his arms, palms out away from everyone, and lights of every color shoot from his hands, along with fire, lightening, and water. The portal started to form, and the other all raise there palms to face the portal and within the minute, the portal is open. Luke lay unconscious on the grass and Dante picks him up and carries him through.

After about three hours, Luke wakes up, Mare at his side.

“Well good morning sleeping beauty.”

Luke looks up at her and smiles, “I did it just to see your beautiful face love.”

She leans over and kisses his head, “You silly goose, you know you would be back with me before you could count to ten.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t want to wait that long. I waited long enough. I missed you love.”

Dante, on the other side of Luke, “Well, I’m just glad your all right. You took a pretty hard fall after you opened the portal.”

“Did I at least finish it?”

“Nah, no worries though, we all worked together. You had most of it done for us.”

“You guys shouldn’t have had to do anything. It was up to me and I let you all down. Is everyone else okay?”

“Sam got hurt before we went through, they caught up to us he is in the next room. Nothing serious though. One actually followed us through. They have him in the prison, questioning him.”

For the first time, Luke looks around the room, everything is the same as it was when he left his room to go to Earth. The walls still silver, his bed still set to maximum comfort to only him. He looks over at his wall where his favorite poster hung. It was a poster of his favorite band from Earth, Simple Plan. They were old now, but they still were his favorite.

Gi walks into the room and looks from Mare, to Luke, then back, “Looks like you two are doing perfectly fine.”

“Yes sister, we are. Is there something I can do for you?”

“Yes, there is. Stop playing with his heart. Let the other girls talk to him.”

“What do you mean? I am not playing with is heart. I love him and he loves me end of story.”

“You might fool him, but you don’t fool me. I’m your sister, I know you, you’re playing with his heart for power. You just want to be the power couple and rule our planet. I can’t allow that.”

Luke looks over at Gi and says, “Gi, what are you talking about?”

“Luke, Mare knows you can’t be together, but she still continues to push you and I away from each other. There are things you don’t know about what should have happened between you and I. When we were younger, they had arranged a marriage. You and I Luke, we were supposed to get married and Mare would be our second in command. Your parents wanted you and I o rule the planet and defeat the Careeres, Mare wants you to take her over me though. She wants the power and wants me to take second command. I can not allow that. It goes against what should happen.”

“Mare, is this all true?”

Mare looks down at the floor, “Yes, it is. Gi is the prettier sister and, well, I wanted to be able to take her man this time. She always took my guys right out from in front of me. This time, I did it to her and she can’t stand to see it. I’m sorry Luke. At first those were my intentions, now, I really do have feelings for you.”

Dante looks at all three of them, gets up from his chair, and says, “Well, ill uh…let you guys handle this. “I’m going to see how Sam is doing.”

Luke watches as Dante shuts the door behind him, sits up in his bed, and looks at Gi, “Gi, I’m so sorry. Why didn’t you tell me before all of this though?”

“Well, I knew you were happy with Mare, but seeing you guys together disgusts me anymore because I know her intentions are not pure. She doesn’t love you the way I do Luke. Please see through her games and be with me, not her. Luke, I love you.”

Mare looks up at Gi, “How. Could. You. You’re my sister Gianna, why are you going this to me?”

“Don’t give me that Maryann. Just don’t. You know damn well what you’re trying to do... Luke deserves better than this. You need to stop. We all know that you’re love for him is not pure. If it was, I wouldn’t care, but I’m not watching him be hurt.”

Luke looks at the two fighting with each other, “How about this, both of you get out of my room and let me think. I don’t know who I want to believe right now.”

Mare and Gi both look at Luke, amazed by what he just said, then at each other and back at Luke, and then they walk out of the room.
Luke falls back onto his pillow, and rolls over onto his stomach, and starts talking out loud, “Why me. Why me.” He knows that he cant just lay here when everything outside was going on. He rolls back over, stairs up at the ceiling, and then kicks his blankets off, jumps out of bed, puts on his Lynxian suit, walks to the door, opens it, and heads towards Sam’s room to see how he is.

When he walks into the room, it’s empty. He looks around and there obviously was somebody here, but they have been gone for awhile now. Could Dante have been wrong about the room? No, Dante would have known where Sam would be. Dante and Sam were close, almost as close as Dante and Luke were.
Luke turns on his heels, and walks back out the door. He heads for the closest window and looks out. His planet is nothing how he remembered it. While looking out, Luke remembers what Dante had said about them questioning a Careerer in the prison, and so, he heads for the prison.

Once in the prison, he heads for the guards asking if they had seen Dante. They tell him that he is in the questioning room, and they take him to him and let him in. The Careerer is uglier than the rest for some reason. His skin is darker, almost grey. His eyes, pure white, with slits in them, he must be blind Luke thinks. Dante looks back at Luke and tells him about Sam being fine and in the training room. Luke looks down at the ground and then at Dante, “Do you think I can do this?”

“I don’t think you can. I know you can. You’re the strongest person I know Luke. Pick your head up and go see Sam. I’m sure he can’t wait to see you.”
“You’re probably right, but, what is this thing doing? Is it….dead?”

“No, it’s just not talking. Look how ugly it is. I think it wants to die though, seems to be old, blind, sick. I don’t know I kind of feel bad for him.”

“Yeah.” Luke heads for the door, turns around one last time, “Dante, you know you’re the closest thing to family I have? I don’t want to lose you.”

“Don’t worry Luke, I’m not going anywhere.”

He turns back around, looking at the old Careerer, “I just don’t know what to do with him.”

Luke looks at Dante one last time, and walks out of the door.

He walks into the wall way and starts towards the door leading out of the prison and back outside to the training area. He sees everyone huddles around and another person on the ground. Luke ran to see what happened and when he got to where everyone was, he realized it wasn’t a person, but it was a Careerer. It must have snuck in through the portal because there was no way that he could have gotten through the gates without anyone knowing. It looks like Julius took care of it though because this thing was writhing in pain screaming. I never thought Julius to be a person to be able to cause that much pain. He was the nicest person I had met within my life. His sister was flinching at every scream the thing let out. She felt pity for it, we all did, but we all knew it had to be done. If we show pity, they will easily take over Lynx without pity of their own, if anything they would laugh as we died.

The Careerer did something we have never seen. It cried. It turned and looked me in the face, and cried. These things don’t cry they live to destroy and conquer and right now, they want to destroy our race, and conquer our planet.

With all of this going through Luke’s head, he was confused now. What if there were innocent ones that didn’t want to fight anymore but they wanted to help them. Luke didn’t want to just go out and kill each one of them one by one. Some of them didn’t deserve to die, some of them could be used against their own race. The hard part would be getting them to come out and say they are done with their old ways and join the Lynxians.

He looked at the Careerer once more, walked over to it, crouched down, and asked, “If you let you live, would you come to our side?” Luke was one of the few who were actually able to understand these things. The Careerer replied, “Yes, I don’t want to die anymore please help the ones who wish to not fight anymore please I beg of you.” Luke looked at the creature puzzled. He got up, pulling it with him, and took him down to the prison cell where the other Careerer sat with Dante.

“Dante, I have good news.”

“Yeah, what about?”

“Well, some of the Careeres don’t want to fight us anymore,” He then pointed to the one he had behind him standing at the door, “I think some of them would rather help us, then get killed by us.”

“This one wont talk, I have tried for hours to get him to talk, and its not working. Think you could help?”

“I can take a shot at it. Why don’t you go and talk to the one outside the door? It seems to be willing to work things out.”

“No problem, ill see what I can do.”

Dante walked out of the room and the Careerer followed him out to the main desk. They both sat across from each other talking. Luke knew Dante could handle himself with just one if anything went wrong, so he turned and made this other Careerer his main focus.

“So, do you, like your friend out there, want to join us?”

There was a long pause before anything else was said, finally, after about a minute, it responded, “I do.”

“Well, why do you stay so silent when we ask you questions?”

“I wish to join you, but I wish not to die.”

“On our side, you wont die. If you stay on their side, you will.”

“I will take your word for now, and join you. Ask me or the other one of my kind any question you may wish and we both will answer to our fullest.”

“Thank you. May I ask your name?”

“You may call me, 13.”

“You don’t have a real name?”

“I do, 13. We don’t get names, we have numbers.”

“Ah… I see, well is there anything else you would rather be called?”

“No sir, thank you, but 13 is fine.”

Luke looked at this thing puzzled, why wouldn’t it want a name? It just doesn’t make sense. “Okay, well I am sorry. We will get you and your friend a room to share while you stay. I don’t find it to be a problem. We will open up our battle suits for your use as well. We will let the entire battle armada know that you are now one of us, and you will go unharmed.”

The Careerer nodded, got up from where it sat, and followed Luke out of the door and walked towards Dante, “Find out anything interesting?”

“Yeah, they plan to destroy us, then Earth, then Mars. It told me that the humans on earth, have moved onto mars because their planet it going downhill.”
“Yeah, that is news….. i’m going to talk to Jon and the others about that.”

“That’s probably the best thing to do. We have to finish them so they cant do this to anyone else, Luke.”

“I know.” Luke turns around and starts walking with the two Careeres, and Dante behind him. They walk out onto the training field where they had left everyone the first time. Nobody was there. They walked back to each person’s room. Still nothing. Finally, they went to Mare’s office and everyone was there. Luke and Dante explained how these two were joining them, and how Earth was moving to Mars slowly. The expressions on every face in the room were blank. Luke wasn’t sure if it was because we just took two Careeres in, or about Earth taking over Mars. In the end, it is what it is. We have to keep fighting, and stop the Careeres, and if taking out Earth after them is what we need to do, then so be it. Gi, Jon, Sam, Julius, and Jewels were sitting next to each other and Sky leaned against the wall next to Sam, she looked very upset. I wasn’t sure what it was thought. Sky and Sam may only be a few years older than I am, but they always treated me like their son, so seeing her upset was very hard for me to see.

After about five minutes of nobody saying anything, I looked around and said, “We have to do something, and stop the Careeres fast, and then focus on Earth, that’s the last thing we need to worry about right now.”

Jon and Gi quickly stand at the same time and simultaneously respond, “I have an idea.”

Everyone looked at the two of them but Luke was always the first to speak, “Gi, ladies first.”

Gi started, “Why don’t we take everyone in this room, and put us on the front line, we take out there big weapons, surprise them with two of their own, take out the leader, and a few of their armadas. It seems that if we slowly weaken them, they can’t do much.”

“Gi, you know we cant just go in and attack everything at once, their isn’t enough of us. We need to go in small armadas, and sneak up behind them taking them out individually until they are destroyed once and for all. We give pity to the ones who wish to join us, and they fight along side of us.”

Jon looks around as if it was his turn now, “Well, I agree with both of you, but my plan was to send these two Careeres back, and get some insight on what they plan to do, they come back, and tell us, and then we counter their plan as best we can, and go for the heart of their base. We take out their control center, they won’t be able to communicate.”

Sky looked up and said, “Ill go. Ill go in by myself and ill take control of a few of them. Ill manipulate them, and make them take me to the control center. Ill make them shut down all operations, and go back to their planet. We can take Luke and Mare up in an air craft, and make them crash into the old air base. It would end them faster and leave us with more people. If that doesn’t work you only lose a few people instead of hundreds.”

Mare buts in and adds her two-sense, “No way will I let you go alone Sky. That is to much for one person to do on their own. We have another manipulator in this room. Your husband. He will go with you. No buts about it.”

“Mare. It was my plan, and you will not get in the way, do you understand me?”

“Sky, you heard me. You will not go against me orders, and if putting guards outside of your door is what I have to do, ill do it. I don’t want to see you getting hurt. There are other ways to go about this. We will send in about five of our people and extract information we need, and get out of there. You will not be going alone.”

Sky looks Mare in the eyes, her eyes turning a pale green, “I will go on my own, you will not interrupt me, I will do what I need to do and you will not stop me, nor send anyone after me to stop me.” Her eyes turn back to their regular color, and Sky goes over and sits on Sam’s lap.

Mare was now under Sky’s spell and Sky was going to go through with her plan, because along with Mare, so was everyone else in this room. This could mean the end of Sky if things didn’t work well. Something that Sam wouldn’t be able to handle. He would go insane, and kill everything in sight if anything happened to Sky.

Sam was mentally strong, he was able to withstand Sky’s spells the majority of the time, and he had the same power she had, so it gave him even more of an upper hand, he took her hand, and pulled her out of the room. “You wont be going along. Your powers don’t work on me, im going with you. Just the two of us.”

Sky looked him in the eyes and nodded knowing that he wouldn’t give up. Luke, Dante, and the two Careeres came out of the room and headed off to get these two fitted for battle suits. The suits would let them move easier and give them a type of armor. The suits outfitter, fitted the two and was surprisingly okay with the fact of having them join the good side. Once they had their suits, the four of them headed down to the dorm office. They had a few extra rooms and the Careeres were fine with sharing a room and so they did. We would be able to house at least ten more and Luke was planning on it. They were good allies to have after all.

Luke and Dante left to two in their room, and set off to meet up with the others. Their wasn’t any fighting going on at the moment something strange was going on, and it wasn’t normal. Something had happened on their side, or they are waiting to see our next move. Either way, we couldn’t let our guard down.

Dante and Luke walked to the training field and this time, everyone was there. People Luke hadn’t seen in years, but this wasn’t the time for a reunion. This was a time for sorrow, and planning. Luke walked over to Mare, taking her hand and kissing it. He knew something could happen, either himself or her would be the main targets in the fight. They both knew it, and they both were okay with it happening to themselves. Not the other.

Sky was with Sam, Julius, with Jewels, Gi with Jon, Mare with Luke, and Dante. This was the major planning crew. With these nine, it wasn’t going to be easy to take out Lynx. The Careeres had another thing coming to them if they think they will take them out once and for all. Not this time at least. Luke and Mare both raised their hands interlocked, and a small tornado formed around them, it got the attention of everyone and the meeting was beginning.
Dante looked over at the tornado, and immediately looked down at the ground. He knew what he had to do but he didn’t know if he could. He was hiding something and so was one other person in the group. These two, would have to die. They would have to sacrifice themselves to complete the mission. They would have to save their planet and sacrifice themselves. Luke knew that Dante would be able to handle himself, but Dante didn’t think as much. He thought that he was going to be the once that sacrificed himself, no….not think, he knew he would. He saw it. Along with the victory of Lynx. Dante was a teller. He was able to see the future, his visions didn’t always come true, but he was a teller no doubt.

Jon looked at Gi, and nodded, he stepped forward, and took the first statement, “In honor of King Damon, and Queen Angel, I set forth to fight until death to make sure that Lynx is secured and safe for all those to come.” Gi then stepped forward, and pronounced the same speech, only with her name, and so on and so on with all the others.

Julius and Jewels were the final two to go, they held hands, and darkness and light came together, swirling each other in forms of dragons, they spoke the words at the same time, the dragons grew faster and faster with each word, and by the end of it, the two meshed together and vanished into nothing.
This was very important for them to go last. It was polar opposites coming together to show a true bond. This is what the people of Lynx needed to see before the announcement of a few Careeres joining them was going to be let out. This was the plan all along, have polar opposites speak, and then bring out the polar opposite of what they were.

After Julius, and Jewels, Dante brought out the two Careeres, and explained the situation once more to everyone this time. Some liked it, some didn’t, either way, they had to live with it. It was a big help to have them on the good side now that they were outnumbered by such a large amount.

The Careeres showed everyone some of the things they were capable of to give us an advantage against them. Some of the weapons they had were utterly amazing. The things they had, the technology was far more advanced and we had nothing to counter them. Mare and I would have to take out the energy source before the battle, and it would give us more of an advantage. They cant do much without weapons. So we think. Looks like when the time comes, we will know.

After the show and tell time, Luke and Dante left the Careeres and went for a walk. Dante looked at Luke as asked, “I know we have talked about this, but do you think you can do it?”

“Well, I hope I can do it I’m not sure if I can’t, but I really hope I can”

“Trust me, you will. I just don’t know if I can honestly. I’m actually afraid, and I’m never afraid, Luke.”

“I know I know. You have nothing to worry about though. You have the secret that only we know. I have a trick up my sleeve, it’s why I wanted you to come with me I want to show you.”

Luke and Dante walked into Luke’s private training room, he snapped, and the lights flicked on instantly. Luke’s eyes start to change colors, red, orange, yellow, white, and finally the changed to a pale ocean blue color. He looked around and saw only the aura of Dante and ran at him full force, pulling out a sword and yelling, “Get ready Dante!” He ran at Dante and made a swipe for his legs. Dante was taken by surprise and jumped out of the way, he clapped his hands together and his scythe appeared in his hands. His scythe was his born right to have. It was as tall as he was, with double sided, rigid blades each blade with a reaper on it. He waited for Luke to attack again and twirled the scythe in his hand, a wave of flames coming off with each turn.

Luke hadn’t seen Dante’s scythe in many years but he seemed even more powerful with it now. Luke looked at Dante, and pulled out a second sword both swords began to glow with energy and Luke took off, faster than light, but somehow Dante was able to watch him and stop him before he could even get within a foot of him, the scythe blocked every move. It was like the scythe had a mind of it own, because when Luke looked at it, it was floating, and Dante, wasn’t moving.

Dante heard the air snap and he brought his scythe back to his hand, once again spinning in. he heard the air snap again, and swung around in a circle with amazing speed sending flames all over the room. Fire extinguishers went off throughout the room and made it as if it was raining. The flames didn’t die out, they grew.

Luke watched as the flames came at him, and he put both of his swords out in front of him almost cutting through the flames as we slowly walked towards Dante. As we came closer, Dante was gone. He didn’t hear, see or even sense him still in the room, then within seconds, he fell, hard.

Dante thought, he isn’t the only one who can teleport. He snapped his eyes closed and appeared behind Luke and lifted his scythe and struck a blow right to his back. He looked down at Luke, and smiled, put out his hand, and the helped Luke up. The scythe disappeared, and the flames went out.

“Well Dante, your stronger then me. You have nothing to worry about.”

“Your faster then I am though.”

“Speed isn’t always everything. Thinking is, and that’s exactly what you did. You thought, and then moved.”

Dante scratched his head, and fell to the ground laughing, “Luke, me, think?! I don’t think” at this point, Luke was just looking at him, and sat down with him laughing along.

They sat and talked about the past for at least an hour, and then the emergency alarm went off and they both ran for the door. Locked. Luke knew a way out, and he was going to use it. He put both hands to the ground, and a blue light flickered on showing a secret doorway. Luke ran and jumped in and Dante followed, clapping and his scythe appeared once again. Luke pulled out both blades and they began to glow a deep blue. As they walked, they heard screams of terror and ran faster. They reached the end of the passageway, and kicked through the wooden door, and took off upstairs. People were running for safety and finally, Luke saw Gi.

“Gi! What’s going on?!”

“No time Luke you two need to get outside and get into that fight a few Careeres came not many but a few! GO!”

Luke looks at Dante and he nods, “Lets go, bro”

They both take off Luke looks at Dante, “You ready?”

“I am now.”

Once they get to the gates, Luke yells and everyone retreats. Dante swings his scythe and flames erupt right into the Careeres. With them distracted, the air snaps, and Luke is behind them. He cuts straight though two of them, and slides under a third cutting it in half as well. Dante runs at them, and swings, again flames erupt hitting them, forcing them back. With them confused on where to attack, they start running around in circles like fools. Luke spins, and cuts four more in half, leaving only two. Dante runs, and cuts the head clean off of one and then the other.

Dante looks at Luke and nods, “Well looks like we are such a powerful team. Just how I remember.” He smiles and turns around, starting to walk back to the castle. Gi comes out and looks at them both unharmed.

“How did you two not get even hit. I sat there watching. You made them all look like fools and killed them in one hit. HOW.”

“Gi, its okay not everyone is as strong as we are.” They both say in unison and laugh.

“Oh shut up don’t make me come down there and kill you both.”

“Oh no! Gi is going to kill us Luke!”

They both laugh and Gi gives them a disgusted looks, turns away and walks back over to Julius who seems to have take a hit.

Mare is already there, both hands on Julius’s shoulder, a light glow coming from her hands and relief washing over his face. A bell goes off, everyone looks at the gates. Careeres. Hundreds are in view, thousands are coming.

Julius looks up and asks what’s going on. He is ignored. Luke and Dante stand, they walk towards the gates and Luke pulls out a sword, points it to the sky and yells, “Release the Great Lynx!” A loud bang is heard, cannons are fired from the tops of the castle wall and a huge set of gates is opened. The Great Lynx runs, attacking the beasts , and Luke yells once more, “Release the mammoths!” Another giant gate is opened and ten mammoths run from the gates, stomping on Careeres and putting their tusks through the beast’s hearts.

Once again, Dante swings his scythe and flames shoot out at the center of the fleet, and Luke swings his swords in an X, and blue energy flies at them sharp like blades cutting a few into fours, and turning them to ashes like their counterparts from earlier.

The flames and the energy continue chipping away at the army and taking them out little by little. Julius was sending shadows at them, giving them nightmares, causing heart attacks, killing them on spot. Jewels was blinding them, and making them immobile while they energy and flames incinerated them. Sam and Sky now joined in. They share the mind controlling power and so, they began. They turned the Careeres against each other and gave them a bit of an upper hand.

More cannons fired, and Mare and Gi walked out together. John was running back into the castle with other Lynxians. Mare and Gi held hands, and held their linked hands, along with their other hands, and Mare’s elements spun around, while Gi’s psychic powers spun around them, and directed them into the Careeres. Luke joined hands with Mare and Gi, and increased the powers while Dante and the others moved onto the castle walls continuing their attack. The Great Lynx was taking down beasts easily with one swipe, but the mammoths were getting killed fast. The elements and psychic powers coming from the edge of the castle was incredibly powerful and it was killing Careeres on contact. Was the battle really going to be this simple?

After a few minutes, a call came from the back of the castle. Another fleet of Careeres. Luke looked up and Dante and nodded. Dante, Jewels, Julies, Sam, and Sky, all took off for the back and opened up two more sets of gates. Another Giant Lynx was released, and another gate of mammoths also released.

Dante knew his flames wouldn’t do as much as before. He jumped straight into the fight, twirling his scythe and cutting them in half four at a time. He was a force to be reckoned with. The others used their powers to make sure Dante didn’t get jumped, and he continued cutting them into pieces.

Luke dropped their hands and pulled his swords back out. He ran into the crowd knowing he had to get rid of these guys fast and get to the back to help Dante. He spun cutting through them as Mare and Gi continued with the element/psychic wave defending him. He cut through them fast, he spun faster. Energy now lashing at the Careeres as he spins, killing even more now. The only thing he can think of is Dante getting killed. He makes himself spin faster, to a point where you can only see the blue from the energy and the limbs flying, then turning to ashes as they are cut off.

Dante screams as a beam of light hits his leg, but its done in an instant. He loses balance, and falls. Sky and Sam jump from the wall, and defend him while Julius carries him back into the gates. Dante starts chanting a spell and instantly Careerers drop to the ground, dead. His leg that was cut of minutes ago, reforming. The leg this time, came back as a metal. Dante’s eyes opened in a flash and jumped off of Julius’ shoulder. He ran for the gates and kicked them open, scythe back in his hand. He throws his scythe and it spins and cuts through what had to of been two hundred Careeres, and returned to his hand like a boomerang.

Luke felt something was wrong and so he spun faster then sound now. His spinning caused the Careerers to stop all together, they became curious, and got closer. “Maybe they aren’t as strong everyone thought”, Luke said to himself. His eyes started changing colors, and he made flames spin off of himself along with the energy killing even more. Next, along with the flames and energy, rocks started spinning with him. He was a killing machine. He was meant to kill. Mare and Gi stopped there attack, amazed by the speed of his spinning, and losing site of him. They looked at each other realizing they had stopped defending him, and started their attack tenfold now.

Everyone watched as Dante walked back onto the battlefield and he dug one end of his scythe into the ground making an opening where and army of the dead appeared and went after the Careeres killing them as the rose, pulling them under. Flames circled him, as he walked, Sam and Sky cautious to get out of his way, headed back towards the castle gates and looked at Julius and Jewels in fear what Dante was doing.

Luke felt himself growing weak, but he knew he couldn’t stop. He forced himself to spin faster. There couldn’t be that many more. He started moving as he spun now, taking out more and more of the Careeres. He stopped the flames and rocks to save some power, he opened his eyes and shut them tight, the air snapped and he was next to Mare and Gi once again. He looked out at the Careeres and realized he barely put a dent in the fleet. He looked at them and said, “We are going to have to go about this in a different way.”

“Yeah we are, you may not have taken any hits yet, but it’s because of us. Once they get closer, your fucked, Luke.”

“Gi, honestly, I know okay. This isn’t the time to be bragging about how your saving my life okay?”

Mare spoke up and said, “What if we combined the two fleets and force them to the back of the castle with the rest. Then we will have a larger force with us. They aren’t that strong I mean, we have the other Guards on guard of the Lynxians.”

“Maybe your right Mare. That’s actually a really good idea. Gi, have somebody go and tell The others we are on our way, then get back here ASAP.”
Dante looked around, and realized he wasn’t getting anywhere. He had decided. He was moving this fleet to the front. He swung his scythe and flames went around them in a circle guiding the Careeres, forcing them to the front. He spun with his scythe through them killing as many as he could. It was like sitting cows. They weren’t attacking full heartedly. Something was wrong with this picture. He forced them over to the right side of the building. More Careeres were here. Dante swung his scythe, surrounding them in flames, and ran back to the others.

“Guys! There are more of them on the sides! Tell…”

Sam cut him off, “Luke is bringing them around the right side. He is behind them fight through them and you will get to him.”

“That may be the best thing I have heard all day. I still want you guys to check the other side.”

“Already on it. Just get back out there and kick some more ass you killing machine.”

Dante ran off and spun head first into the fleet and was like a drill drilling through the earth.
Luke pushed them back towards the right side of the castle and he spun like a top heading towards the back to find Dante. He stopped spinning to look, and screamed in pain the instant he stopped. A blade, glowing green, was in his calf. He reached down, and pulled it out. Pulling it out hurt worse than going in, it was spiked, and he screamed the entire time he pulled it out. He started spinning again, and flames and rocks, spun with him. He knocked some Careeres out, and killed other. He got closer to the back, he felt the power Dante held. He spun faster.

Dante spun faster, he felt Luke’s power and when he knew he was within feet of him, he stopped. He raised his scythe and caused an explosion and hundred of Careeres died. This bought them a few seconds to talk.

“Luke! You okay?”

“Well, other than the gash in my leg?”

Dante reached down, grabbed his leg, and metal took the shape, and filled in the wound, “Now stop crying, and stop spinning. Were going to work together now, but first, we need to buy some more time.” He took Luke’s hand, and he spun, The diameter doubled, thus, killing more Carreers. While spinning, Dante caused another explosion, and stopped spinning.

“Now, Where is Mare and Gi?”

“They are keeping guard at the front. How about the others?”

“They are also keeping guard of the back and the left side.”

“Sounds good, but now I think you cause one more explosion, then ill cause some hell.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Dante slammed his scythe into the ground and the ground rises with them both on it. Souls from Hell rise and attack the Careeres. Luke looks at Dante in surprise. “Didn’t think your little trick worked to that extent.”

Dante ignored the statement and his eyes turned purple, matching the color of the souls. Luke dug his swords into the ground he was standing on, and twisted them. Energy flowed all out of the ground, forming spikes, pushing through the Careeres attempting to climb up to them. He made them spin now hoping to make the dead hit the living before the turned to ashes.

Back at the front of the castle, Everything seemed clear. Mare and Gi and take out the back of the fleet helping Dante and Luke a bit, but they never really knew what would happen if they destroyed all of the Careeres. They knew they would have to destroy the planet for good, but they didn’t know what would happen after that. Maybe they would show themselves to Earth and explain how they helped them. What if some Careeres still were on Earth. The thought never came to Mare before this.

“Gi! EARTH! You guys said they were their too. We are a distraction! Its why they aren’t really fighting back.”

“Mare. You’re a genius.”

“Yeah yeah I know but you have to get down there and save earth. Take the others, but leave Luke and Dante. Take a few of the other Guards. Ill be on my way once I explain it to Luke and Dante.”


Gi turns on her heels, and runs to get the others and she picks up a few Guards on her way. Once she reaches the others, she tells them Mare’s hypothesis and they take off towards the portal, reopens it, and head back to earth.

Luke and Dante make a final turn, Dante makes the ground crumble under them crushing the Careeres left underneath of them. They exploded into ash on impact and left less than a hundred Careeres.

Dante looked at Luke, “Something’s up. It shouldn’t be this easy.”

“I know you think you can handle the last of them if I go and check on the others?”

“Yeah im good take a few out on your way if you want.”

“On it. See ya in twenty.”

Luke walked across the ash covered battlefield, hurrying now knowing something is wrong. He gets to the front of the castle, and nobody is there. The left side, empty, the back, un guarded. He heads to the castle and find a guard and asked him where everyone was. After finding out about Mare’s plan, he took off for Dante.

Dante looked around, it wasn’t right. Something was wrong. He wasn’t into this fight anymore. He swung his scythe, and slowly walked through the crowd. The Careeres did nothing. They stopped moving, let him kill them. He knew something was wrong. He dug his scythe into the ground and a massive amount of fire and the purple souls he controlled were released fighting the rest of the battle while he stood there overseeing what needed to be done. He saw Luke running with a panicked look on his face and took off towards him meeting him.

“Dante! Mare and the others went back to Earth. They think that the attack on our planet was just a decoy and Earth is there real goal since they will be easier to kill. I think the real battle is on its way!”

“Then lets go, stop talking, and run.”

As they ran, Luke filled him in, “I’m thinking we are going to have a lot more on our hands there, than we did here.”

“Why’s that?”

“For one, it wasn’t even a challenger here. For two, Earth can’t really help us. Their technology isn’t even close to what ours is let alone the technology of theirs.”

The two continued running and once they got to the room with the teleporter, they immediately ran through and saw what the meaning of hell on earth actually meant. The two didn’t know what to expect but it was never this. They had just left, how did the attack happen this fast unless they were beginning the attack before Luke and his friends left for Lynx.

Mare ran through the teleporter with the other behind her. They ran to the safe house, only to find that it was burned down. Careeres where surrounding them within seconds, holding their guns to at the ready. Mare noticed the red dots all over herself, her sister, and her friends. She held up her hands, and she closes her eyes and a blue force pushes all of the Careeres back, crushing their guns in an instance. They all look at her, eyes wide, and begin to laugh watching her cry.

Luke and Dante finally caught up with the others and noticed Mare crying.

“What happened?” They both asked in unison.

“I…I…I don’t know.”

Luke looked at her puzzled, “Well…..What happened. Why are they like…crushed?”

“I….I…I don’t know!”

Luke looked her one last time, and ran up to her kissing her. She looked at him in surprise. He hadn’t kissed her for a while now. Everyone looked at him and her. The kiss lasted. They didn’t move from this for minutes. They all took off heading towards the center fights, and they attacked head on. The fight lasted a year and a half. The Lynxians helped advance Earth’s technology and advanced them far past their own time. They all lived through the fight. Mare and Luke ended up getting married, and taking over the Lynxian empire and had eight children. They grew old together, and Luke had passed away two hundred years later. Mare lived to be 396, ruling the Empire, preparing her eldest son, Mark, named after his two parents. The youngest son, Oracleus, took over, and ruled Earth for the new era, that lasted his life span. Once he died, Earth went back into the hell that it was when he came. Earth was, and never will be able to keep peace on its own without other worldly presence. The people of Lynx eventually gave up on Earth after realizing that they were helpless, and offered them their own planet. They would have to live in peace with each other, and live under the rule of the Lynxian Empire. Mark was able to increase the wealth of his planet tenfold within twenty years, which is where the money came, expanding space stations off of the planet, making housing for the Earthlings.

Now, Earth and Lynx are one. Lynx restored its population, and grew back to full size, while Earth continued to grow as well. Two morals where learned. The first was learned by Earth. Don’t always take what you have for granite. While the second was learned by the Lynxians. Think twice before you make rash decisions.


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