The Agent part 1:The Quest for the Jersey Devil

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The Agent part 1:The Quest for the Jersey Devil Empty The Agent part 1:The Quest for the Jersey Devil

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authors note:this is a story following a FBI agent who studies incryptozoology(study of creatures who have yet to be discovered/scientifically proven for example,The Loch Ness Monster,Sasquatch/Yeti,Mothman,dragons,etc.)and his adventures.It is written as a file in a system databank so there wotn be chapters but entry dates.I will post different parts,each following a search for a certain creature.I encourage people to review my work so i can know if its worth it to move on.and now here's The Agent part 1:The Quest for the Jersey Devil!


File #:1
File entry #:1
date entered:10/31/1999
regarding: Equus devileeds AKA the jersey devil AKA the Leeds Devil
location:Pine Barrens in New Jersey
Agent to case:Agent Mason Williams

october 31,1999

The jersey devil was born of Mister and Misses Leeds in rural New Jersey.Misses Leeds participated in black magic and created the creature by pure accident.After the devil was born,it ate everyone in the room except for Misses Leeds.She would service the creature on her porch step until she died.The creature began to live in the Pine the late 1800's a priest exorcised the creature for 100 then terrorized the D.C./VA border and,after 100 years went back to the Barrens.It remains there today.The FBI sent agent Mason Williams into the field to attempt to capture the beast.Status on the mission will be updated.

november 29,1999
So far,tracks have been found.A carcass of a bear was found o the top of a pine tree.This baffled Agent Williams.The FBI has prolonged his invetsigation after a group of hikers is reported missing.all that was found was they're tent ripped to shreds.

December 4,1999
The remains of the group of missing hikers were found.They were,apparently, eaten alive.Tehy were found,like the bear,in the trees.If this is the work of the jersey Devil,it is the first attack on humans since its creation.

December 5,1999
the creature has attacked Agent Williams who was able to escape with minor injuries.He described it as a horse-like creature with bat-like wings.

(im tired so ill post some moretomorrow...or rather today!LOL)


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