Smoke and Mirrors.

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Smoke and Mirrors. Empty Smoke and Mirrors.

Post  Angel on 6/4/2011, 10:42 pm

There comes a time when I lost myself and you weren't there to save me.
When I started to pull the pieces back together, you stood back and watched.
Like you weren't the cause, holding the bat in your hand and my heart as a shattered mirror.
I've lost the words to say to you.
Just as you pass me by as if I am nothing but a ghost.
Now I've fixed my mirror, and a fire is growing in my core.
After all we've been through, the fog finally cleared.
I can see as clearly as I should,
And I see you for what you really are.
Like a puppet refusing to dance I cut my strings form you.
So you no longer have control.
I hope your life is what you want it to be.
And I hope one day, the fog around your heart clears too.
But by than, a wind will already have taken me away.
And you've just have to stand in the breeze, and watch me fly.

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