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Post  captainmason on 12/2/2011, 10:52 pm

On the outside it looks like any small american town...on the inside, however, is pure evil.demons,spirits,goblins,and othe rmonsters roam in the shadows of Pandora and those who live here know it!The long time residence have a day job and a nightjob.The nightjob is how they deal with the mosnters.When someone moves into Pandora and they're confronted with this evil...Will they live to see the light of day?or will they die trying?It's just another day in Pandora.


dayjob(if applicable):
love interest(if applicable):
Pets(if applicable):



name:William McFadden
Nightjob:Ghost Whisperer/Exorcist/Monster Hunter
Bio:William's Father raised him with a bible in one hand and a stake in the other.He is very kind to people and various benevolent Phantoms.However,he is not afraid to cast away evil spirits and wont hesitate to stake a vampire.
looks: Town of Pandora Priest10
pets:Rex, the Yellow Lab
other:has many battle scars in various places but is otherwise fairly handsome.


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Town of Pandora Empty Re: Town of Pandora

Post  Maretothebear on 12/3/2011, 12:08 am

name: Kendra
age: 21
dayjob(if applicable): Bartender
nightjob: Ghost Whisperer
love interest(if applicable): We'll see...
Bio:Kendra grew up in the city of Pandora on the poorer end. From a young age she had odd jobs to do, keeping it legal being her only barrier. Now at 22 she's working her way through school to be a nurse. At night she assists ghosts across the border to the other side or forces them to.
Looks:Town of Pandora Curren10
Pets(if applicable): a german shepard named Twix
other: **Will be someones family member if they want**

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