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Post  Samantha on 3/1/2012, 1:01 am

So i'd like everyone to know I am done with vfk roleplaying till this summer. I will be only roleplaying for the Summer war so I'd appreciate it if you kept me out of it till then. I will occasionally roleplay on chat if we have a chat wide roleplay. The only reason I will roleplay on vfk is:
1. Protecting Family
2. Defending myself
3. Someone pisses me off to that point I want to attack them.
However, do not use number 2 as a loophole. If i feel like you're attacking me just to get me to fight before the summer war I will be extremely mad that you have no respect or my requests. I will to remain out of it and basically retire until the summer. I would expect you all to respect my decision just like I would respect it if it was any of you. I just really need to focus on school, I have a lot on my plate with college and I need to get good grades this semester so I have no time for it. And please do not reply to this with some smart ass comment, there's no need for it. That is all

~ Sammy

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Post  Angel on 3/1/2012, 1:34 am

This goes the same for me as well. Sam and I have talked things out and vfk roleplay is basically dead. Its a never ending anime because neither side wants to die. And the minute one side falls, there's nothing to fight against. Fodder will be fodder, and you can not change the minds of the unwilling. I have no want to be a healer for a wolf tribe or sit around waiting for something to happen. I'll still be around on chat if I'm needed, but I don't see much of a point anymore since nothing really fuels the fire for us to keep going.

So until the summer, consider this Cleric, retired.

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