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Full Name: Selah Shira-Renae Cure

What I go by: Selah

Occsional Nickname: Sell

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Height: 4'7

Weight: 83lbs

Biological Mother: Unknown

Biological Father: Ice Shadow

Mother: Samantha Marie Cure

Father: None.

Sister(s): [Not sure.]

Brother(S): [Not sure.]

Cousin(s): Amity Hallowell

Aunt(s): Angel Hallowell

Uncle(s): Axis



Powers: Electricity, Darkness, and Poison

Weapon(s): Ice daggers

Personality: Although Selah is merely 10 years old, and have just began to fight, she is known for her quick learning skills and the way she makes quick, soft steps when she's doing a sneak attack. Selah is generally a sweet girl, but a fierce fighter. She is very mischevious; she is the silent but deadly type. When Selah is silent, she is usually making a plan in her head for ... Well, if I gave that away, it wouldn't be a secret, now, would it? Selah really has a lot to learn, but as she can pick up things quickly, it could also be a fault for her. If she finds someone doing something wrong or bad, she may think it is okay to do the same thing, and be consistant with it. Watch your actions...

History: When Selah was a newborn baby, her mother, who is unknown to her everyone else, decided that she didn't want this child, so she gave her to her Ex-Husband, Ice, who raised Selah for a couple years as the Princess of the White Winter Kingdom. She was raised and taught the ways of this Kingdom. At the age of 3, Ice couldn't stand the way Selah has begun to act, so he took her away to the gates of the Falcon Fire Kingdom, where she was took inside. Sam had decide to take in this young child as her own. From there, Selah was then taught the ways of the Falcom Fire Kingdom; She was taught how to fight, and defend herself. Not much has happened since then, for she is only 10 years old.

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Roleplay Sample: Selah sat on a low branch of her tree, staring at the would that surrounded her. She pulled her legs up onto the branch, wrapping her arms around them and lying her chin on her knees. Selah felt the tears begin to pour from her eyes and onto her cheeks, and she closed her eyes, trying with all her might to let them not fall out. Could she have been right? Maybe. Her mother and father didn't want her, why would anybody else? It was just pity. That's all it was. That's all it will ever be for her. Selah will never be free of this pity, the guilt... She will never be like anybody else. That, in itself, is completely and utterly impossible...

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