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Felix Netzach
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Age: 19(Timeless)
Race: Vayash Moru
Class: Chaos Knight
Height: 6'3

Felix is your average Teenager completely indifferent about the feelings of others, some times cold and vicious to others about there short comings. On several different occasions has been known to insult people in an almost sick sadistic way

As old as time itself,....atleast he'd like to think that but even the gods were born from the utter chaos that has forever inspired this world to be what it is today. Originally there were gods yes killed off by there children as the natural way of order has always been but there is one being who has stood out more than all the others and still she manages to stealth her way into all stories never can we forget her the original mother...Lilith.His creator the she devil lilith wanted him so that he could satisfy her insationable carnal lust but even something created perfectly in every single way could only satisfy her for so long before even he had to be thrown down from his seat of power with the rest of the mortal races of this world. Vampires.... creatures that have sewn fear into the heart of man and many more creatures hah a sick perversaion of what they used to be the original Vayash Moru all came from him the King Oroborus, the progenitor of his race. Ages have passed his legacy long since forgotten by the humans and kind alike, scrubbed from tails and perverted into nothing more than lifeless blood thirsty creatures but no longer. a king he may have once been in a different life perhaps but now that he is Back in a different body Felix one of the few remaining Vayash Moru has inherited there legacy in ways that have not been seen on this planet nor any of its sister realms weather it be the gods or cruel fate the only race of being that still pose a threat to his kind are the werecats a race almost as old as his own each one deadly, but he would take care of that problem when that problem arises for now he will abide his time dying and living with his life cycle preparing for what is yet to come

A born hunter, Felix is naturally powerful. His body has naturally become enhanced, but due to many years of battle in previous lives his reflexes and battle sense have proggressed as such. As a cursed immortal Felix has been living and dying repeatidly across the ages reincarnating into different bodies as time goes on. In his most recent life he learned the art of glyph and magic and since has perfected it allows him to trace magical glyph in the air. Due to his affinity with Ice magic Felix can create blade of ice out of the moisture in the air.

The Eye of Micheal
1. Chokhmah- Draws on strengths of previous lives vastly improving physical prowess. The infinity pool cant be maintained for extended preiods of time due to the fact is also brings out personalites from previous lives causeing a hive mind personality issue.
2. Binah-Senses the "Life energy" in living creatures.
3: Tiferet-Activates the ancient vampiric blood corsing through his essences dropping all pretenses of humanity.
4: Daat- Sealing Techniques based on paper talismans

The Eye of Raphael
1. Malkuth- Calls upon the full power of his "Chokhmah" while silencing all other voices. In this form he can pull out every once of power at his disposale.
2. Mirror's Edge- One of his base techniques. by creating a fog and creating mirror images out of ice, Felix can make his life like clones believe that explode on contact into shards of growing ice.
3. Yesod
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The ultimate extension of his powers. It progresses in three forms
Blood Armor
Blood satellites
Tempature drops
Each level increases his power accordingly, while also allowing more abilities. The higher the level, the more powerful the offensive weapons and stronger shield it has.Felix losses all traces of his humanity while in this form usually going so far as to insult people and goad them on

Yesod's skills
Hell's infero: Felix completely cooats himself in a insanely cold chill. Surrounding himself in the chill it permeates from his blood giving off a cold frog. When applying extra the chill can drop tempatures to almost absolute zero. Felix has enough control over the intensity of the chill . The sheer power is enough to almost freeze the anything caught in its radius.
Melchsee's Door:Felix's signature attack his satellites. Each Ball made of blood rotates violently freezing and melting quickly so that any contact causes hundreds of small razor sharp cuts. felix can increase their size and speed. While its rather obvious, its power is notable. This is an all out attack that doesnt distingush between friend and foe but simply wishes to erase everything
Lance: Felix can create several small satellites and either hone in on one target with a more accurate shot or create several that will fly off at random life sources
Vortex:Felix can flatten his Satellites so that they expand out into saw's but adding a spin to them to make them both deadly projectiles but also powerful shields


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Forged in the flames of Muspelheim and cooled in the ice of Niflheim from silver that has fallen from the sky that twinkles like the stars. The hilt made from black adamantite and mithril snakes it way down to the middle of the blade in excentric patterns olnly to give way too several runes eteched into the side of the blade in saphire. Being Made in the Hottest fires has casued the blade to have an almost invalnerable reisitence to heat while the cold has caused it to hold no heat. Runed against the heat even further it will slightly protect the weilder from heat and absorb some and even cut through fire.


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