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Post  Etherlam on 4/30/2012, 12:32 am

Name: Daniel Cutter the 27th aka ( Dan Cutter )

Age: Currtently unknown, died at age 26

Hieght: Seven feet

Appearance: [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Without the cloak: [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Personality: Dan keeps to himself mostly, he is sadistic, vile, cruel to everyone he meets, one of the most vile villains you will encounter, he loves choas and will use his necromancy power to raise armies of the dead, pillage towns, destroy kingdoms and anything else that does not do as he wishes, he is very picky and will not tolerate a second mistake, unfogiving and shows no mercy, when he kills, he will leave no survivors, only those lucky enough to escape tell of the tales that they witnessed.

History: When Daniel was alive and human he trained his hardest in becoming a great knight for his kingdom and by age eightteen he was knighted by the king himself for his heroics and bravery and always justly rewarded, he never disobeyed, follow every order to the letter, not like it was hard, his king and queen were just as good people as he was, his kingdom was beautiful and he loved the land and one day he fell in love with the princess. The king instantly gave his permission for his daughter to marry the noble knight and they lived happily for years until, the kings brother returned from his long war campign in the South, no one ever trusted the king's brother, thats why the king always had him in command of a small force of men that waged war in the South, the waste lands. And tired of such treatment the brother plotted against the king and poisoned him at the feast but needed a pasty to blame so he waited till the right feast and soon had it when the King threw a celebration for Daniel again in the jousting tournament. After the King's brother poisoned the drink is when Daniel proposed the toast, perfect timing for the scheming brother, when the king toppled over, convulsing and his servants rushing to his aid, the villain blamed Daniel and in the confusion the people believed him, Daniel was put to death by torture for he would not admit to the crime he had no part in, noble to the very end, though his chivilary will not save him from what happened next. Years later a witch happened by the grave where Daniel was burried and she knew the story of what happened, and loving this idea she got, she believed Daniel deserved....justice in her eyes, using black magic she brought his skeleton and rotting tiny strips of flesh back to life, held together by green fire between every joint and bone, Daniel was not who he once was, instead now, he was a harbinger of Death, he knew what he was, knew the powers the witch granted him and with it, he raised an army from the kingdom's surrounding graveyards and even those from other kingdoms, and with his undead army marched on his home kingdom and took his vengence upon the entire kingdom, for the king's brother, after he killed him after many years of torture he pulled out his soul and trapped it in a cage where it would suffer for eternity. This was many centuries ago of course and the age of Dan Cutter has been lost, only what he does now is remembered, to the people, he was never a knight, never a protector of the realm, never even an actual human.

Race: Skeleton

Gender: Male

Powers: Necromancy, Shadows

Weapon: Scythe

Class: Necromancer

Family: None

Love: None

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