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Stark Animus



Lead Scientist On Plasma Energy


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Stark Animus Mordecai

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Stark Animus NOVA-1

Stark Animus has been, for few months now, developing a way to harness pure energy. After many trials and errors he finally finds solution to his problems but the experiment goes completely wrong and the energy fuses itself into his own being. Hours after the experiment's chaos, he awakens to find that he is still in one piece, however he can feel the energy inside of him. As he picks himself off the floor he realizes that his strength has been increased. Out of pure amazement he figures he is indestructible and tries to do himself harm. Seeing his own blood was enough to tell him that he isn't Superman. A few weeks after the accident he finishes designing a suit. Equipped with able to use his energy within the suit, projecting it out. Small rockets that enable flight. Titanium coating all over the suit that can resist even an atomic bomb explosion, including the heat from the sun. But the worry is not also what comes from the outside, it's what is on the inside. Animus has no idea what the energy inside him can do. However he can feel as though it has a mind of it's own so he made the strongest suit he possibly could so if he were to explode from an energy over drive, the suit would protect the world from it.
The story of Stark Animus and his plasma powers are just beginning.

Science, Hand-to-hand Combat, Futuristic Weaponry, Designing and Analyzing

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