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Gwenore the Hermit (EDITED) Empty Gwenore the Hermit (EDITED)

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Full Name: Gwenore Aiken

Meaning of Name: "Fair and smooth." Variant of Guinevere.

Nickname: "Gwen", "The Hermit"

Romantic Interest: None... yet.

Species: Human

Age: 215

Appearance: Gwenore the Hermit (EDITED) Lafren11

Gwenore is quiet, introverted, calm, stubborn/narrow-minded, sensitive, and nurturing.
She doesn't talk often towards strangers or people she has just met, or doesn't like, unless she feels she needs to protect something, herself, or others. She's not fond of humans and their thoughts, she is usually too occupied in her own mind, thoughts, and sometimes her animals thoughts. However, it isn't very difficult to break her barrier and get to know her, although she is skeptical. If she likes you enough and have shown her a reason to be your friend, she will be very loyal and loving. Gwenore was born over 200 years ago, so she is a traditional person and prefers to stick what she learned as a child and as she grew up before she decided to live in a forests. Example: If she were to be introduced to a cellphone, she would probably be amazed, but she wouldn't waste her time getting to know how to use it. When it comes to learning modern things, she is like a clueless grandma.
Gwenore has a sensitive heart, and thus could break down over anything: a bird flying into a tree and dying, a dead tree falling over from strong winds, etc. But when she isn't crying, she takes a daily walk through the forest to find any animal in need of care to bring back home and nurture back to health.
She has a large black bear that is like her personal bodyguard named Mordic who fights for her when in danger, since she tries to do all she can to prevent from killing anyone and anything (although she is in fear for her life if she meets another person when she is alone), due to her loving heart.

Date of Birth: December 25th, 1797

Pet: Dozens, but the one that fights for her is a black bear named Modric.

Weapons: A spear for fishing, but capable of combat. Also a small dagger she keeps at all times in her dress.

Hand-to-Hand Capability: Nothing besides punching, her long nails, and the fact she can kill you with her pinky finger.

Strength: 4/10

Speed: 9/10

Spells: A book called the Grimmerie that holds hundreds of spells, but never uses any except for the spells that bind and heal.

Powers: None.


Father: Thomas Aiken (Deceased)
Mother: Amelia Aiken (Deceased)
Brother: Aiden Aiken (Deceased)


Favorite Food: Cooked fish of any kind.
Favorite Colors: Red and Green
Least Favorite Color: Black (mostly because she has a fear of the dark)
Literature: Educating books
Season: Winter

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'0
Weight: 110
Body Type: Hourglass
Distinguishing Feature: Her hair, which is albino.
Musical Instruments: Harp and Piano (although she doesn't own a piano)
Talents: Singing
Hobbies: Fishing (with a spear)
History: Coming soon... again

Current Residence: A house built (probably by elves) in a massive tree located in an unnamed enchanted forest. [spoiler]Gwenore the Hermit (EDITED) 84379d1277558660-i-need-some-ideas-magic-forest-terrain-267fantasy-door-m

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