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Vyral Domotrix Slia1g
Age: 17
Race: Vayash Moru
Class: Fighter
Height: 6'3

He is a playful, honest and lighthearted young man that primarily seeks nothing more than a good fight. He is fairly kind and hospitable to strangers, and once he has made a friend, he is very loyal to that friend.

Born in Rural times he was the seventh son of the seventh son of a prestigous family. Cursed before birth with a great blessing he was diagnosed as blind and dumb by two months.Distraught at the heir to the family being such a disgusting welp the family conspired to have him die at a young age due to some accident. The elders decided that it'd be best to disown him because he was already known about publicly but they needed a fost parent, so he was given to Azazel and Azrael the twin sages who lived in the woods. As time passed it became apparent that Vyral wasn't dumb he simply focused on one thing due to a Congenttial disorder.The Sages whose true names and power had long since been forgotten by others saw greatness in the child's vast untapped potential When his eyes although blind shun like the moon and the sun. As the years passed Azrael trained the childs body physically too it's utmost peak through different tasks, while Azazel trained the child in the spiritual Chi that flowed through all living creatures. By the age of twelve despite being blind Vyral could traverse the forest in night and day by feeling concentrating on the different vibrations and sounds that each and everything gave off while distinguishing between objects by it's build of chi.On his thirtenth Birthday the sage brothers decided it was time to start training Vyral to become a sage like they were. The next 3 years went by agginizingly slow as they beat the knowledge into his body that would normally take the better half of a decade but despite this in those long four years he made vasat leaps in terms of Physical martial arts and spiritual chi maniupaltion. By the time of his sevententh birthday he was almost ready to become a sage such as they are but his final trial, a rather simple one, was to go out into the world and create his own way through the things he'd learned on the road.


The Eyes of Life & Death
Two eyes known to appear through out time allowing for few to access a greater level of power, whether it's a blessing or a curse every person must choose there own path
1. Construct - Manipulating the Chi to create constructs with varied density
2. Chokhmah - guessing all incoming attacks depending on how the fight goes on and countering in kind
3. Binah - increasing his periphery senses while at the same time letting his see into weaknesses
4. Tiferet -kicking suddenly then stopping mid kick he can release a wave of energy
5. Daat - increasing his knowledge intake allowing him to counter moves
6. Malkuth - His very presence allows him to dominate creatures and even people with lesser willpower
7. Yesod - a way to use the moisture in the air as a foundation
8. Gilgamesh - A skill named named after the great wandering king that allows Vyral to either turn on or off C.E.C( Congenital Excessive Concentration) resulting in a increased response to a single event by increasing his ability to recognize every option examine them and judge which he can take

The Five Phases
Wood - a period of growth, which generates abundant wood and vitality
Fire - a period of swellness, which overbrews with fire and energy
Earth - the in-between transitional periods
Metal - a period of fruition, which produces formation and bears fruit
Water - a period of retreat, where stillness pervades

Pinnacle of Perfection
This is the ultimate door and the final phase. In this state, Vyral's hair changes to white in some spots and eyes begin to shine very brightly. In this form he can focus all of his energy into every part of his body, or even if need be absorb energy in from outside while at the same time able to access all five paths at once.

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