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Post  Rion on 8/9/2012, 11:38 pm

Name: Virror

Age: millions of years old, he doesnt count anymore
Appeared age: mid thirdies

Race: Contracted Demon

Appearance: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

History: At the time of his birth, he was a normal child, Olympus saw him grow, and realized he was a demi god. They realized that he was the son of ares, and that he would eventually destroy Olympus. Virror knew that he had the power to take it down, but he chose not too. He was more interested in science and technology. He grew up, and war was occuring within sparta. He refused to watch his country die and having him as help was the only way he was able to win. He struck fear through the opposing armies and devoured them. He sliced through bodies and made a name for himself...Virror, The Fear. Demons began to rise, and Virror knew his powers would only go so far. He came to an agreement to join them, continuing to keep control of his godly powers, but also, he was granted with with powers only demons posses. He still only cared about the technology though. He made an agreement with a boy , Rion, who would be his body while he hid and experimented, thus, making him a contracted Demon.

Abilities: Dont worry about it!

Weapons: Blades of Athena, Blades of Exile, Sword of the Gods, and the Nine swords of Hell.

Sword One - Those in limbo
Sword Two - The lustful
Sword Three - The gluttonous
Sword Four - The hoarders
Sword Five - The wrathful
Sword Six - The heretics
Sword Seven - The violent
Sword Eight - The Fraudulent
Sword Nine - Traitors

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