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Post  Will Ashton on 8/11/2012, 4:07 pm

In the beginning there was pain and suffering.The world in chaos.THis world of ruin and death was ruled by Kaos,whom the modern word chaos is originated.He would sit in the Erros,his temple, surrounded by his slaves, most of which were prostitutes.One day, a stranger came.Justice Ordairs was a innocent young girl in a vile,filthy world.Kaos saw her and tried to corrupt her, but she would not.His people began to revolt, isnpired by Justice's bavery and inoocence.they swarmed the Erros, the leader of this army was a man by the name of Rick Pandorica.He imprisoned Kaos in a small stone box.billion sof years passed,when a young man by the name of Will AShton stole it from one of his clients.He opened it and Kaos became a part of him.Kaos uses Ashton as a surrogate, a puppet to commit heinous acts and send the world into enough chaos to be reborn.

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